Trisha Yearwood’s Weight Loss Secrets: How She Lost 30 Pounds!


Trisha Yearwood's Weight Loss Secrets: How She Lost 30 Pounds!

Trisha Yearwood’s weight loss journey is truly an inspiration to everyone. She lost about 30 lbs back in 2013 when she was in her late 40’s. Trisha is extremely happy to share her recipes on her own cooking show and does not seem to retire as a host of a cooking show any sooner.

Patricia Lynn Yearwood, also known as Trisha Yearwood is a singer, actor, author, and television personality from the United States. Her debut single, She’s in Love with the Boy, became a number one success on the Billboard country singles chart in 1991, bringing her to stardom.

Its self-titled debut album sold more than two million copies. During the early to mid-1990s, Yearwood had a sequence of significant country successes, including Walkaway Joe (1992), The Song Remembers When (1993), XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl) (1994), and Believe Me Baby (I Lied) (1996).

Yearwood took a break from her own music for a few years to focus on other projects. She is the author of three best-selling cookbooks that have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. She debuted a cooking television series called Trisha’s Southern Kitchen on the Food Network in 2012, which went on to win a Daytime Emmy Award.

Trisha Yearwood’s albums have sold over 15 million copies around the world. She has received numerous honors and nominations for her work, including three Grammy Awards, three Academy of Country Music Awards, and three Country Music Association Awards. Since 1999, Yearwood has been a part of the Grand Ole Opry’s cast.

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Trisha Yearwood’s Weight Loss Journey: What’s the Tea?

Trisha Yearwood before and after 30 pounds weight loss.

Trisha Yearwood before and after 30 pounds weight loss.
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Back in 2013, Trisha Yearwood underwent over 30 lbs of weight loss in just four months. She claims that she designed her own plan that contained low-fat and low-sugar,90 percent of the time. The rest of the time she used to snack on her favorite, non-healthy foods but headed to Zumba the next day to work out.

She also claimed that she had strength like never before and she felt like she could do anything. She went from tight size 14 to a comfortable size 10 following her weight loss, and she was grateful she had found a routine that worked for her.

According to People Magazine, Trisha Yearwood followed each and every diet from the magazines where somebody lost 30 lbs. She lastly accepted that hard work was the only thing she ever needed to lose weight, which she had always denied before.

No wonder, the veteran singer and the host of the food show, looks just fine even at the age of 57. We wish her the best in everything she does.

Trisha Yearwood’s Pickle Brined Chicken Is a Classic Nashville Dish

Trisha Yearwood considers classic fried chicken to be one of her all-time favorite meals. On her Food Network show Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, she has demonstrated a variety of methods to prepare this dish.

The performer, on the other hand, praised this meal for its simple brining technique. Simply add the juice from a jar of pickles to raw chicken and let it penetrate for the most delectable meat you’ve ever had.

Trisha Yearwood took a cuisine tour of her favorite hometown of Nashville in an episode of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen titled Trisha’s Nashville Experience. Yearwood’s pals Jenn and Sara paid a visit to her in Season 16, Episode 3.

The group takes a tour of the city before returning to Trisha Yearwood’s house, where she prepares a lunch of classic city fare. Pickle-Brined Fried Chicken and Hot Pepper Honey Cornbread are two of them.

At least two jars of pickle brine are required to adequately brine your meat. To add sweetness, Yearwood uses the juice from bread and butter pickles. Regular pickle brine, on the other hand, can be utilized.

This is how Trisha made her Pickle-Brined Fried Chicken. Place the pickles in a resealable storage bag after removing them from the brine. You can also save the brine from finished jars and prepare this dish when you have extra pickle-free jars.

It’s crucial to brine the chicken for at least four hours. This process of tenderizing, on the other hand, can be completed in under an hour. In this dish, Trisha Yearwood deep-fries her chicken.

Trisha starts by setting up a flouring station with salt, paprika, and pepper. She has her wet ingredients in a separate bowl. Hot sauce, mustard, and eggs are among them. Yearwood breads the chicken in a third basin with cracker crumbs.

Yearwood fried the coated meat until it is cooked through after adding each element to the chicken. The Food Network website has the recipe for Trisha Yearwood’s Pickle-Brined Chicken.

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