Shaun White’s Plastic Surgery: Has He Gone Under the Knife?


Shaun White's Plastic Surgery: Has He Gone Under the Knife?

After his crash during practice in 2017, Shaun White underwent surgery to recover his facial wounds. Shaun needed 62 stitches however, he never did any plastic surgery. The legendary Olympic athlete finished 4th during the 2022 Winter Olympics which was the last Olympic of his career.

Shaun White (born September 3, 1986) is a former competitive snowboarder and skateboarder from the United States. He is a five-time Olympian and three-time Olympic gold medalist in half-pipe snowboarding.

He holds the global record for the most X Games gold medals and Olympic gold medals of any snowboarder. He has won 10 ESPY Awards in various categories during the course of his career.

White’s Olympic hopes were nearly crushed when he was injured and bloodied in a violent collision. White suffered a heavy slam while practicing on a 22-foot Olympic superpipe in New Zealand in October 2017.

White smashed his face into the rim of the pipe due to an error during a tricky trick attempt. White’s face was severely damaged, despite the fact that he was wearing a helmet at the time. This has also brought forward accusations of plastic surgery.

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Did Shaun White Do Any Plastic Surgery in 2017 After His Deadly Injury?

According to NBC Sports, the two-time (that time) Olympic gold medalist’s snowboard crashed with the top of a halfpipe when he was attempting a double cork 1440 in New Zealand. Shaun White‘s board folded on impact, and after banging his head on the pipe’s lip, he fell headfirst to the bottom.

Shaun White was evacuated by helicopter from the site to a hospital 186 miles away, where he underwent surgery and needed 62 stitches to recover his facial wounds. White spent a total of five days in the hospital as a result of the repairs.

The snowboard and skateboard veteran released a picture of the damage from his hospital bed not long after the procedure (bringing forward plastic surgery rumors).

Thankfully, Shaun White recovered from his injuries and competed in the Pyeongchang Olympics, which began next month. He won his third Olympic gold medal in the Men’s Halfpipe event on February 14, 2017, with a score of 97.75.

With back-to-back 1440s, Shaun White claimed the gold medal in spectacular fashion. His gold medal was also the 100th for the United States in the Winter Olympics.

Shaun did go through surgery but he never did any plastic surgery. After all, he’s a veteran athlete who is one of the most decorated athletes in the sport’s history.

Shaun White, the Legendary Snowboarder, Ends His Olympic Career With a Fourth-Place Finish in the Half-pipe

Shaun White (@shaunwhite) had previously stated that he would retire from competitive snowboarding following the 2022 Winter Olympics. The Flying Tomato has flown for the final time – at least at an Olympic Games.

Shaun White’s Olympic adventure and competitive career came to an end on Thursday night (Eastern), when he placed fourth in the men’s halfpipe category with a top score of 85.00. White’s greatest score came in his second run, and he was unable to beat it in his third and final try, falling.

Shaun White was noticeably moved after his third run, tears in his eyes as he looked to declare “that’s it” as the cameras rolled. Ayumu Hirano of Japan won gold, with Scotty James of Australia taking silver and Jan Scherrer of Switzerland taking third.

White, 35, had previously won three gold medals at the previous Winter Games, bringing his total to five. He’d already stated that he wouldn’t be returning in 2026 and then revealed last week that he was retiring from winter sports forever.

In an interview with reporters, White stated, “This has all had its amazing glow to every single decision and every single competition because I’ve decided this will be my last Olympics. I’ve given it my all. There have been some ups and downs on the way to get here, but through all that, I feel I’ve got stronger [and] gotten better.” Continuing, he said, “In my mind … I’ve decided this will be the last competition.”

Shaun White retires with three Olympic gold medals from five Olympics, as well as 13 additional X Games titles. He will be remembered as not just the greatest, but also the first in the sport.

He popularized half-pipe snowboarding, causing it to become not just an Olympic sport, but also one of the most popular of the Winter Games.

For the last 22 years, Shaun White has been paid to snowboard — or, to put it another way, push and twist and contort and flip and bend his body dozens of feet into the air. At the age of 19, he won gold in Torino in 2006.

Then, in 2010, at the peak of his career, another top-of-the-podium finish in the Vancouver Games. Four years later, he was devastated by his failure to medal in the Sochi Winter Olympics. And then there was the comeback to Pyeongchang in 2018 to win gold.

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