Rebecca Ferguson’s Weight Gain: The Actress Isn’t Pregnant


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Rebecca Ferguson’s Weight Gain: The Actress Isn’t Pregnant

Recently, reports and speculations have circulated suggesting that Rebecca Ferguson has experienced weight gain. Some fans wonder if she is pregnant but her recent appearance on Instagram reveals that she has not gained much weight and has maintained her physique even after taking on various roles.

Rebecca Ferguson, a Swedish actress, rose to prominence after playing Jenny Lind in The Greatest Showman and Ilsa Faust in the Mission Impossible franchise. She has also worked as a model for a number of companies and brands. She is a complete family woman who is completely devoted to her two young children, in addition to being active in the entertainment industry.

The talented and celebrated actress captivated audiences with her talent, grace, and stunning looks. However, being in the spotlight she has recently found herself at the center of a weight gain controversy. Her fans are buzzing with discussions about her changing physique, sparking debates and rumors. In this article, we will delve into Rebecca Ferguson’s weight gain rumors.

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Rebecca Ferguson’s Weight Gain Rumor Is Not True! She Hasn’t Added Any Pounds

Recently, reports and speculations have circulated suggesting that Rebecca Ferguson (@officialrebeccaferguson) has experienced weight gain. Her weight gain in recent times has made fans wonder if she is pregnant. However, her recent appearance on Instagram reveals that she has not gained much weight. She seems to have maintained her physique even after taking on various roles.

Rebecca Ferguson's latest appearance.Rebecca Ferguson’s latest appearance.
Source: Instagram

The Silo star is not pregnant. There has been no official report or statement regarding the actress’ pregnancy. Furthermore, the 39-year-old hasn’t said anything about the situation. As a result, the Ferguson pregnancy news appears to be a mere rumor or speculation. Meanwhile, she is a mother of two young children.

When the Greatest Showman star started starring in the Mission Impossible movies her career took a turn for the better and made her globally known. She got the perfect body after playing the lead in the spy action horror film.
Ferguson started getting ready for the action movie as soon as she got off the plane.

According to Elle, she worked out for six hours a day, six days a week after getting the part. She did pilates to ready. Because there was a lot of sprinting, daily training, and choreography workshops for the special parts, the workouts on set were much more difficult for her. The only thing that helped her get in shape wasn’t working out. Before, the show, she ate a lot of chocolate and tried to drink some water every now and then.

Even before she was cast in the show, the stunning Swedish actress was in high demand. She walked, went swimming, and was busy. She stated that the movie was the first time she heard about gyms. Since then Rebecca has taken care of her body by eating right and working out. As a result, she’s still in the best shape of her life.

Rebecca Ferguson has not addressed the weight gain controversy directly. Her weight gain rumors should be used to promote body positivity and to question society’s narrow beauty standards. It is critical to respect her privacy and give her the freedom to choose which aspects of her life to share publicly. We should prioritize celebrating talent and achievements over scrutinizing physical appearances as fans and media.

Rebecca Ferguson Has Been Married to Her Husband Rory Since 2016

Rebecca Ferguson is married to a man named Rory. She referred to Rory as her husband in an exclusive interview with Extra which confirmed their marriage. They tied their knot in a secret ceremony in 2018 & only a few guests were in attendance. Her son, Isaac, was the ring bearer, and her daughter slept through the ceremony. Unfortunately, not much is known about her husband. His last name is still under wraps. But one we know about Rory is that he is a businessman who can work from anywhere.

Rebecca Ferguson with her husband Rory.Rebecca Ferguson with her husband Rory.
Source: Popsugar

Moreover, the couple appears very happy together and so in love. Rebecca is a mother of two. She has a son from her previous relationship with Ludwig Hallberg. The two were together for about 10 years and they slit in 2015. Rebecca had another baby named Saga with Rory in the summer of 2018. The Mission Impossible star’s kids rarely make an appearance on her social media profiles. She prefers to keep her kids out of the spotlight like most of the celebrities.