Shannon Twins’ Plastic Surgery: Botched History Revealed!


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Shannon Twins' Plastic Surgery: Botched History Revealed!

Shannon twins’ plastic surgery allegedly includes facelifts, Botox injections, cheek fillers, implants, and many more treatments. Kristina and Karissa Shannon discuss their dreadful plastic surgery journey on Botched.

Kristina Shannon and Karisa Shannon are well-known on the internet as Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends, and as a result, people began looking for information about The Shannon twins. One such query features Kristina and Karissa Shannon discussing their horrifying plastic surgery journey in the exclusive E! clip from Botched.

“We were constantly chastised for our noses and our little boobs,” the girls revealed in the video. The girls opted to have their noses and boobs done after all of the criticism.

Unfortunately, the girls had a bad experience at their plastic surgery facility, which they now refer to as the “clone machine”. During the surgery, the twins’ noses were “pumpkin-carved out”.

Kristina and Krissa Shannon were born in Michigan on Oct 2, 1989, and they are identical twins. The twins had minor appearances in Sofia Coppola’s film Somewhere, which won the Best Director at the 67th Venice International Film Festival in 2010, and they had featured in The Girls Next Door in 2009.

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Shannon Twins’ Plastic Surgery: Botched Cosmetic Enhancements Uncovered!

32 years old, Kristina and Krissa Shannon (@theshannontwins) otherwise known as The Shannon Twins are American p****graphic actresses, Playboy Playmates, and twin sisters. After a series of botched plastic surgery procedures, the Shannon twins were found to be no longer identical twins by their fans.

The Shannon twins were ridiculed for carving a pumpkin during their surgery. They had always been chastised for their nose, so they decided to have their ‘pinched’ nose reconstructed. They referred to the plastic surgery facility as a clone machine because they had a bad experience there.

They also claimed to have been thrust into the spotlight and judged only on the basis of their physical appearance, which they claimed was so strange to them at the time that they didn’t know how to deal with the circumstance.

Today, their nose is a little sharper and informed, but they don’t like it since they think it’s too thin and fake, and they regret it. Their nose ribs were, in fact, reconstructed.

Shannon also stated that they had five boob jobs done by the same doctor because they claimed to have the appearance of a flat-chested young teen boy before their surgery. Their five-time boobs job cost them a total of $80,000.

Everyone else in their position had something better to do, so they were sent to the clone machine to have their boobs done. Both twins have smaller implants and have had their areoles shrunk, while Karissa has also had her breasts lifted.

They also went through terrible pain as a result of surgery, and they had to use alcohol to relieve their suffering. Due to the agony, the twin sisters started taking alcohol at a higher rate, and their doctor, Dr. Dubrow warned them not to drink too much as it could lead to death.

Doctors had advised them to quit drinking because mixing alcohol and drugs can be dangerous, and they had seen that the twins’ nasal passages were dry. After seven years of having them in botched episodes, their surgery continues to favor them.

As it turns out, they had been going under the knife for a long time, and it was revealed that one of the twins, Karissa, didn’t have cartilage in her nose following her last procedure.

Now that we’re talking about it, the twins may have had a facelift because they have a perfectly sculpted and glam look. However, their facelift has never been discussed in public, leaving the audience perplexed as to whether it is due to their makeup, adequate exercise, or any type of plastic surgery.

The twins also appear to have had multiple botox injections, since their faces are perfectly filled. Their face is wrinkle-free, and they have sunken cheeks and high cheekbones. As a result, they may have had cheek fillers or implants, as well as buccal fat removed to slim down her face.

Not just plastic surgery is responsible for the twin’s youthful appearance, but their diet has also aided them in becoming celebrities. They also maintain a consistent weight and look fit for modeling.

Did Karissa Shannon Get Pregnant?

The Shannons moved into the Playboy Mansion as two of Hugh Hefner‘s three new girlfriends, and the Shannons began starring on the E! network reality television series The Girls Next Door as a result of their connection with Hefner.

Hefner had a live-in relationship with the twins’ sister when he was only 18 years old. He forced them into a th***some on their 19th birthday, and they were ‘disgusted’ as he forced their heads down to his groin.

They also alleged that they were coerced into it and that Hef had r*ped them. They were also under duress to sleep with him and were suffering from STDs.

When one of the twins, Karrisa, became pregnant, she didn’t want Hefner to know, so they devised a complex scheme to procure her an abortion in secret.

Hefner’s intercourse with Karissa was described as “like having s*x with your grandpa” and “assault” because he “used control mechanisms”.

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