Amanda Anisimova Often Made Debates Over Her Transformation

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Amanda Anisimova Often Made Debates Over Her Transformation – Amanda Anisimova has long sparked discussion regarding her body image among tennis fans. Even though she has not gained any weight, they consistently attribute her low points to her weight. 

Now that Amanda Anisimova is competing at the 2024 Australian Open, the debate over her weight has resumed many times. Tennis enthusiasts have long speculated about her physical changes and commented on her appearance. Let’s take a closer look at the American professional tennis player and find out if she has gained weight.

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Amanda Anisimova Hasn’t Gain Weight: She Looks the Same in Comparison to Her Before and After Photos

Amanda Anisimova (@amandaanisimova) has long sparked discussion regarding her weight gain and body image among tennis fans. However, she hasn’t gained any weight. She looks the same in comparison to her before and after photos. Since she reached 16, tennis fans have made similar observations about her weight. Even though she has not gained any weight, they consistently attribute her low points to her weight.

She has always been an excellent tennis player, but many people believe that her body type is preventing her from attaining her full potential. They believe she lacks the physique of a pro athlete and could benefit from losing weight to become leaner and so improve her game. People are constantly criticizing her for gaining weight, especially during competitions, even though she has been the same weight for quite some time.

Amanda Anisimova hasn't undergone any weight gain recently. weightandskin.comAmanda Anisimova hasn’t gained extra pounds recently.
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Since Amanda Anisimova became an adult, tennis fans have been telling her that she has to lose weight and improve her fitness since her curves are restricting her movement. Meanwhile, she isn’t as bulky as the remarks suggest. She grew up to be a full-figured woman with healthy curves, yet many people believe it is not the ideal shape for an athlete.

People believe the tennis star must address her gain in weight to compete with the elite, the majority of whom are small, lean, and athletic. She does have some supporters who defend her, pointing out that she does not have any excess weight and that it is simply her normal body shape, which she cannot change even with extraordinary efforts.

People are constantly criticizing Amanda Anisimova for weight gain even though she has been the same weight for quite some time. weightandskin.comAmanda Anisimova has been in the same weight for quite some time.
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They have also noted that there are very few instances in which players improve their game after losing weight, implying that there is little benefit to losing weight. However, overweight critics are adamant that this is not the case for Amanda Anisimova, as it is her figure that prevents her from reaching her full potential.

Amanda Anisimova Answers Fan Complaints About Her ‘Huge Boobs and Narrow Shoulders’!

Amanda Anisimova has responded to many comments on her figure after one of her fans complained she had enormous boobs, narrow shoulders, and did not look sporty. The 21-year-old attacked her critics, revealing that she receives many comments on her body on social media every day.

The 22-year-old tennis player has had a tremendous career at such a young age, including a huge breakthrough in 2019 when she won her first title in Columbia and advanced to the French Open semi-finals as a 17-year-old.  She has been in uneven form, dealing with the death of her father later in 2019.

She fell out of the top 80 in 2021, but rebounded last year by winning a title and reaching the Wimbledon quarterfinals, re-entering the world top 25. However, some of Anisimova’s admirers appear to be focused on something else, as she reacted to the media’s obsession with her appearance.

She uploaded a mirror selfie on her Instagram story and received criticism for the size of her boobs and shoulders. After posting the selfie, Anisimova posted a copy of a private message she received in response. It stated, that she has the most unathletic body: narrow shoulders and giant boobs. The young American took the high road by responding to the comment with a loving emoji, but she also shared her thoughts on the screenshot when she posted it on her account.

Amanda Anisimova stated, that she don’t know what to think and the amount of people who comment on her body every day on social media will never understand what the hyper fixation is about. In another story, Anisimova posted a photo of herself blowing a kiss at the camera and asked to enjoy their life and she’ll enjoy her. Moreover, she added a peace sign emoji and thanked everyone for all the input.