Taylor Dayne’s Plastic Surgery: The 60-Year-Old Star Openly Admits to Undergoing Multiple Cosmetic Enhancements to Feel Younger!


Taylor Dayne’s Plastic Surgery: The 60-Year-Old Star Openly Admits to Undergoing Multiple Cosmetic Enhancements to Feel Younger!

Taylor Dayne has previously admitted that she has undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures like Botox, a nose job, an eye-lift, fillers, and a boob job. While the surgery does make her feel younger, the 60-year-old star also revealed that she regrets her decision and she would have made a different decision if she was given a chance.

Taylor Dayne is a singer-songwriter and actress from the United States who specializes in pop and freestyle music. Her eighteen distinct hit songs have all made it into Billboard magazine’s top ten.

Taylor was born on March 7, 1962, in Long Island, New York, as Leslie Wunderman to parents Laura Charlotte and Jack Wunderman. She developed a love of music early on and started singing when she was little. She is an American citizen. She also has Jewish ancestry, specifically Ashkenazi.

She recently participated in Season 2 of RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race. Last week, Thirsty Von Trap and Electra Owl, who were in the bottom two, had to lip sync to Rihanna‘s Shut Up and Drive to stay in the competition. Electra Owl’s appearance on the show came to an end after Thirsty Von Trap won the lip sync contest. The big surprise was that Electra Owl was none other than Taylor Dayne.

As Taylor has always been open about multiple plastic surgery procedures she did, some people who recently knew about her are currently curious to know about every cosmetic enhancement she went. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Taylor Dayne’s Plastic Surgery: The 60-Year-Old Star Admits to Undergoing Botox, a Nose Job, an Eye-Lift, Fillers, and a Boob Job but Regrets the Decision!

Taylor Dayne (@therealtaylordayne) openly admits that she underwent Botox, a nose job, an eye-lift, fillers, and a boob job. The 60-year-old star regrets her decision, however, she also claims that plastic surgery makes her feel younger.

The 80s pop sensation Taylor Dayne previously acknowledged having regrets about having plastic surgery. Taylor has also been open about the types of cosmetic procedures she’s undergone to get her taut appearance. In an interview, she revealed,

I’ve had Botox, a nose job, an eye-lift, fillers, and my boobs done. I’m honest about it; I look too different from when I was in my 20s, so it’s pointless to deny it. But I am older now and have realised it is more important to be healthy on the inside and be fit and look after yourself.

Taylor Dayne claims that her attempt to have plastic surgery to stay young forever was a terrible mistake. The singer stated she would love to turn back time and have all the nips and tucks she had done when she was younger. In the same interview, she stated,

I would make very different decisions – hell yeah I wouldn’t have had things done

The 60-year-old diva, who is best known for her massive single Tell It To My Heart, is still self-conscious about how she looks and makes sure every shot gets her mark of approval. She wants to maintain her image while being open about her plastic surgery. She, additionally, claimed that it makes her feel younger.

Moreover, she was eager to highlight that her change of heart regarding surgery was more about changes within herself than it was about pressure to appear well in the profession.

Taylor Dayne had flawless skin before starting her plastic surgery procedures. Dermal fillers like Botox and Restylane are being used excessively, which has led to a lumpy appearance. This can happen if the injections are performed poorly or if the patient experiences an allergic response. She also has some pimples that resemble acne, which can also be a side effect of the dermal filler.

It is clear that dermal injections like Botox have been utilized on Taylor’s forehead because it is free of horizontal lines and is exceptionally smooth for a lady of her age. She doesn’t have deep creases around her lips or nose, crow’s feet around her eyes, or frown lines between her brows, which are signs that dermal fillers have already been utilized there.

Taylor Dayne’s cheeks appear bigger than they ever did, and though the difference is minor, some experts believe that this is the effect of fat injections (liposculpture) rather than implants. She might have also used a synthetic substance, like collagen, to bolster her cheeks. Unlike fat, collagen can lead to allergic reactions, which could explain Taylor’s skin’s lumpy appearance.

Taylor’s nose likewise appears to have undergone plastic surgery with a scalpel. Her once-straight nose has developed a rough appearance and a broader bridge. Rhinoplasty is typically performed to narrow a wide bridge rather than to add one. Maybe Taylor thought it would give her more personality, but all it does is make her face look even more oddly lumpy.

Taylor Dayne’s eyes themselves appear different. They are pulled and compressed much more. Taylor is obviously a fan of the filler, so that might be Botox Brow, but it might also be a discreet blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery.

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