‘HGTV Interiors’ Tiffany Brooks’ Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Workout Routine


'HGTV Interiors' Tiffany Brooks' Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Everything you need to know about Tiffany Brooks’ weight loss, diet plan & fitness routine. Check out the before and after changes of this HGTV interior designer.

Tiffany Brooks is well-known as the season 8 champion of HGTV Star. Since then, this talented interior designer is the subject of discussions in popular media, excellent blogs, and has even featured in HGTV reality shows like Rock The Block (2019) and I Pity The Tool (2015).

She recently got under the spotlight once again after she was announced as the host of the new HGTV show $50K Three Ways (2021), in which she provides each client with 3 distinct designs and guides them to pick the best one based on their budget.

Fans are fascinated by her stunning designs ever since she hosted her own show. However, the latest question on everybody’s lips concerns her appearance as she looks to have undergone some form of weight loss. Has the reality star really dropped pounds?

Tiffany Brooks’ Weight Loss – What’s Her Diet Plan & Fitness Routine?

Tiffany Brooks before and after weight loss.

Tiffany Brooks before and after weight loss.
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Tiffany Brooks has never publicly stated that she has lost weight, but her most recent Instagram photos indicate otherwise. In comparison to her previous images on the picture-sharing platform, she appears to be uploading photos that show her in a thinner physique than before.

As a result, it is reasonable to believe that the professional interior designer has done a decent job of weight maintenance. But, if she eliminated excess body fat, how did she accomplish such a feat?

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Exercise and diet are the basic solutions that everybody is aware of. Tiffany was ready to shift her lifestyle by incorporating these two elements into her life. When she initially started her weight loss quest, the first thing she did was alter her dietary behaviors.

She avoided any food that was dried, packaged, or had a higher calorific amount of sugar. She also kept her alcohol consumption under control. She stopped eating all kinds of unhealthy snacks at all costs.

Another crucial thing Brooks did was restrict the number of carbohydrates she consumed, almost completely eliminating it.

Tiffany also gave up her habit of comfort eating, which is one of the primary causes of obesity in top countries. Instead, she developed a pattern of consuming less food but in sufficient quantities to provide her with enough energy.

Rather than eating snacks and treats from a packet, Tiffany Brooks handled her appetite and concentrated on enjoying organic fresh fruit and vegetables.

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Well, eating very little and following a healthy diet isn’t enough to ensure good weight loss; you still need to keep your body physically fit. Tiffany did just that.

She worked out on a regular basis and applied exercise to her weight loss plan. She obtained her current slimmer and fitter body shape by balancing the right amount of balanced diet and vigorous exercise.

Tiffany Brooks’ Married Life & Husband

Tiffany Brooks is in a blissful marital relationship with her husband, Dante Brooks. The reality star first encountered and became friends with her spouse when they were still in high school. The couple began dating when they were both students, although it is unclear the precise date they shared wedding vows.

Tiffany and her partner, Dante, share a single child together, a son named Ayden Brooks, who they welcomed following their marriage. Tiffany values Dante’s influence in her life and refers to him as her “wingman” and “backup.”

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Dante is listed on Tiffany’s website as “always on call, and there when you or I need him.” She adores him because he is always cheerful and his good spirit is infectious. Dante assists Tiffany in her company and is an important member of her project team.

As for their son, Ayden was born in August 2003 and has remained close to his parents ever since. Ayden is also interested in his mother’s job. Tiffany’s earlier social media posts, on the other hand, revealed his past reluctance to serve as an interior designer alongside his mother.

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