When it comes to the small screen, there is no parallel to Shonda Rhimes. You do not need to know who Shonda is to have come across one of her works. But recently she became popular not because of one of her award-winning show; instead, Shonda Rhimes’ weight loss journey was the only thing people could talk about her.

Well, why wouldn’t they, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, lost over 150 pounds and later said she was finally seen as a “person.” For years the almost 50-year-old neglected her health and her body in order to further her career. This can happen to anyone of us; work comes first; once we become successful, there will be time to work out and get in shape. But not keeping your health in check can have some extreme consequences, as Shonda realized later on.

Shonda Rhimes’ weight loss journey started no because she wanted to look like one of her show’s actresses. Getting fit was not to fit in with the others; instead, she was on the path of getting healthy for herself. Walking up a flight of stairs was a struggle; sweat beads on her forehead and shortness of breath were not something she wanted to have in her life. This was the reason she decided it was time to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

150 Pounds Later – The Way People Looked at Her After

The struggle is real when it comes to a person trying to lose weight. There are alternatives to losing weight, surgical process, but there are tremendous risks of losing large amounts of weight with few surgeries. The struggle becomes real when a person decides to take the long journey to healthy living.

Shonda Rhimes took the long journey, and after controlling her diet and getting professional help in the form of a trainer, she was able to trim down to a healthy weight, losing 150 pounds in the process. Shonda Rhimes weight loss journey was her choice; she did it to live longer and be healthy; what she did not realize was how the people around her were going to react to her losing so much weight.

In a moving essay posted on the Shondaland website penned by Rhimes herself, she detailed the experience she had with people who knew the fat Shonda. They were more open with her, talked to her, giving her time and not just talking to her because of her status and her standing in the world of show business.

“After I lost weight, I discovered that people found me valuable. Worthy of conversation. A person one could look at. A person one could compliment. A person one could admire. A Person,” Shonda wrote in the long essay about her weight loss. To her, it felt like her whole life no one saw her, and after losing weight, it was like she “materialized in front of” people she had socialized with for a long time.

She Hated Losing Weight – Shonda Rhimes Workout Routine

Let’s be honest; no one likes losing weight, you need to carve out more time in an already full day, and there are just too many things to do. You cannot eat things you liked, well, not as much as you want to, and then there is the physical part of losing weight, which is like going through hell.

Shonda Rhimes weight loss was also no different; she talked about how much she hated losing weight and not being allowed to eat fried food, especially chicken. The Scandal mastermind talked about how she could eat all the fried chicken in the world, but losing weight is not about indulging in your old habits; it is about setting a regime and sticking it to it through thick and thin.

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Shonda Rhimes workout routine involved going for a walk and also set up an easy to follow workout regimen. No complexities involving tools from the gym, bodyweight exercises, which can be performed inside the four walls of a person’s own living room. She also got a personal instructor to help her tighten her workout routine.

But no matter how much you try to lose weight, the biggest thing to successfully go on a weight loss journey is to stay committed to the workout plan. Shonda Rhimes got her easy-to-follow routine and followed it wholeheartedly, day in and day out, and the result is there for all to see.

Eating Healthy – Shonda Rhimes Weight Loss Diet

Shonda Rhimes weight loss diet helped the creator lose over 150 pounds.Shonda Rhimes weight loss diet helped the creator lose over 150 pounds.
Source: Shonda Rhimes Instagram

A workout is an important part of a person’s weight loss journey, but it is only a small portion compared to dietary needs. If what you put in your body is not the right, then no matter how hard you work on the external parts, the results will be off the mark. The creator of Scandal not only started to exercise to lose weight, but she also coupled it with a healthy diet.

For starters, Shonda removed processed food from her diet along with sugar and other carbs, which build fat in the body. She embraced a protein diet intake system and ate only when she was hungry and not when the time it was to eat. The thing about eating protein is, it makes the stomach feel fuller, and there is less craving for unnecessary food, things Shonda might think of as a snack was gone after taking the new diet regime.

She also leaned on her special drink filled with protein, which helped boost the metabolism of the body. Since the morning walks were already kicking the body’s metabolism into high gear, the drinks came in handy when the workout was not possible. Enhancing metabolism helped melt fat for Shonda even when she was stuck at work. She also incorporated fruits into her diet, when she felt hungry, the temptation was not to reach for a sandwich and instead of an apple.

Diet is important when it comes to losing weight, but different body types require different diets, and what worked for Shonda may or may not work for you. The trick is to find the right balance for you and sticking to the diet plan unless it does not work. Shonda Rhimes weight loss diet worked for her, and now she is 150 pounds lighter, having no problem walking up a flight of stairs, all because she decided to exercise and eat healthily.

Things to Learn from Shonda Rhimes Weight Loss Journey

The biggest thing to learn from Shonda Rhimes weight loss journey is to not worry about people’s perception. The decision to lose weight should be for the betterment of your own health and not for the perception of looking beautiful. Also, people are going to have opinions; the point to take from Shonda Rhimes weight loss is being healthy is more important than worrying about what people think.

The reason we keep mentioning journey when talking about Shonda Rhimes weight loss is that, at the end of the day, weight loss is a journey. A long, hard and extremely difficult journey, the point is to not lose hope, thinking about the long term goal should be the priority instead of fulfilling your short terms carb craving, that’s how Shonda Rhimes did it.