Tanyel Revan Before Plastic Surgery: The Love Island Cast Is Open About Her Cosmetic Treatments and Aftermaths!


Tanyel Revan Before Plastic Surgery: The Love Island Cast Is Open About Her Cosmetic Treatments and Aftermaths!

Tanyel Raven, one of the cast members of Hulu’s Love Island, has been suspected of undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures. Comparing her before and after pictures, the 26-year-old star looks completely different. In fact, Tanyel openly admits to receiving cosmetic treatments such as Botox, fillers, and some works are done on her brows.

Love Island is back on our screen for its 9th Season. It follows a group of men and women as they complete a series of tasks while switching partners until they meet someone they may want to spend the rest of their lives with. The reality dating show makes it abundantly clear to participants that they are in a television series.

Love Island has returned to South Africa for its second winter season, with a brand new batch of hopeful contestants competing to find someone to fall in love with. This year’s contestants include the show’s first partially sighted star, a contestant with Vitiligo, and someone who has worked as Emma Watson‘s body double.

Winter Love Island 2023 is hosted by Maya Jama, and one of the hottest new contestants is Tanyel Revan, who is determined to find her dream man. Tanyel, who will be joining a new group of contestants in the beautiful South African villa, describes herself as energetic, funny, and feisty, and admits she’s still single due to her fussy nature.

Before entering the villa, the 26-year-old star was open about her cosmetic procedures, with her aesthetic surgery of choice sharing videos of her undergoing various treatments! So, if you are looking for Tanyel Revan’s plastic surgery, follow the articles to know more!

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Tanyel Revan Before Plastic Surgery: The 26-Year-Old Openly Admits to Receiving Botox, Fillers & Brow Works!

Recently, Tanyel Revan (@tanyelrevan) Love Island before surgery was a search term that increased by 300%, with variations of the phrase Tanyel Revan before and after appearing in seven of the top 14 searches related to the new Love Island star. But, the 26-year-old star hasn’t spoken openly about cosmetic treatments or plastic surgery so far on the show, but her frequent references to her ‘bunda’ have viewers convinced she’s had a BBL.

However, Tanyel is actually very open about her cosmetic treatments on social media, having been tagged in a number of Instagram videos showing her getting lip filler, fat-dissolving treatments on her chin, and permanent makeup on her brows. In fact, she told OK! Magazine that she had the classic Love Island makeover before entering the villa, with The Mirror reporting that her range of treatments would cost up to £4,500 – though it appears that she received a friend and family discount. She also added,

So luckily, my best friends are all like in aesthetics, beauty, and hair. ‘So, I’m sorted, I’m quite lucky with that. I had like my Botox, my fillers, everything topped up. My hair done, what else did I get done? Semi-permanent makeup, my lips, my eyebrows – ombre brow. Other than that, everything else wasn’t really planned.

Tanyel’s openness about her work is refreshingly honest, but the continued obsession with how the Love Island girls looked before plastic surgery procedures is tiring. Every year, the same searches take place, with Ekin-Su Cülcülolu and Coco Lodge falling victim last year, and Faye Winter and Sharon Gaffka the year before.

Searches for the Love Island contestants’ faces or bodies prior to surgery are typically indicative of sexist social media trolling, with some intending to find pictures of them solely to put the girls down about how they looked before or not being natural now.

When it came to Ekin-Su, it sparked vile commentary about how she should ‘act like she used to look’ as soon as viewers disliked her having any sense of confidence or ego. While Tanyel has yet to face such an outpouring of hatred, we have no doubt that if she were to do anything wrong in the villa, the first insult trolls would resort to is her list of face-altering treatments.

Finally, the existence of these before and after searches around Love Island every year perpetuates the obsession with judging women based on how natural their beauty is. Tanyel is stunning – trolls don’t need to go looking for before and after photos of her in some ludicrous ‘gotcha’ moment.

Love Island Has Been Accused of Being Scripted Multiple Times!

Love Island has been accused of being scripted on several occasions. More shockingly, many of these allegations have come from former show participants, making viewers sit up and take notice. The majority of the series appears to be scripted, and producers have a strong influence on how the narrative unfolds.

The allegation has opened a can of worms, revealing how producers allegedly frequently create chaos in the villa. According to series members, producers create situations that result in tension, such as the kiss between Jack Fowler and Georgia Steele.

According to reports, the scene had to be filmed three or four times to get the perfect shot. Meanwhile, Sam and Georgia‘s relationship appeared to be fabricated on the show. Producers set it up while the two were on air.

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