Shay Mitchell might be most renowned for the portrayal of Emily Reeds in the popular drama series Pretty Little Liars, but more recently, she is playing another role: a beauty influencer.

Upon the show’s conclusion in 2017, the 33-year-old star began promoting products like Bioré, La Mer, and Buxom on social networking platforms. This suggests she makes a lot of sponsored posts with her millions of followers — and she is not always appreciated for it.

Meanwhile, the actress has also been the subject of plastic surgery speculations amongst fans. Has she really gone under the knife? Let’s find out.

Is There Any Truth to Shay Mitchell’s Plastic Surgery Speculations?

Shay Mitchell before and after plastic surgery.

Shay Mitchell before and after plastic surgery.
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Among several plastic surgery suspicious components, The Skincare Edit has been pointing out Shay Mitchell’s adjustments since her first Pretty Little Liars days back in 2010 and has suggested that she has undergone a rhinoplasty, including improvements in her jaw & chin section, fillers in her upper lips & buttocks, and Botox in her forehead.

Mitchell’s nose has gone from being broader and flatter to a relatively narrow shape, a more polished tip, and a built-up bridge. Her face thinned out following weight loss, but she is still speculated to have had submental liposuction.

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It was said that in 2017, but only for a short space of time, she had fillers in her cheeks. There is a little admission, of course, that some other procedures besides plastic surgery could also have aided.

Including her smooth forehead and upper lip, Shay likely even had porcelain veneers on her teeth to subtly alter her expression. In fact, she is also rumored to have undergone eyelid operations outside of Skincare Edit’s statements.

The Actress Used to Be Dishonest About Her Look to Fit In

Shay Mitchell was born half-Filipino to an Irish-Scottish father in Ontario, Canada. Since she belonged to mixed ethnicity, she felt a little out of place in her hometown as she was raised in a white neighborhood.

“It was the first thing people noticed,” she spoke of her journey, as per Yahoo! Style, in 2015. “They’d say, ‘Are you the daughter of my nanny?’ I hated being asked who I was, and all my friends had blond hair and blue eyes.”

And, how did she deal with it? She opted to deceive everyone, or simply attempted to fit in as a different person from her genuine self. She changed her hair, wore colorful contact, and even chose to stay out of the sun to turn her skin as pale as she could during her high school years.

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Mitchell referred to her past self as a “that girl,” implying she just wants to leave behind the days that she spent pretending herself as someone she never was.

E! Online in 2013 reported similar stuff claiming she dyed hair blonde, wore blue, green & gray contact lenses over her dark brown eyes to adjust herself to the surroundings of the unfamiliar society.

When it came to her career as a model in Hong Kong and Thailand, however, she said she reverted back to her original look since she was “getting cast because I didn’t look like anyone else.”

Shay Mitchell is Reluctant to Get Married

Shay Mitchell – who is a mother to seven-month-old daughter, Atlas Noa, with partner Matte Babel – enjoys attending wedding ceremonies as a guest, but she’s never made exchanging vows as a priority in her own relationship.

The actress said, “A lot of people ask, it’s never been something I really cared for.

“And I love weddings, love weddings. I can watch them all day long. I love attending, I love being a part of my friends’ [weddings], anybody’s to be quite honest. It’s just not something I care for myself and it’s something that Matte and I have spoken about.”

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Mitchell added, “He’s been like, ‘You sure?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, we work so well right now.’ It’s great and this dynamic just works for us. It may not always be the correct way but it works. That’s how I sort of have to go, you know, that’s how I do it.”

The 33-year-old actress enjoys seeing Matte and her baby and claimed Atlas is still very much in charge of their relationship.

She said: “It’s so much fun to see how already wrapped around her finger he already is. I mean, Atlas has these little hands but let me tell you, he’s all around them. He can’t say ‘no’ already and I’m like, ‘I told you so.’ It’s a special relationship and it’s so nice to see it grow.”

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Shay and Matte carry a routine when it comes to providing care for their daughter and she is “grateful” for finding so much free time to spend together at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pretty Little Liars star continued: “I’ll feed her and then he’s got the nighttime shift. We’ve just been switching off like, literally, a team of players. I’m grateful to have this time as a family right now. …There are great days and not so great days, but we need them all to appreciate the other ones.”

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