Over the years, there have been rumors that journalist Steve Kornacki, who became notorious for his khaki pants and superhuman vigor during the US presidential race, has undergone a weight loss journey. Online supporters assert that the journalist now looks younger and more attractive as a result of his transformation.

Stephan Joseph Kornacki, born August 22, 1979, is a political journalist, writer, and television host from the United States. Kornacki is an NBC News national political journalist. He has contributed articles to The Boston Globe, The Daily Beast, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The New York Daily News, Salon, The New York Observer, and The New York Times. Since 2016, Kornacki has served as the multimedia anchor and statistical analyst for a large portion of MSNBC‘s The Place for Politics election coverage.

Stephan Joseph Kornacki Sr. and Anne Bernadette welcomed Steve Kornacki into the world in Groton, Massachusetts. Kathryn Kornacki, his older sister, was born in January 1978 and works as a lecturer at Caldwell University. He attended Groton-Dunstable Regional High School. Kornacki studied film and television at Boston University and earned a degree in the field.

Kornacki was ALSO voted one of the sexiest men alive by People after his work in the 2020 United States presidential election. Additionally, he was approached to bring his distinctive analytical perspective to NBC Universal‘s sports division. He made his debut on Football Night in America in December 2020 to analyze playoff scenarios for the remaining 2020 NFL season.

After dominating viewers’ screens with his coverage of the 2020 US presidential election, MSNBC journalist Steve Kornacki (and his khakis) is back for the US mid-term elections. After his return to Tv, fans online were wondering if he has lost weight as he appears to be leaner. Read this article to all about Steve Kornacki’s weight loss.

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Steve Kornacki’s Weight Loss: The Journalist Explains His Tight Schedules Make It Harder for Him to Focus On His Diet and Workout!

Steve Kornacki, who is infamously known for his khaki pants and superhuman energy during the US presidential election, is rumored to have lost a significant amount of weight over the years. Fans online claim that the journalist appears more younger and attractive after losing weight.

Looking through the pictures of him over the years it is pretty clear that the journalist has undergone a significant transformation over the years. In his early day’s picture, we could see his belly fat through his shirt and now he appears sharp and lean in his suit. So in order to achieve that physique he must have undergone strict exercise and diet regime. Being a journalist it must be really hard for him to manage time to eat healthily and train every day.

If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that nothing is guaranteed on election night, with the exception of Steve Kornacki displaying superhuman energy on television. The national political correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC again spent the evening in front of his Big Board, deciphering the results as they come in live from all throughout the nation. The key to his delivery’s constant intensity? It is diet coke. When asked about his daily diet  and how it differs during the election the journalist replied:

Boy, it changes a lot. I think I’ll forget to eat a lot during election week. Certainly on election night. I find it kind of slows me down, so I try to be sparing anyway if I’m going to be on TV for long stretches of time. And then if it’s like 2016, election night goes into the morning, goes into the next day, and then the next thing I know, it’s Wednesday night at 10 o’clock and I’m just going home tired. I can’t even tell you what, if anything, I eat in that time.

The journalist says he drinks way too much diet soda—indeed, too much to count. He will typically have a couple per day. But on election night, he simply keeps it close and consumes it on a rather regular basis. And when others ask him if he is aware that those things are unhealthy and not good for weight loss, he just responds, ‘I am aware, but I love them.’

The journalist believes he doesn’t get enough sleep and hasn’t been getting good sleep lately. He believes that the fact that there are so many factors to consider this time around made him slightly more apprehensive about the midterm election. There is a lot more ambiguity about how this will all turn out, and he believes that this has made him quite anxious. Thus, even on nights when he returns home feeling tired and occasionally manages to squeeze in three or four hours of sleep, he just finds himself lying awake. He also tried the Calm app, but it didn’t seem to work for him, according to his statements.

The journalist claims that he prefers to walk and walks every day from home to the office and back home which is 6 miles.  He claims that walking just feels natural to him. so, it is clear that he doesn’t get much time to exercise but finds a way to do it anyway despite his tight schedule.  So, his weight loss might be because of his body movement every day.

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