Simon Cowell’s Weight Loss: How Did the Britain’s Got Talent Judge Slim Down? Learn About His Diet and Exercise Routine!

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Simon Cowell's Weight Loss: How Did the Britain’s Got Talent Judge Slim Down? Learn About His Diet and Exercise Routine!

Simon Cowell has undergone a weight loss of 60 pounds since beginning a health and fitness regimen. He admits to bingeing on sausage rolls, hamburgers, and his favorite jam tarts, which were prepared by his personal chefs. However, since quitting his unhealthy lifestyle, Simon Cowell claims to have lost four waist sizes.

Simon Phillip Cowell is an English record producer, entertainment manager, and TV personality who is well-known for being the celebrity judge who makes the most scathing comments on reality shows like X Factor, America’s Got Talent, and Britain’s Got Talent. He began his television career with Pop Idol, but he and his comments rose to prominence with American Idol.

Born on October 7, 1959, in Lambeth, London, and raised in Elstree, Hertfordshire. Julie Brett, his mother, was a ballet dancer, and Eric Selig, his father. Cowell was a music industry executive, estate agent, and property developer. His younger brother is Nicholas Cowell; he has three half-brothers, John, Tony, and Michael Cowell; and a half-sister, June Cowell. Cowell attended Radlett Preparatory School and Dover College, both private institutions. He earned a GCE in Sociology after passing English Language and Literature.

The television personality has lost an impressive amount of weight and his fans and fellow judges are both taken aback and impressed by his transformation. And we hope to explain how Simon Cowell’s weight loss occurred in this article. We’ve also covered Simon Cowell’s weight loss pictures, his diet and exercise routine, and his motivation for losing weight.

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Simon Cowell’s Weight Loss: How Did America’s Got Talent Judge Slim Down?

Simon Cowell (@simoncowell) led an unhealthy lifestyle as he accepted it in numerous interviews following his weight loss transformation. He ate a varied diet that included pizza, hamburgers, sausage rolls, and spaghetti.

Cowell’s favorite food to binge on was jam tarts made by his personal chefs. He also had a terrible sleeping schedule. Instead of sleeping at night, he stayed awake. Sometimes it was 8 a.m. and he was still awake like a vampire. An accident served as a wake-up call for him.

The English record producer fell from the stairs of his Malibu home in October 2017 not because he slipped, but because he had low blood pressure. He was rushed to the hospital right away after a neck injury was feared, and recovered completely which mishap altered Simon’s outlook on life.

This was his much-needed wake-up call, and it was the start of Simon Cowell’s weight loss journey. He decided to make dietary changes. Moreover, Cowell was suffering from a melon allergy and sought the advice of an expert after being recommended by a friend.

Within the first month, Cowell began to notice changes in his body. Not only did he feel better, but he also looked better. The most impressive aspect of Simon Cowell’s weight loss transformation is not just how much weight he lost, but also how he maintained his weight during the lockdown. He refused to succumb to any pizza temptations brought to him by his son, Eric.

Likewise, the entertainment manager now has more energy and a better memory as a result of his weight loss. Simon overcame a terrifying and traumatic experience by listening to his body’s needs. He was determined to maintain his health even during the lockdown, and he succeeded.

He now intends to publish a cookbook titled It’s Not That Difficult, which was inspired by his 60-pound weight loss. Because he truly believes it isn’t all that difficult. However, his diet-adherence mantra, which most people struggle with, is to eat nutritious foods that are also tasty. In 2022, he weighs about 132 pounds.

Simon Cowell’s Weight Loss Diet & Workout: Is Simon Cowell Following a Vegan Diet?

On numerous occasions, Simon Cowell, 62, has discussed his weight loss and the changes he made to achieve it. He started his journey by adopting a vegan diet. But there’s something in the middle when it came to his diet, he began with small baby steps that were sustainable in the long run. Simon gradually transitioned to a vegan diet by making small changes such as replacing yogurt with almond milk yogurt. He was still eating fish in the beginning, but he eventually stopped.

Meanwhile, America’s Got Talent judge eliminated four major components of his diet: red meat, dairy, sugar, and gluten. He ate a lot of fruits, but he was careful because some fruits have as much sugar as a bottle of coke. He also consumed an abundance of vegetables and salads.

Simon, on the other hand, has returned to eating white meats such as chicken and turkey. Similarly, he recognizes the importance of moderation in his diet. When he drinks, he drinks in moderation, which has helped him stay in shape.

The 62-year-old celebrity judge had to change not only his eating habits but also his level of activity. So, the Simon Cowell weight loss fitness routine began with 150 pushups and 500 press-ups each morning. Even while shooting, he squeezed in some exercise. Weight lifting, bike rides, and walks are also part of his fitness regimen. He makes it a point to walk 5 to 10 miles every day. He is frequently seen walking his family or riding his bike.

On the other hand, his perseverance and hard work are admirable. He breezed through the lockdown without succumbing to his old bad habits. He had come so far and was unwilling to give up his hard-earned accomplishments. As a result, he now has more energy and sleeps soundly. And, Simon Cowell’s weight-loss journey is truly inspirational.

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