Adam Lambert is an American singer, who has released more than 3 million records and 5 million singles worldwide. Lambert soared to prominence in 2009 after finishing second in the season eight of American Idol.

Adam Lambert was never unhealthy or fat, but he still managed to produce outstanding weight loss results. Check out exactly how far he’s come.

Adam Lambert Weight Loss – How Did The Actor Slim Down From the Weight of 250 Pounds?

Adam Lambert's weight loss journey is pretty admirable.

Adam Lambert’s weight loss journey is pretty admirable.
Source: Rolling Stone

Looking back to when Adam Lambert gained stardom after finishing in American Idol’s runner-up position in 2009, the singer not only succeeded in transforming his singing career but also his body with an incredible weight loss of over 40 pounds.

The singer who is pretty open about his weight loss efforts admits he once weighed more than 250 pounds during his high school days.

Like every heavy or unhealthy guy, Lambert had his fair share of overweight issues after intaking a high amount of snacks and fast food. The Indiana native also suffered from a poor self-esteem issue due to his weight.

And when Lambert started to attract further popularity during his American Idol journey, he wanted to recover his confidence and decided to lose a few pounds in the process. So, how did the singer regain his old self?

Lambert’s Weight Loss Helped Him Embark on the Journey of Healthy Lifestyle

Credit to Lambert for being open about his weight loss quest and the tricks he used to lose weight. So, the first move the singer did to shed weight was to visit the gym as early as he could.

Adam employed a personal trainer named Seth Gottesdiener, who had previously assisted other celebrities in achieving weight loss. Gottesdiener and Adam would kick off their daily aerobic kick exercise session to help develop endurance.

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In addition, the duo would also conduct other fitness routines that consisted of slower, inclusionary exercises as well as other physical activities such as burpees, speed ropes, and mountain climbing.

And, as far as his dietary content was concerned, Lambert ate a large volume of plant-based food as suggested by his mentor.

Lambert has never looked back after losing 40 pounds, and always flaunts that impressive body.

Adam Lambert’s American Idol Journey

In 2009, Lambert successfully auditioned for the eighth season of American Idol in San Francisco, singing “Rock with You” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” While on the show, his flair for neo-goth clothing and eclectic arrangements made him a critical favorite, as did his dramatic tenor vocals.

Following performances of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” Tears for Fears’ “Mad World,” and Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” Lambert found himself pitted against Kris Allen in the grand finale, which he ultimately lost by a slim margin.

Lambert was unanimously praised by the American Idol judges, however, who all but guaranteed him a successful recording career following the show’s conclusion.

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