Bridget Fonda Weight Gain: What Happened to Her?

Chloe Sanchez

Bridget Fonda Weight Gain: What Happened to Her?

Bridget Fonda was known for her enchanting beauty, but due to the star’s weight gain, fans are unable to recognize her. Since leaving the spotlight, she has led a drastically different life and undergone significant changes, most notably her current appearance. The actress began to struggle with weight gain as a result of the unfortunate accident that harmed her health, prompting widespread public criticism.

Bridget Fonda unexpectedly retired from acting in 2002 after appearing in hit films such as The Godfather III, Jackie Brown, and Singles. She has remained under the radar since then, focusing on her family and other personal matters. The iconic retiree was recently spotted on a casual outing, and her massive weight gain made it nearly impossible to recognize the one-time blonde diva. How did she put on weight? Here’s what we know so far.

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Bridget Fonda’s Weight Gain is the Result of the Unfortunate Accident That Harmed Her Health

Bridget Fonda’s enchanting beauty was something else she was known for, but due to the star’s weight gain, fans are unable to recognize her. She was unrecognizable as she made a rare public appearance more than 12 years after leaving Hollywood. She has led a drastically different life and undergone significant changes since leaving the spotlight, most notably her current appearance. The actress was last seen in public in 2009, at the premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.

Bridget Fonda at the premiere of Inglorious Basterds.Bridget Fonda at the premiere of Inglorious Basterds.
Source: Zimbio

The former actress reportedly left Hollywood in the early 2000s after Bridget was involved in a car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway in February 2003. Fortunately, she survived because she was wearing a seat belt while driving her Jaguar. Fonda was rushed to Santa Monica’s St John’s Health Center.

According to her publicist, Nancy Seltzer, Bridget Fonda was diagnosed with a slight fracture of two thoracic vertebrae, but she was expected to recover completely. Due to the unfortunate accident that harmed her health, the actress began to struggle with weight gain, prompting widespread public criticism.

The obvious physical difference between the Fonda of Hollywood and the Fonda of motherhood has shocked and outraged fans. Several fans have also expressed shock at Bridget Fonda’s current appearance. Many people outright denied that Fonda was photographed in sightings. The criticism directed at her appearance stems from the fact that fans recall her previous red-carpet appearance. Many people still remember her as the Hollywood blonde bombshell from the height of her career.

If you look at pictures of The Godfather III actress before and after she gained massive weight, you won’t recognize her. According to recent photos, she has gained a lot of weight since her days in the spotlight. We can’t tell what kind of weight gain it is because most people are probably overweight, but we can’t be sure because this isn’t easily determined. Bridget went from approximately 135 pounds to 250 pounds in just over a decade. She resembles many adult women in the United States today.

Though the actress has not revealed the source of her weight gain or the amount of weight she has gained, she lives a private life away from the spotlight. She is now focused on her home life, raising her son, and spending time with her husband. Though it is unlikely that Fonda will return to Hollywood, she is very focused on her family life and their adorable animals.

Meet Bridget Fonda’s Husband Danny Robert Elfman

Bridget Fonda’s husband, Daniel Robert Elfman is a composer, singer, and songwriter from the United States. He rose to prominence as the frontman for the 1980s new wave band Oingo Boingo. He has composed over 100 feature film scores, as well as compositions for television, stage productions, and the concert hall, since the 1990s.

Elfman is best known for his collaborations with director Tim Burton, on 16 of his films, including Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice in Wonderland. He also composed the music for all of the Men in Black and Fifty Shades of Grey films. He has been nominated for four Oscars, but he has also won two Emmys, a Grammy, and the 2015 Disney Legend Award.

Bridget Fonda married Danny Elfman in 2003. They married near Los Angeles and went on a two-week honeymoon that included a reception in a downtown restaurant. They dated for many years before marrying. Their friendship quickly turned into a romantic relationship, which led to marriage. The couple has one child. In 2005, their son Oliver was born. He, like his parents, keeps himself out of the limelight and continues to attend school.

In 2020, they sold their two mansions in Los Angeles and relocate to a more peaceful location. In October, they listed their shared properties for $8.8 million and $5.8 million, for a total of $14.6 million. Although the couple had no intention of selling their homes, the coronavirus pandemic changed everything. As the lockdown began, they fled to Santa Barbara, where they own a ranch. While they had only intended to stay for a month, they ended up deciding to make the ranch their permanent residence.