Grab all the details of Simi Haze’s weight loss efforts, allegedly liposuction. What’s their diet plan & fitness routine? Check out their before and after pictures.

Taking the world of fashion with their extravagant and voguish style, Simi Khadra and Haze Khadra, together known as Simi Haze, is arguably the power twin fashion duo on the internet now.

Surpassing the fashion choices of even supermodels like Gigi Hadid, Simi Haze are rising as the fashion icons are ready to take on the mania.

Interesting their followers with their lifestyle, clothing, and aesthetically pleasing makeup, Simi Haze is now grabbing the attention of many with their weight loss.

Always in their best shape, fans want to know how did the twins lose weight looking at their Instagram pictures now and how they used to look before.

So, here’s all we know about Simi Haze’s weight loss and what got them into looking this good.

Simi Haze’s Weight Loss: Already the “Fashion Goals”, the Power Twins are Now Becoming “Body Goals” Too!

Simi Haze before and after weight loss.

Simi Haze before and after weight loss.
Image Source: Weight & Skin

Already blessed with great facial features, thanks to their Palestinian roots, Simi Haze is now being seen as “Twin Body Goals”. With great looks, incredible fashion sense combined with their toned body, the twins are becoming quite invincible.

Now in their best shape, Simi Haze has had quite the glow up. Comparing their first feature in NikeiD in 2013 and how they look now, the weight loss and the transformations are MAJOR!

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Though their body looked slimmer back in the days too, but not so toned, the pair lost quite the facial fat. Many believe the twins went under knives following their massive glow-up while their weight loss too wasn’t a natural one.

The rumors say that Simi Haze underwent liposuction to lose weight in the early days. However, pictures of the sisters in their workout attire can be seen on their Instagram, it is believed that they have had liposuction as well as plastic surgery to enhance their features. The workout followed later to keep up with their slim figure and maintain it.

Now with abs and the perfect body, Simi Haze is stealing the spotlights from supermodels too. Sharing stunning pictures on their Instagram, the duo’s weight loss led them to have one of the amazing transformations.

Compared to when they first stepped into the limelight, both the sister’s significant weight loss dropped the jaws and popped the eyes of many.

Streamlined body, abs, perky butt, long slim legs, and overall toned physique, Simi Haze achieved the ideal figure with their weight loss. Though there’s no confirmation of the twins having liposuction, it’s sure that the twins work out to tone their bodies and achieve that hourglass figure.

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Along with workouts, their diet also played a major role in maintaining weight. Since the Keto diet is trending among the celebs and models these days, the power duo might have too implemented the diet to maintain their figure. These secrets behind the stunning bodies of Simi Haze made many curious.

The Fashion Duo Simi Haze Recently Launched Their Makeup Line Simi Beauty: Is it a Hit or a Miss?

From being one of the most influential duos to entrepreneurs, Simi Haze is now stepping into the world of beauty and makeup with their makeup line Simi Haze Beauty.

Beginning their career as influencers, growing up to be models and fashion icons and now business owners, Simi Haze are raising their levels and showing the world what they are capable of.

Simi and Haze Khadra, the coolest twins on the Internet, beauty moguls, and DJs, are introducing their third collection, which is holiday-ready.

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SimiHaze Beauty debuted in the summer of 2021 and has already made a name for itself by offering clients velvety soft lip balms, eyeshadow palettes that even beginners can use, and pinch-able liquid blushes for cheeks.

They’ve upped the ante with their third collection, which includes sparkling lip glosses, a galaxy-inspired eyeshadow pallet, and easy-to-apply eye jewels.

The pair are campaigning their product on their Instagram and are receiving quite the love and support from their fans and followers.

“The whole collection is inspired by nature and natural elements,” Simi and Haze told ELLE in an exclusive interview. “We were thinking about the moon and the reflection of the moon.” While the glitzy elements of the collection are Holiday-ready, creating wearable looks without the help of a makeup artist was a core goal when creating the new collection.

“I want [consumers] to feel like they can wear it with casual clothes to make it more dressed up, or they can have like a dressy look, and then not need a makeup artist and elevate it even more, and feel more glamorous.”

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The eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing, and perfectly blending with the trend, SimiHaze Beauty is absolutely blooming in the market.

Their alluring campaign pictures have grabbed the attention of many and the twins are spreading the glitter of their iconic style and eloquent makeup.

Learning and growing, the twins also shared that they want their makeup to be for everyone and make it as inclusive as possible.

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