Traci Braxton’s Weight Loss Surgery: Health Problems & Cancer Explained!

Chloe Sanchez

Traci Braxton's Weight Loss Surgery: Health Problems & Cancer Explained!

Fans want to learn more about Traci Braxton’s weight loss surgery and health problems after she died of cancer on 12th March 2022. Queries on Lipstick Alley surround how Traci Braxton lost weight and what was her diet for weight loss, along with pictures showing her transformation.

An integral part of the Braxton family, Traci Braxton was a known face in the entertainment biz! Whether it was as a reality star in her family production Braxton Family Values or as a soulful singer, Traci was one of the adored celebs.

Going through the struggles of weight and multiple health issues, Traci lost the battle on March 12, 2022. The story of her scuffle with being overweight and the entire journey of weight loss is still one of the talked-about topics.

The self-conscious image of being overweight followed Traci throughout her life. From singing at the church choir to being a star, Traci Braxton had her taste of fame and glory. Blessed with a melodious voice, Traci along with her siblings formed a band The Braxtons in 1989. Eventually becoming one of the backup singers for her sister Toni Braxton.

Through all the career hardships and struggles, Traci’s weight was something that often kept her on her toes. So, here’s a full recital of Traci Braxton’s weight loss saga and her struggles with health problems.

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Traci Braxton’s Weight Loss Surgery, Diet, and Health Problems: Her Struggles and Pain and All That Followed!

Dealing with the struggles of being overweight and a part of the entertainment world that asks you to be as perfect as a doll, Traci Braxton didn’t have an easy life. Making appearances time and often in films and TV shows, Traci’s weight fluctuated time and often but not to the point where it became way too significant and concerning.

In a picture posted by Traci on January 15 on her Instagram, the Watch Me Go appeared slim and in a good physical state. What shocked the public was an image of Traci at the wedding of her son in July 2021!

From being in a considerable obese state to losing weight to the point her bone marks were seemingly visible. While this concerned many, the rest speculated Traci had gone crazy being too concerned about looking picture perfect.

Losing almost 29kgs of weight, Traci Braxton’s struggle with her appearance dates back to the airing of their family show. It wasn’t big of a deal for some time since the singer was actually trying to balance her weight to maintain a healthy living.

Traci did all she could to maintain a healthy weight. Dieting, and working out, the all-rounder lost a healthy amount of weight and was in her best shape yet. Posting a pic of her beautiful self, many appreciated Traci’s new look and how she had been able to balance it all out after years of struggle.

Traci Braxton’s Health Issues: She Fought a Year-long Battle with Cancer!

It all took a bad turn for Traci about a year ago. Traci Braxton was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, however, the time she was diagnosed has been kept confidential. It’s speculated that Braxton’s cancer confirmation happened just a year ago during the time she lost a huge amount of weight.

Traci Braxton fought a year-long battle with esophageal cancer. Details about her entire journey are not revealed but her family disclosed that Traci stood strong against her problem, facing it as bravely as she could. Traci’s son Sir Kevin Jr. took it to his Instagram and shared a picture of himself with his beloved mother Traci with a heartfelt message.

He wrote, “When I heard the news about my mother being sick first thing she said was I’m going to fight and beat this. She fought to the end and today she’s at peace. I love my mother forever and this hurts so much but I’m at peace knowing she’s isn’t in pain anymore. I love you ma I’m going to miss you.”

Traci Braxton passed away at the age of 50 on March 11, losing the battle to her cancer. Esophageal cancer affects the esophagus which helps move the food swallowed from the back of the throat to the stomach to be digested.

Since the lining of the esophagus is harshly affected, it was obvious for Traci to lose extreme weight. Followed by chemotherapy and multiple medications, the singer couldn’t help but be in the worst physical state.

While Traci was fighting for her life, the internet was busy making speculations. Her fans and followers were actually concerned about the star’s health whereas the rest of the internet was busy trolling her and spreading the rumor that the singer has gone mad over her physical beauty to have gone to extreme measures to be slim.

This affected Traci’s mental well-being at a point but eventually, she lost her life in the dreadful battle with cancer. Her family, fans, and followers still mourn the loss of the wonderful aura and raw soul of Traci Braxton!

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