Wendy Before and After Plastic Surgery: Did the South Korean Singer Undergo Nose Job and Jaw Surgery?


Wendy Before and After Plastic Surgery: Did the South Korean Singer Undergo Nose Job and Jaw Surgery?

After participating in the Radio DJ Award in 2022, Wendy’s plastic surgery rumors have been a popular subject on the Internet, and fans are even comparing her before and after pictures. Well, the 28-year-old Red Velvet singer had  Nose Job and Jaw Augmentation not because she wanted to but she had to as she suffered a terrible accident in December 2019 which led her to have reconstructive surgery on her jaw and nose because the accident broke the bones in her face.

Shon Seung-wan, aka Wendy Red, is a South Korean singer, voice actor, and radio host. She was born on February 21, 1994, in Seongbuk-dong, South Korea. Wendy was born in South Korea, but she traveled to Canada with her older sister, Shon Seung-hee, for further studies. Wendy was known by her English name, Wendy Shon, and was an honor student and athlete who had received many awards for academics and music-related activities.

Wendy Red had been interested in music since the age of six and had shown her talent by playing several instruments, including the piano, guitar, flute, and saxophone. It wasn’t easy for her to go from being Wendy Shon to being a member of the K-pop girl band Red Velvet. At first, her parents didn’t want her to be a musician and wanted her to focus on school. However, when she was still in high school, they let her try out to become a singer in South Korea.

Wendy took the first step toward becoming a singer in 2010 when she submitted an online audition for Koreaboo’s Global auditions with Cube Entertainment in 2011. After a lot of effort and hard work, Wendy made her formal debut as a member of Red Velvet on August 1, 2014 and got her stage name as Wendy Red. Wendy has done many albums and songs; the most famous are Like Water, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,Be Your Enemy, and The Little Match Girl.

Wendy recently made her appearance at the Radio DJ Awards, and there, fans noticed changes in Wendy’s face, leading the viewers to think that she might’ve had the help of cosmetic surgery to change her appearance. Well, here’s everything we have on Wendy’s plastic surgery, with before and after photos!

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Wendy Before and After Plastic Surgery: The South Korean Singer Had a Terrible Accident in December 2019, Leading Her to Have Jaw Surgery and a Nose Job!

The rumors of Wendy Red (@todayis_wendy) before and after plastic surgery looks have been flooding all over the internet, but Wendy has yet to speak officially about her plastic surgery, although the fact that she had a terrible accident in December 2019 is not a secret. After showing her appearances at the Radio DJ Awards, Wendy was questioned about having surgeries for her facial changes. The 28-year-old singer has undergone a Nose Job and Jaw Augmentation as her face were broken during the accident.

Plastic surgery has become a hot topic among celebrities. Talking about the rumors regarding the plastic surgery done by Wendy Red has always been a topic in the news. Lots of Korean celebrities have undergone plastic surgery to cover up their facial flaws. Regarding Wendy’s plastic surgeries, everybody is aware of Wendy’s accident that took place in 2019, and after the accident, there were a lot of changes seen in Wendy’s look. During the rehearsals for Gayo Daejeon on December 25, 2019, an unfortunate accident took place.

As planned, Wendy climbed to the tunnel on the second floor during the song and was ready to go down the stairs, but the steps weren’t in place, and she lost her balance at that moment and fell down the stairs. SBS had apologized many times to Wendy of Red Velvet, who was hurt, as well as to her family, the other members of Red Velvet, and fans.

The show’s crew was reported as not using common safety measures in setting up the stage, and the lift stairs weren’t there for the performance, so Wendy fell down a slope about 2.5 meters long. Wendy was badly injured; her right elbow was broken, and her left hand near the wrist was fractured. When comparing before and after photos of Wendy, you can clearly notice the difference.

After the accident took place with Wendy’s fan, Mamamoo’s Solar was the one who found Wendy in a horrific accident and contacted the SBS team. People have claimed that Wendy’s new look isn’t natural because her eyes are bigger than they were before she made her debut. Not only are her teeth fixed, but her nose looks more pointed, and her chin also looks less natural.

Although Wendy admitted a her nose done to fix her injuries and having reconstructive surgery on the bones in her face, there is no fixed information as other information changes. Some of the changes may be attribute to the accident or changes due to her body weight, but she looks more confident and stable as of 2022. Wendy really is a fighter, and what happened to her made her look even stronger.

Wendy has never given an official statement regarding any surgeries, and it’s safe to say that her appearance has changed because she’s lost weight and been in an accident. But many of her fans think that her new looks are the result of blepharoplasty and orthognathic surgery on her eyes and jaw.

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