Richard Wilkins’ Plastic Surgery: The 68-Year-Old TV Presenter Does Not Look Natural at All!


Richard Wilkins’ Plastic Surgery: The 68-Year-Old TV Presenter Does Not Look Natural at All!

Richard Wilkins has been suspected of undergoing plastic surgery as many people believe he does not look natural at all. Well, the 68-year-old TV personality previously admitted to receiving Botox and blepharoplasty. 

Richard Wilkins is an Australian television personality who was born in 1954 in New Zealand and earned a degree in music and English from the teacher’s college there.

He traveled to Australia with his band Wilde And Reckless in 1980. He went on tour with Grace Jones and put out a few singles and a six-track European Parliament. He quit the music industry – and his eyepatch – to work as Promotions and Marketing Manager for Sydney radio stations 2Day FM and 2UW (now known as KIIS 1065).

He later moved to television. In 1992, Wilkins presented a game program called Keynotes. He was the original host of the Australian season of Music Television when it aired on Nine. In addition to hosting the Sydney New Year’s Eve show for nearly 10 years straight (apart from the 1999–2000 event), he hosted the Australian edition of Entertainment Tonight in 1999.

Richard Wilkins has recently been in the spotlight as he is ready to get married for the 4th time. Similarly, many people have also accused him of undergoing plastic surgery because of his unnatural appearance. Well, let’s find out what the truth is.

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Richard Wilkins’ Plastic Surgery: The 68-Year-Old TV Presenter Previously Admitted to Receiving Botox and Blepharoplasty!

Many people have accused Richard Wilkins of undergoing plastic surgery to prevent aging. The 68-year-old TV presenter is all set to get married for the fourth time and people can’t gossip enough about his unnatural appearance.

Richard, on the other hand, previously admitted to receiving Botox and blepharoplasty. In an interview with KIIS 1065 FM, Kyle & Jackie O asked a series of difficult questions as well as if he has had plastic surgery. He revealed,

Yes I have. Yes I have had plastic surgery. I’ve had Botox and when I was in my 20s I had a nose job. I was dating a plastic surgeon at the time and he gave it to me for free, ok, ok!……A few years ago I had the fat underneath my eyes sucked out – because I was doing mornings for 20 years before the Today show and I was tired of looking tired.

However, we have to note that this statement was from his interview 8 years ago. There’s a high chance Richard Wilkins might have added a few treatments to the list of every plastic surgery he has undergone. As of 2023, he definitely looks very unnatural and his face indicates that he might have received more than Botox and blepharoplasty.

On the other hand, we have to note that none of us has the right to criticize anybody else’s appearance as long as they are happy with how they look. We’ll surely get back to you again if we get further information about his possible cosmetic treatments.

Richard Wilkins Is All Set to Get Married for the Fourth Time!

Richard Wilkins, a veteran of Channel Nine, has already been married three times, and he is reportedly getting set to marry a fourth time. According to sources close to the Weekend Today host, 68, he has been dating Nicola Dale, a former flight attendant, since 2020 and wants to commit to her. A source told,

Dickie may be 68, but he’s got a lot of life left in him. He’s now more than ready to finally settle down…They just have this lovely ease about them. As a couple, they give each other space, but seem to really love being together….He also sees his good mate Karl Stefanovic so happy and settled with Jasmine and his new family, and Dickie wants what Karl has.

Richard, who just attended his son Nick‘s, 37, and daughter-in-law Bree‘s wedding, uploaded a romantic Instagram photo of the couple kissing at the altar. Richard has five children from four different moms and has been married three times.

After his 16-year-old girlfriend Lynette became pregnant, Richard Wilkins got married for the first time at age 18. The young couple later gave birth to a son named Adam. Richard remarried and had two additional kids, Rebecca and Nicholas, after relocating to Australia to further his pop career.

As their marriage fell apart, Richard dated a number of famous women, including Rebecca Gibney in 1989. Richard supposedly broke up with the actress to marry Michelle Burke, his third wife. Christian, a model & actor, was the couple’s son. Richard had a fifth kid with fashion designer Collette Dinnigan after they divorced. As she was still carrying their daughter Estella, they split up in 2004.

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