Grab all the details of Sophie Brussaux’s plastic surgery speculations.

Take a peek at Drake‘s kid, and you are not going to think he’s his. Son Adonis has blue eyes and blonde hair, a completely new sight to witness. So you would imagine he got his look from his mother, but she is a little unique, too.

While he secretly fathered Adonis with the French artist and retired porn actress, Sophie Brussaux, he did plan to uphold his vow to do the right thing for Adonis.

The singer recently posted a snapshot of his son on social media with Brussaux for the first time, and they are talking about a happy family, but not a family, per se.

As a result, the public fascination in plastic surgery has also grown lately, because Brussaux’s previous work demands her to appear the best.

Did Sophie Brussaux Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Many believe that the former adult actress had a nose job and shaved her jaw because the haters used to mock her features, but most of them like the effect and say she is looking ‘better’ right now.

Drake’s baby mama Sophie Brussaux has turned into a topic of discussion due to her outward look. The former porn star now looks special in a new photo she posted on her Instagram page on Tuesday, July 28.

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In the picture, the 30-year-old French beauty unveiled her new blonde hair and showcased her curves in a figure-hugging outfit. In the next two pictures in the same upload, she contrasted it to her previous darker hair.

It’s not obvious whether her lighter hair color is a natural one or merely temporary, but she appeared to appeal for the support of her fans as she wrote in the caption, “Blonde?”

Many people prefer her with her former, brunette hair, writing in the comment section, “No go brunette again” and “No, you look so better with black hair.”

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Although Sophie may look different because of her blonde hair, some people assumed she had recently gone undergone plastic surgery to improve her looks. “look like her nose got done,” one commented below the photo. Another guessed, “she got that crimson chin removed huh.”

Expressing the same opinion, a third-person claimed, “Looks like she shaved down her chin or something and got a nose job. That hair isn’t an as good look but I guess her cosmetic work looks good.”

Noting that haters would mock Sophie due to her looks, the said person added, “she probably felt like she needed it.”

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Some believe that whatever Sophie did to her face now helps her look great.

“Thank goodness!!” someone subtly threw a jab at the painter. Another gushed, “Damn this is some good work.” Agreeing, someone else warned her, “Halleluuuuuu she looks a million times better. She needs to stop here though.”

“she looks nice. good work. drake was prolly tired of her getting clowned,” read another comment, while someone else liked it though she “looks like a Russian baddie now.”

Also, there were a few naysayers who ridiculed the appearance of Sophie. “It’s still ugly,” one of them said.

“She looks less witchy now, but still kinda footish,” read another nasty comment. “She looks a lot better. She is unrecognizable with the new face and hair color,” one other wrote, before adding, “She still isn’t cute though.”

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Sophie encountered Drake in January 2017, around the same moment the Canadian singer was believed to be romantically connected to Jennifer Lopez. The news was released in May of the same year claiming she was pregnant and he forced her to have an abortion.

She finally gave birth to her son, Adonis, in October, although it was not until 2018 that the “Hotline Bling” hitmaker announced that he was a parent with his album “Scorpion.”

Fans Think Drake’s Baby Mama Sophie Brussaux Got A Nose Job

Drake’s baby mama Sophie Brussaux publicly displayed her new hair color, but her fans believe she is making a much more drastic shift in her look.

Showing off her fresh blonde locks, Sophie Brussaux told her fans if she was going to hold it bright or go back to her usual brunette hue. Although several people directly addressed the issue, some indicated that she modified more than just her hair color in the comments.

“Look like her nose got done,” wrote one commenter. “Did you get your nose done?” asked another. The sentiment was echoed a few times throughout the comments section.

Comparing the before and after pictures, it certainly seems like her nose is becoming a little thinner. To be frank, though, who really cares if she wants to go under the knife.

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Sophie is not a superstar at the end of the day. If she decides to perform some form of plastic surgery to overcome any of her insecurities, she has every right to do so.

Sophie Brussaux is making news now and again simply for living her life. She boarded a plane to a beautiful island at the beginning of this year and dominated headlines only for that. Fortunately, it seems like she loves the publicity. Or, at least we think that’s the case.

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