Rumer Willis’ Plastic Surgery is Making Rounds on the Internet


Rumer Willis' Plastic Surgery is Making Rounds on the Internet

Everything you need to know about Rumer Willis’ plastic surgery speculations, notably lip fillers, chin surgery, and boob job, through the inspection of before and after pictures.

Born on 16th August 1988, Rumer Willis, the oldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, is a well-renowned American actress and singer. Impressively, she won season 20 of ABC’s reality competition Dancing with the Stars in 2015.

Recently, however, Rumer Willis is at the forefront of plastic surgery speculations. Is there any truth to these claims? Let’s find out.

Rumer Willis’ Plastic Surgery – Did She Go Under the Knife?

Rumer Willis before and after plastic surgery.

Rumer Willis before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: Pinterest

Rumer Willis, the well-renowned actress & singer who came out victorious on Dancing with the Stars season 20, is rumored to have undergone a few plastic surgery procedures.

Willis, however, dismissed all the claims that she’s gone under the knife but admitted she intends to do so in the future.

We’re quite familiar with Rumer since she began acting as a young girl. The actress has experienced a lot of change in her appearance and physique. Some fans claim she performed chin surgery and lip fillers to enhance her looks.

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It is quite clear there have been minor visible improvements in Willis’s body. Her chin and lips look quite different after comparing her before and after pictures, which may well be the product of the supposed cosmetic surgery that she may have performed.

The What Lies Ahead star’s look has changed a lot over the course of her career, notably her jawline has completely shifted. Whether there’s a natural explanation or the alleged plastic surgery involved is another question.

As we can clearly see, Willis’ face used to have a large line that caused it to look much more distinct previously. But right now, her face seems modified and squeezed. Perhaps this may be the result of the brilliant work performed by a chin surgeon.

Additionally, Willis is believed to have used lip fillers to make her lips bigger and more enticing.

Rumer’s lip work speculation is likely true because her lips didn’t use to be the way they’re at the moment. Her lips have shifted greatly, and we can definitely see that the shape of her lips varies quite a lot.

The actress’ lips have grown wider and more desirable than in the past. Although she denied the lip filler accusations, her photographs convey a rather different story.

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The actress previously expressed some interest in getting a boob job. When asked about her cosmetic surgery, she said if she decides to get breast implants or any adjustments for herself, she won’t hide it.

Rumer Willis before and after breast implants plastic surgery.

Rumer Willis before and after alleged breast implants.
Image Source: Pinterest

Willis added that if she decides to undergo the procedure, it’s because she’s been dreaming about doing that and won’t be afraid of her decisions if it helps her feel and look better.

And since her breasts have grown substantially larger than before, she’s managed to ignite rumors of going under the knife to enhance her bust.

Rumer Willis Admitted She Sought Plastic Surgery as a Teenager

Actress Rumer Willis revealed she decided to undergo plastic surgery as a teen because she received several hateful remarks about her looks.

The 32-year-old star, who is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, disclosed she finds it “tough” having been raised in the spotlight.

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On Dancing with the Stars, Rumer said:

When you grow up with parents that are known worldwide and having so much attention from media and all of the tabloid magazines, it’s really tough.

When I was a teenager I was super awkward, I don’t think I really felt comfortable in my body or with how I looked and people were nasty.

She added,

My mom, who is one of the most stunning women I’ve ever met and who everyone was comparing me to, saying that you look more like your very masculine father than your beautiful mom.

For years I thought, ‘Maybe I can get plastic surgery. If I change my face or get really skinny, that will be it, that will be the answer’ and it’s not.

Rumer grew to appreciate herself after seeing how her sister Tallulah had been struggling with rehab over a variety of concerns, including the eating disorder back in 2014.

Rumer Willis Opened Up About Getting Plastic Surgery Whenever She Desires

Rumer Willis oozes self-confidence is an understatement. The 32-year-old star held a fashion event in 2014 for the plus-size apparel brand Torrid in Los Angeles, where she opened up about the perception of cosmetic surgery in Hollywood.

Speaking bluntly, she said:

In Hollywood, I feel like there’s a big stigma about hiding things — but people aren’t stupid.

If all of a sudden you jump from being an A cup to like double D’s, people know. I just think you have to be who you are and own it, and not be ashamed and feel like you have to apologize.

However, she was swift to clear up any speculation about any work she’s reported to have performed.

I know there’s something that came up recently about me getting plastic surgery and it’s not true.

Although she made it apparent that if she wished to go down that lane, she wouldn’t be shy of it.

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She stressed,

If I do want to do that — If I want to get a boob job or change things about myself — I’m not going to lie about myself.

And if I choose to do something to myself, it’s because I’ve thought about it. And if it’s going to make me feel better, I won’t be ashamed of the choices that I make.

Speaking of being clear and accountable, there’s one thing Rumer was absolutely furious about—a photoshoot for Franziska Fox’s Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook that caused a lot of headlines for what seems to be her stunningly slim body.

She said,

They took away the muscles from my arms and from my stomach, and you know, I’m really happy with my face and my body.

And I’ve worked really hard to get these muscles and it didn’t even look like me.

But Rumer Willis claimed she had learned her lesson.

She explained,

I now know upfront that if a brand wants to work with me, then I have to be really clear that these are the acceptable rules and boundaries, and if you don’t like that, then we can’t work together.

Well, when they start Photoshopping your body and your face … they like, completely changed how I look, so I’m like, ‘What? This doesn’t make sense to me.’

But a now smarter Willis said her own view of herself is all that counts.

At a certain point in my life, I just realized that I could either choose to allow other’s people’s idea of me to change my perspective of myself, or I could create my own perception of myself and have that be the only thing that matters.

Not everyone’s going to like you all the time. As long as I stay true to what I believe in, and the kind of morals and values that I want to put out in the world in the way that I want to represent myself, then it’s all good.

The Hostage star stated it was Torrid’s all-inclusive ideology that prompted her to affiliate with the label.

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She said,

I think no matter what size, shape you are, you know, gender, color … you should have an equal opportunity and not be limited by your fashion choices in the way that you want to represent yourself.

Some women feel sexiest in sweatpants, some feel amazing in a ballgown. You should be doing whatever makes you happy.

Needless to say, Rumer Willis is a pretty vocal woman and never hesitates to speak her mind.

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