Fashion Designer Vera Wang’s Plastic Surgery – The Untold Truth!


Fashion Designer Vera Wang's Plastic Surgery - The Untold Truth!

All the facts behind American fashion designer Vera Wang’s alleged plastic surgery procedures. Take a glance at her before and after transformation.

You’d probably get an easier time naming celebs who haven’t sported Vera Wang on their nuptials, since the designer is so commonplace at daring weddings.

While she began her career in typical luxury style in 1990 with a bridal store in New York City’s The Carlyle hotel, Wang now controls a lifestyle business that comprises ready-to-wear, accessories, perfumes, and housewares. She’s even launched a fast-fashion collection for Kohl’s and a bridal collection for David’s Bridal.

Her professional success is apparent for all to see, but what about her personal life? Many fans seem curious to learn about Vera Wang’s beauty secrets while some allege her of undergoing plastic surgery. So, has she really gone under the knife? Let’s discuss.

Vera Wang’s Plastic Surgery – Is There Any Truth to It?

Vera Wang before and after alleged plastic surgery.

Vera Wang before and after alleged plastic surgery.
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Mother Nature’s stroke of luck? A silicone body and plastic surgery? Is there magic for the fountain of youth? Actually, none of this is true.

Every single day, the famed designer Vera Wang offers us wonderful moments from her ordinary routine on her Instagram page, contrasting with images of her outfits that highlight really long legs and super muscular abs.

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Anyone who happens to stumble across her Instagram account without realizing her age may be forgiven for thinking she is no more than 40 years old, but the fashionista has a few more springs on her shoulders.

How is it imaginable that Vera Wang is 72 years old today? Can she deny plastic surgery accusations that aided her physical appearance?

First and foremost, the American designer with Chinese ancestors appears to enjoy her work. She can brag a brand that stretches well beyond bridal chic: prêt-à-porter, accouterments, spectacles, fragrances, and household appliances, a 360 degrees luxurious fashion brand.

This is in addition to being the designer extraordinaire of wedding dresses, donned by celebrities, prominent figures and featured in films and TV shows – such as Sex & The City, Gossip Girl, and Bride Wars.

In essence, Vera Wang’s multi-year profession has established her as a symbol of elegant, otherworldly, and feminine designs in both wedding and ready-to-wear.

Let’s fast forward to 2019 when Vera Wang commemorated her first 30 years in the company with an anniversary presentation during New York Fashion Week in September 2019 and her 60th bridal assortment the following month.

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So, what’s her technique for staying so young? To this query, the designer responds by describing her daily regimen, which includes meditation, exercise (weight lifting while wearing heels), a great deal of work and drive, shopping, and a lot of rest while in Rick Owens tees.

But she also enjoys watching the sunset while doing yoga with her tiny dog Lola and sipping (strictly Diet) Coca-Cola and, occasionally, vodka-based beverages.

Wang says,

I collect clothes, and I’m everyone’s best client. I’ll go to uptown, downtown, wherever: Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Jeffrey, Prada, Balenciaga, Comme des Garçons. I also shop in men’s stores because I like to play with men’s clothing. I know that sounds weird but I do. For example, I’m a hat fanatic, though I have so much hair and my head’s so big that I have to wear men’s hats

She adds,

I don’t think Picasso woke up at five in the morning to go farming. I always say that. I need seven to eight hours of sleep. If I’m lucky, and it’s a weekend, I get 10 hours of sleep. I wear Rick Owens T-shirts to bed. They are like my thermals since I sleep with the room at near-freezing temperatures, like a meat locker.

To conclude, not plastic surgery, rather her passion for work, long periods of rest, and yoga are among her beauty secrets, or at least that’s what she claims.

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Vera Wang Threw a Lavish Party on Her 72nd Birthday

On June 27th, the designer celebrated her 72nd birthday by throwing a lavish party in a vibrant yellow gown that complemented her newly introduced Vera Wang Party Prosecco.

The fashion designer shared a number of images and clips from the event, that included rooftop views, dance, sparklers, and even a Cher imitation.

Wang shared a video of herself blowing out her champagne-themed cake’s candles, writing:

‘Cher’ and me! Having my cake and drinking it too.

In another Instagram post, the legendary designer published a collection of photographs from her Prosecco PARTY, in which she was serving drinks for pals and striking a pose at the bar.

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According to a press statement, the bridal gown designer revealed the introduction of her luxury Italian Prosecco last month, which reflects her “bright, fun” attitude and “fashion-forward” style.

Wang said in a statement,

First and foremost, I am a Designer, but I am also an entrepreneur and brand builder. I’ve dedicated my entire life to designing how people celebrate, and not just their weddings – from what they wear to how they entertain, from their tableaus and tablescapes, to how they live at home – and now, what they drink! PARTY is a natural extension of what I already do.

She added,

Why prosecco? CELEBRATION! When I think of romance, fun, laughter, joy, friendship, I think of prosecco, it is the wine that personifies emotion and sheer happiness.

The $25 drink arrives in a matte silver bottle with the word “PARTY” in strong font and vibrant yellow letters on the front and Wang’s encouragement to rejoice on the back.

Wang continued,

This project involved input from my friends, family, even clients. A sort of family affair!

Wang is wearing lots of neon recently, which matches the color of her elegant bottle design. She chose the eye-catching hue for her birthday event and wore it while promoting her beverage release.

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