Everything you need to know about Sunny Anderson’s weight loss, diet plan, and fitness routine. Check out her before and after transformation.

Sunny Anderson began the new year 2013 by going to the gym and improving her eating habits by adopting Dr. Ian Smith‘s ‘shred,’ a groundbreaking diet for weight loss.

The popular cook pursued her health goals upon discovering she was pre-diabetic and her weight fit the criteria for being labeled obese.

She then dropped from a size 16 to a size 14, and the significant improvements have made her realize it’s time to put her wellbeing first, rather than her work.

The TV anchor said she put in a lot of effort into achieving a particular goal in her life, and with that goal came some weight gain. Many people made jokes about Food Network 10, and she still tells them that she’s an overachiever because she’s done it twice!

With ‘shred,’ Anderson realized she could pursue her dreams while still taking care of herself. By undergoing the desired amount of weight loss, she’s become both physically and professionally successful.

Sunny Anderson’s Weight Loss – Why Did She Decide to Shed Pounds?

Sunny Anderson before and after weight loss.

Sunny Anderson before and after weight loss.
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Back in 2015, Sunny Anderson took to her official Facebook account to reveal the reason she underwent weight loss.

She wrote,


Sunny’s doctor told her she was “obese” at 5’5″ and 200 pounds. People called her “thick,” but her doctor called her “obese.” She went around for weeks telling others she was unhealthy, but despite people’s surprise, she says you can’t argue with a doctor.

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Anderson found herself in a plus-size shop, completely oblivious to the meaning of all these new sizes. It was like learning a new language. She wondered if it was possible that she was a 2XX.

An insolent stylist who seemed to be helping her pick a dress for an MTV appearance shipped the plus-size clothes that were evidently too big for her. One time she bought a dress that didn’t suit her the following month.

She was having trouble breathing while performing basic tasks like tying her shoes. Due to the weight, Sunny’s ankles were still swollen. She had way too many pairs of “used to fit” jeans, possibly over 100 pairs.

‘That’s fine, no one trusts a skinny chef,’ more people would say, but Giada De Laurentiis can cook her butt off, so she reckons that’s a myth.

This was, in fact, the turning point. She figured she was fed up with overeating. Then she became open and honest. When chefs wanted to give her food, she told them no. If they persisted, she’d take a bite and showcase how it felt to waste food.

She, too, became comfortable with wasting food. That was a problem before two things occurred to her. Either she throws it away in her mouth (now it tastes like garbage) or she throws it away in the bin.

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Sunny Anderson says her body isn’t designed for forced flex. Plus, she wastes money in other ways, so why not accept this kind of waste? She used to be enslaved by her refrigerator. But now she claims she’s the boss and weight loss turned into her goal.

She doesn’t want any sort of criticisms coming her way because she’s sure everybody squanders money in lots of different ways. So, why not do it in a manner that benefits your body?

Food Network’s Sunny Anderson Loves Hip-Hop

Sunny Anderson has had a long and illustrious career. She has served in radio and television for more than two decades. She has reached millions of people as a result of her efforts, and she has established herself as a regular on The Food Network.

Anderson started working for the station in 2005 and has since presented many shows. Sunny, though, isn’t your typical host. She adores and appreciates healthy food, and she is pretty aware of how to put on a show in the kitchen.

In 2013, she competed on Chopped as a contestant. And although Sunny didn’t win, it was the ideal chance for her to showcase her talents to the rest of the world.

Besides her successful career, one of the lesser-known facts about Sunny Anderson is her fondness for hip-hop music.

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Many fans may not be aware, but Sunny is a big music fan, with hip hop holding a prominent place in her heart.

She told Vibe Magazine,

I love Rapsody. I think her appearance on Kendrick Lamar’s [album] solidified it for me.

Sunny added,

I got 9th Wonda to score one of my seasons on Food Network, which was difficult but I made them do it. I’m just in love with the fact that this artist is getting so much love.

In addition, she’s from Texas so she’s a Scarface head.

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