Tammy Hembrow has openly admitted to having plastic surgery specifically for a boob job after the birth of her daughter. Despite her denial of having other surgeries, doctors believe she had a Brazilian butt lift, nose job, liposuction, chin surgery, and fillers to achieve her bombshell look.

Tammy Hembrow is an Instagram model, fitness enthusiast, and social media star. She gained popularity through her fitness journey, fashion choices, and lifestyle content. She has gained attention for her body transformation and is well-known for her hourglass figure and fitness-focused posts which had garnered millions of followers on Instagram.

Being in show business, the 29-year-old Australian influencer has long been the subject of plastic surgery rumors. She has only admitted to getting a boob job but doctors say she has benefited from multiple surgeries to enhance her appearance. Is it true? Let’s find out the truth about Tammy Hembrow’s plastic surgery rumors.

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Tammy Hembrow Plastic Surgery May Include Multiple Procedures as per the Doctors

Tammy Hembrow (@tammyhembrow) has denied rumors about getting plastic surgery for years. But in 2020, she admitted to having only a boob job when quizzed by fans in a Q&A video on YouTube. She was too happy to talk about the procedure, claiming that breastfeeding sucked the life out of her ample chest.

Hembro got her boobs done after she had her daughter Saskia when she stopped breastfeeding. Moreover, she went on to clarify her position, saying she just wanted the procedure for herself. The blonde bombshell also revealed she hates wearing bras and that she was forced to wear the undergarment prior to the operation.

The model has documented her journey on social media by posting photos that show the changes in her body over time. Her pictures have gotten a lot of attention and praise from her fans. Tammy has long been the subject of plastic surgery rumors, and sources claim that she has benefited from multiple plastic surgery procedures.

Tammy Hembrow is rumored to have her butt, nose, chin, & lip done in addition to a boob job.Tammy Hembrow is rumored to have her butt, nose, chin, & lip done in addition to a boob job.
Source: Instagram

It looks like the mother of three did liposuction to have a flat tummy. Usually, this procedure is done by a mother that has just delivered their baby because, during the pregnancy, the mother surely gets a lot of fat in her stomach and body. That is why the surgery is done to eliminate the baby fat that accumulates under her skin and makes her stomach back to its original position.

For years, the social media star has repeatedly denied rumors that she had a Brazilian butt lift to achieve her shapely butt. Despite her denials, her adolescent photos tell a different story. According to the CEO of DrHaworth.com, she has undergone a striking transformation of not only her facial features but also her facial shape. He also claimed that she is the ideal Instagram model for the social media world where fake is a new reality.

Additionally, the celebrity surgeon went on to claim that Hembrow looks completely different in her recent photos compared to her before photos. She is rumored to have a nose job because she used to have a bigger nose tip and wider nose bridge. And now she has a more prominent nose with a smaller nose tip and a narrower nose bridge which surely makes her face more beautiful.

Tammy Hembrow before the plastic surgery.Tammy Hembrow before the plastic surgery.
Source: Dailymail

The Australian fitness model is also rumored to have had chin surgery to achieve her bombshell look. If you take a look at Tammy Hembrow’s face, you will notice how her face used to be. Now her jawline is more defined into a V-line and her chin has been shortened and narrowed compared to her before photos. Another thing that makes Tammy popular is the shape of her lips, which appear sexy and appealing.

Surprisingly, she did not have that type of lips when she was young. Her lips were as thin as a line, not sexy but still normal for her face. Looking at her current lips, however, you will notice a significant difference that makes her lips appear sexier because they have grown larger and plumper. Even as people grow older, their lips do not change dramatically. As a result, we can easily conclude that it is the result of a lip implant.