‘TWICE’ Sana’s Weight Loss Journey – Complete Breakdown of Diet Plan & Fitness Routine!


'TWICE' Sana's Weight Loss Journey - Complete Breakdown of Diet Plan & Fitness Routine!

Grab all the details of TWICE singer Sana’s weight loss journey. Learn the entire diet plan and fitness routine of this well-recognized member of the popular K-pop girl group.

TWICE‘s Sana has always been stunning, with her long lustrous hair and cute “aegyo” to match! When she made her debut back in 2015, she boasted lovely cheeks and the puppy’s eyed adorableness.

Indisputably, TWICE fans loved her the way she was. And who would fault them for that? She was amazing! But lately, netizens started to comment on Sana’s latest weight loss.

Fans and social media users were mostly centered on how she lost weight around her cheeks. They also said it was as if she had hit a pinnacle of her attractiveness after she had lost weight. They also said it was a sexier and more edgy version of Sana.

And it looks like she’s just embraced this new image of herself because she’s completely rocking the look!

True fans note that it’s not because she’s lost or added weight that makes her gorgeous. Genuine supporters will always love her for her genuine attitude.

‘TWICE’ Sana’s Weight Loss Journey – What’s Her Diet Plan?

TWICE star Sana before and after weight loss.

TWICE star Sana before and after weight loss.
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Sana is a Japanese singer well-recognized as a part of the famous K-pop girl group called TWICE, arguably the most popular group of girls in the Korean pop music genre.

While some people claim Blackpink is the best group in the whole of Korea, it’s worth mentioning that TWICE gets much higher recognition.

Sana is also known for her evident weight loss. She’s pretty fit and super slim right now and looks incredibly gorgeous.

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It’s no secret Sana’s been gradually shedding pounds throughout her career, and the biggest reason for this is undoubtedly dieting. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any precise information about her diet.

But it’s easy to assume she must have consumed low calories every day. That’s what most K-pop stars do because they’ve got to lose weight to carry the ideal physique that they desire. So, we’re here to offer you a brief balanced diet that you can incorporate to get a physique like Sana.

For breakfast, preferably eat two eggs, one slice of wholegrain toast, and juice. For lunch, you can pick chicken breast or salmon, and veggies. Likewise, salad for a snack, and chicken or turkey and veggies for dinner.

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This diet is ideal to lose weight, helping you gain an attractive body similar to the TWICE star Sana.

TWICE Member Sana’s Fitness Routine & Workouts

Without a doubt, Sana can be considered a true idol; she boasts all the physical attributes that any model ought to have. Sana has the height aspect in her favor, her body is slim, and she carries all the features that could mesmerize any person.

This arises one specific question – how is Sana managing to remain in shape and undergo weight loss whenever required? First thing’s first. She loves working out.

The key exercise that Sana loves to do is identical to every other K-pop idol who is a world-renowned performer. We all know how important dance rehearsal is in the K-pop world; this is precisely the reason Sana and the other TWICE members often do a lot of dancing.

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The overall length of their dance session lasts between two and three hours a day. They’ve got a choreographer who works with every participant.

Moreover, we learned Sana loves going to the gym and doing weight lifting and various other exercises, notably the leg press. Her overall routine includes a combination of cardio and weight lifting for five days a week.

To get a body like hers, you’ll need to start your morning with a stretch for 10 to 20 minutes. You may seek a full-body stretch exercise that you can easily follow.

Now it’s time for cardio and you need to choose between whether you want to take a dance class or do a cardio workout. Both of these routines will help you shed weight and get a well-toned body.

Having said this, dance is an art and it is definitely a bonus. If you like to do a cardio exercise, you should do 30 minutes of jogging, cycling, elliptical cross trainer, and 10 minutes of hydraulics. Every one of these exercises will help you undergo weight loss and shed a lot of calories.

Moving on to the evening routine, you need to perform workouts that include scaling back your center, upper, and lower body. These can include crunches, hanging leg raise, plank hold, plank twister, squats, leg extension, bench press, push-ups, and so on.

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As you focus on all these aspects of your body on a daily basis, keep in mind you must not do a lot of hard workouts. Perform exercises that will be light on the body and make it easy to consistently perform every day. Also, before you begin, make absolutely sure you warm up by walking for 10 minutes.

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