Love Is Blind: Irina’s Plastic Surgery Truth on Reddit


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Love Is Blind: Irina's Plastic Surgery Truth on Reddit

Irina from Love Is Blind has had plastic surgery on her face because she looks drastically different from her previous photos. She is very pleased with the transformation, which has made her feel more at ease. Reddit users claim she has fillers around her mouth and cheeks. Viewers also think she also had a nose job, lip injections, and a breast implant.

For those unfamiliar with the popular Netflix dating show Love Is Blind, the premise involves singles dating in special pods where they cannot see who is on the other side. Some contestants choose to get engaged without ever meeting their partners face to face after forming connections with their co-stars.

Love Is Blind is back for its fourth season with 30 new contestants eager to find true love. Irina Solomonova, one of the new faces on the show, has already captured the attention of fans with her distinct personality and interesting conversations on the show. One of the most talked-about topics in her career is the Irina Solomonova plastic surgery scandal. Has she gone under the knife? Follow this article to learn if she had plastic surgery.

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Irina From Love Is Blind: Reddit Thinks Her Plastic Surgery Includes Fillers, Nose Job, Lip Injections, and Breast Implant

Irina Solomonova (@irina_solo) has done plastic surgery on her face because she looks completely different than her earlier pictures. The transformation has made her feel more at ease, and she is very pleased with them. According to Reddit viewers, Irina from Love Is Blind had some acne scars and used plastic fillers to improve her appearance, just as Micah did. You can tell by looking at her face, which appears puffier and plumper as a result of the filler. She wanted to look more attractive, so she went with fillers.

Irina Solomonova's recent appearance after plastic surgery.Irina Solomonova’s recent appearance after plastic surgery.
Source: Instagram

The 26-year-old entrepreneur looks nothing as she did in previous photos. In an earlier episode, she judged Zach Goytowski’s appearance and stated that he was a strange-looking guy. Viewers were surprised when Irina said this after what appeared to be some filler. People even pointed out that she used the wrong foundation in her first scene, which did not match her skin tone. Some say she uses too many filters on her photo while others say Photoshop is a wonderful thing.

Solomonova’s first asset is her face, which is why she wants to make it more beautiful than before. And she accomplishes this by altering the shape of her nose; we can see that she had a wider ala with a bigger nasal tip. But now that we see her, we can see that she has a smaller nose with a pointer nose ala. This is why people believe she had a nose job to change her nose into those conditions that made her face look more beautiful than before.

Irina Solomonova before nose job.Irina Solomonova before nose job.
Source: Instagram

The media is buzzing about Irina Solomonova’s lip injection. In comparison to before, her lips are plumper and juicier. She most likely injected her lips in a variety of locations to achieve the desired pouty look. And, as you can see, her lips have become much fuller and more sculptured than before, giving her face a whole new way to adore.

Irina’s boobs appear smaller and flatter in older photos, but her bra size appears to be increasing. Many people assumed she had undergone breast implant surgery. Her boobs appear rounder and larger. She can’t get bigger boobs in an instant without plastic surgery. She undoubtedly wishes to attract more attention by displaying a perfect curve on her body.

Who is Irina Solomonova’s Boyfriend?

Irina Solomonova fell in and out of love with fellow contestant Zack Goytowski, a 31-year-old lawyer who wrote and performed an original song for her during their proposal. When she became involved in a love triangle with her friend Micah Lussier and environmental scientist Paul Peden, things became complicated.

Micah and Paul got engaged, leaving Irina torn about her feelings for Paul. Irina revealed in a heartbreaking breakup with Zack that she had developed feelings for Paul after meeting him in person. Despite her initial attraction to Zack, the diva chose to follow her heart and pursue a relationship with Paul.

As of now, it is unknown whether Irina and Paul are still together, as the show is still airing and contestants are not permitted to reveal any spoilers. Viewers, on the other hand, are curious to see how her love story plays out and whether she will find the happiness and fulfillment she seeks in a relationship.