Tom Kerridge’s Weight Gain: The Untold Truth!


Tom Kerridge's Weight Gain: The Untold Truth!

Tom Kerridge, also known as Thomas Kerridge, is an English-Michelin-starred chef who is into a hot topic for his weight gain. Do you know how much weight Tom Kerridge gained? Here’s the complete story.

Have you heard of the famous pub, The Hand, and Flowers? If not, then you are really missing out on your life, and when we say life, it is directly synonymous with good food and good taste. Tom Kerridge is the owner of this pub and has other five restaurants as well. He is not only famous for owning several restaurants but is best known for his presence in different television reality shows.

Tom Kerridge is well-known for his fusion of different cuisine, and almost everyone in the United Kingdom is aware of and appreciates him for his variety of cuisines. However, today, his dramatic weight gain has been a major concern for almost everyone, and people are invested to know if Tom is in good health. So, let’s get to know the actual reason behind Tom putting on extra pounds of weight.

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Tom Kerridge’s Weight Gain: What’s the Story?

The English-Michelin-starred chef, Thomas Kerridge who is famously known as Tom Kerridge is a renowned chef who has been predominantly working in the United Kingdom. He has appeared on reality culinary television shows and is best known for fusing different cuisines. Tom’s professional journey as a chef started in 1991 when he got the opportunity to work as a commis chef at Calcot Manor in Tetbury.

Born on 27th July 1973, Tom (@cheftomkerridge) grew up with his mom and his siblings. When he was just aged 11, his parents divorced, and therefore, his mom had a hard time taking care of her children. Before getting fully engaged in the culinary industry, Tom initially started his career with his appearance on television shows, and when he was 18, he eventually joined the culinary school and since then he has been working in many British restaurants.

He first came to the spotlight when he opened his first pub, The Hand and Flowers,  along with his wife, and made it to being the first Michelin star. Later, he again opened another pub, and likewise, made it to opening exactly five restaurants. Moreover, Tom has appeared in popular food reality shows such as The Great British Menu, Masterchef, and Saturday Kitchen.

While we cannot deny the fact that Kerridge has always been an eminent personality, recently, his weight gain has brought him into a hot controversy. Whether you are eminent or not, even a slight change in your physical appearance always brings you to attention, and right now, Tom is going through the same situation. Did Tom actually gain any weight or is the scandal just confined to being a piece of fabricated news?

Tom did gain weight and it wasn’t because he binged ate or had any kind of eating disorder but during his struggling phase, around 2012, he was working extremely hard to build a food empire. He even had days when he had worked 90 hours shifts. It’s very tedious and hectic, right? After cooking the entire day, Tom just didn’t have any energy to go back home and again cook. It made him feel like he was doing his work while he was at home.

Therefore, his reluctance of cooking at home compelled him to eat instant food like toast, and which all of these, he developed a bad eating lifestyle. Unhealthy and instant foods were the main cause of his weight gain. Apart from this, Tom even admitted that he was abducted to alcohol, and would use it as a stress reliever. This also added to an increase in the pounds.

So, do you know how much weight did he put on? As per some sources, it has been found that tom had gained around 30 lbs, and was gaining more pounds. However, his self-realization about his health and the fear of dying at young age compelled Tom to follow a healthy lifestyle. Today, Kerridge’s hard work and strict diet made an effort, and therefore, he was successful in losing around 12 lbs.

Tom Kerridge’s Restaurants: How Many Restaurants Does He Own?

The 49-year-old chef, Tom Kerridge is rich and makes a lot of money. As per some sources, summing up all of his assets, it has been found that his net worth is around $5 million. So, how come a chef makes this significant amount of money? The answer is Tom’s restaurants. It might be unbelievable to know but Tom owns exactly 5 restaurants: Kerridge’s Fish and Chips, Harrods, The Bull & Bear, Manchester, The Butchers Tap and Grill, Marlow, Kerridge’s Bar and Grill, London and The Shed, Marlow.

Apart from these restaurants, he owns two pubs. He opened his first pub, The Hand & Flowers in 2005, and he told, “When we opened The Hand and Flowers in 2005, we wanted it to be exactly the kind of place where we would like to enjoy our days off. That meant a proper pub, but with proper food. A friendly, comfortable atmosphere, where everybody’s welcome. Bold, unpretentious cooking with brilliant, seasonal ingredients.Professional but approachable service from people who love to eat out as much as we do.”

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