Rollie Pollie’s BBL: The Results and the Reply to the Haters

Chloe Sanchez

Rollie Pollie’s BBL: The Results and the Reply to the Haters.

People are curious to know about Rollie Pollie’s BBL result, and as she has never disappointed her fans and keeps them updated, she posted about the successful result of the procedure. Although she faces many criticisms for having surgeries, she seems to be a fearless and carefree person who responds to them with a sarcastic message.

Gia Mayham, aka Rollie Pollie Snack Meal, was one of the nine successful Baddies who appeared on Zeus Network’s original series Baddies South. She started her career by appearing on One Mo Chance seasons 1 and 2. Today, she has become a known face in the music industry with her hit songs.

Recently, she has been in the news after she posted a picture on her Instagram where she is wearing shorts with a blue printed t-shirt. She captioned the picture as Watch me get em in a frenzy, and the picture has more than 131k likes, with many people asking about her BBL. In the picture, it looks like her surgery is successful, and people seem to love her confidence.

After the picture went viral on the internet, people are asking more about her plastic surgery. Some are questioning the experience she faced during BBL, while others want to know the result. In this article, we will be talking about the plastic surgeries she has undergone. To know more, read this article.

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Rollie Pollie Has Had a Successful BBL Surgery!

Rollie Pollie has replied to all the haters who commented negatively on her BBL documentary. For those who want to know the experience and result of her BBl, it’s all uploaded to her Instagram. Some people are wondering if she is going to have back liposuction, a breast reduction, or a tummy tuck, but she has yet to reveal her next step.

Fans were shocked and inspired by the confidence and fearless attitude of Gia Mayham after she posted the documentation of having BBL. She has done BBl twice, and it looks like she is successful in getting the result she was expecting. According to an online report, doctors at goals plastic surgery were able to remove 11 pounds from her tummy to help her attain the pear-shaped BBW look she was going for.

Rollie Pollie filmed having BBL. weightandskin.comRollie Pollie filmed having BBL
Image Source: Linktree

The fat from Rollie’s belly was used to enhance her hips and prop up her bodacious backside. She has a double surgery for which she took a two-week break in between and has to lose weight after and before surgery. After a two-week operation, she posted about her situation and reassured her fans about her condition. She captioned the post as;

This is a quick two week’s update. The swelling has gone down a lot, and I have so much energy, more than I had before. I’ve lost more weight after the surgery, still losing weight before my next surgeries, SO YES, I’M ON A DIET

Why Did Rollie Pollie Face Criticism? What Was the Message She Sends to Her Accuser?

After posting the documentary video, Rollie Pollie faced many accusations and backlash, which led her to delete some of the posts on her Instagram. Some of them criticized her and told her to go to the gym without being lazy, while others commented about how she should stop wasting too much money. However, she later replied to them and asked them to mind their business while they got their degrees. She stated:

If yall slow a***s been following my jounery you would know I’m getting all od that done it’s a provess! my back will be done in 2 months my tummy tuck as in 6 months and my arms are at the same time along with my breast are at the same time along with my breast reduction just fu****g watch

Did Rollie Pollie Have Liposuction?

Rollie Pollie has been an open book about her weight and the procedures she has undergone. Besides BBL, she also had liposuction done to her chin during her visit. After the success of Liposuction on the chin, she also admitted to doing back liposuction, a breast reduction, and a tummy tuck, but there is no record if she is planning one or has already done one. She even joked and said, God, don’t let me get pregnant.

Rollie Pollie replied to her negative comment. weightandskin.comRollie Pollie replied to her negative comment
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People also claimed that Rollie has also had many surgeries on her face, like face lifts, neck lifts, and Botox, but she has not admitted to the rumor. However, if she is ever confident of doing one, it won’t affect people, and we will respect her choice. If she has done one, we might say that it has perfectly suited her.