Vanessa Ray Weight Gain: Is the Blue Bloods Cast Pregnant?

Chloe Sanchez

Vanessa Ray Weight Gain: Is the Blue Bloods Cast Pregnant?

Vanessa Ray has apparently admitted to weight gain as she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder causing a disbalance in her diet. The fans also speculated that she is pregnant which is untrue. The 41-year-old actress is one of the cast members of Blue Bloods, and season 13 of the series starring Vanessa Ray recently premiered on October 7, 2022. 

Vanessa Ray Liptak (born on June 24, 1981) is an American actress who is best known for playing Charlotte Drake on the teen drama Pretty Little Liars, as well as Jenny on the legal drama Suits, Teri Ciccone on the drama As the World Turns, Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan on the enduring family-police drama Blue Bloods, and Maggie ‘Rocker’ Sheldon on White Collar.

Vanessa was recently seen in season 13 of Blue Bloods which premiered on CBS on October 7, 2022. A multigenerational family of police officers committed to New York City law enforcement is the subject of the American police procedural drama television series Blue Bloods.

In the series, Vanessa is also one of the cast members and the viewers noticed a change in her appearance. She apparently had gained weight so now they want to know more information on the topic. Well, here’s everything we have on Vanessa’s weight gain!

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Vanessa Ray Weight Gain 2022: Is the Blue Bloods Cast Pregnant in Real Life?

Vanessa Ray‘s (@vrayskull) weight gain has been a popular discussion among Blue Bloods fans. Apparently, the 41-year-old actress has also admitted the rumor to be true herself as she was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder causing a disbalance in her diet. The viewers even began to speculate that she might be expecting a child which is still unclear as no one has made the announcement of the actress being pregnant.

When comparing before and after pictures of Vanessa, her weight gain can be clearly observed and fans have speculated different reasons for her weight gain. The actress herself has also admitted to the rumor. Many of you might know and for those who didn’t know, the Blue Bloods actress was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which caused a disbalance in her diet and the change in diet can largely affect your health and weight.

When Vanessa was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she began binge eating and lost control of her diet. She used to eat junk food and fast food in excess, which contributed to her weight gain. Her use of drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy eating habits led to outcomes that no one could have predicted. However, the exact measurement of the 41-years-old actress is not available as of now.

Vanessa went through a difficult time a few years ago and pretty much lost all confidence in herself. Vanessa felt bad at the same time because she had a wonderful profession and did not want to jeopardize it.

The 1.63m tall actress is now taking good care of both her physical and mental wellness. She keeps in touch with her loved ones, engages in regular exercise, and adjusts her diet to one that is nutritious. Additionally, she is correctly taking her prescriptions. The 1.63m tall actress’s potential pregnancy has also been suggested by fans as the potential cause of her weight gain. Vanessa Ray, however, has not been expecting a child till the year 2022. It’s unclear what led internet users to believe that she was pregnant, therefore the rumor’s origin is still a mystery.

Fans started to think singer Vanessa Ray might be pregnant after noting some changes in the singer’s weight. She established a solid acting career because of her portrayal as Charlotte Drake on Pretty Little Liars, and she is now well-known around the world for the part.

A web celebrity frequently finds oneself the subject of incorrect rumors and assumptions. In a similar vein, one of the things that garner the greatest attention online is the speculation that an American actress may be expecting a kid. Internet users caught the Pretty Little Liars actress eating supper with a pal on January 30, 2022, while she was clearly carrying more weight in her midsection. She also supposedly toasted toast with water rather than wine, according to a claim made on the internet.

The news spread swiftly on the internet after it was reported that she opted to drink water instead of wine. Ray has neither confirmed nor denied the persistent reports that she’s expecting. Instead, she made the decision to keep quiet about it. Therefore, the news that she has a child with her current husband, Landon Beard (@landonbeard), has piqued the curiosity of web users who are ready to learn more.

Ray, on the other hand, hasn’t given any indications that she’ll be expecting soon. However, the actress has published pictures of herself with her kids on her numerous social media accounts. The messages imply that she has a special spot in her heart for children and teenagers.

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