Raven Symone’s Weight Loss in 2022: Everything You Need to Know!


Raven Symone's Weight Loss in 2022: Everything You Need to Know!

Raven Symone underwent 40 pounds of weight loss and she gives all the credit to her wife, Miranda Maday. Also, fans are curious to know more about her diet plan and fitness routine for the weight loss journey. Take a look at Raven-Symoné before and after weight loss transformation.

Raven-Symoné (born on December 10, 1985) mostly known as Raven is an American actress, singer, songwriter, producer, director, and talk show host. She is famous for being ranked #9 on VH1’s “100 Greatest Kid Stars of All Time” list in 2012.

Raven is mostly known for her role as Raven Baxter on That’s So Raven (2003-2007), a supernatural adolescent sitcom on Disney Channel.

In March 2022, the former co-host of The View returned to the daytime talk show to announce that she had undergone a weight loss of 40 pounds without doing exercise.

Raven Symone said she was able to eliminate sugar from her diet and lose weight thanks to her wife Miranda Maday‘s culinary talents. Keep reading this article to find out more about Raven Symone’s weight loss journey.

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Raven Symone’s Weight Loss Journey: How Did Raven Go From 210 Pounds To 170 Pounds?

The thing about weight is, it’s changeable. It’s unrealistic to expect someone to maintain the same/similar weight throughout their lives. Raven Symone, conscious of her physique, began a weight-loss routine as she grew larger and her weight gain caused her problems in daily life.

The rumors of Raven Symone getting overweight have become a hot topic all over social media. The rumors garnered attention because she has been sick as a result of her obesity. These speculations turned out to be true, and she even admitted to suffering from diseases that led her to lose weight.

Raven Symone (@ravensymone) started losing weight in 2011 but then gained it back, making her weight gain an unwelcome topic. She was unbothered until 2021 when she realized her weight gain was causing her a lot of problems.

When she realized that her weight gain was inviting health issues, she stated that she wanted to remain as close to her partner as possible and agreed to maintain her weight while losing some.

Raven was able to undergo 30 pounds of weight loss in 2019 and she started to get attention from her fans. She has been losing weight and taking her weight loss journey seriously since then.

Raven Symone also states she goes to the gym twice a week, while she is reducing the number of heavy brunches and meals she used to eat. She also admits to changing her diet and enjoying her lower-calorie meals.

According to her most recent updates, the actress stated that she was successful in losing weight, claiming that she went from 210 pounds to 170 pounds and that she owes it all to her lady love Miranda Maday (@mirandamaday), who she met on the latest episode of The View.

As she also stated, her wife prepared delicious low-carb meals for her, which have aided her greatly since the beginning of her journey. However, we can see how much Raven likes her wife’s homemade cuisine from her social media posts.

Raven Symone also admits to not eating sugar because sugar is an addictive substance, and she was obsessed with it in both wheat and normal form, which she eliminated from her diet.

Raven also practices intermittent fasting, in which she skips breakfast and eats her daily meals at intervals of time, and she engages in less or no workout activities for weeks at a time. She also mentioned eating keto-friendly foods and practicing the keto diet on occasion.

According to her audience’s perceptions, she has been trolled and has received some positive feedback throughout her weight gain journey, yet comments on her wife’s cooking posts on Instagram have been deleted due to criticism of Raven Symone’s body and heavy meals.

The person who had previously taunted her for her body size had also made a nasty comment about her weight loss, so we know some people always see the empty side of other people.

For the time being, she states that she is not done and that she will continue to try to get more exercise day by day. As for her audience, some of them continue to criticize and troll her, but many others respond positively and support Raven, and we all hope she remains as healthy and happy as she is now.

Raven-Symoné on YouTube Show With Her Wife, LGBTQ+ Activism

Until now, Raven Symone has been keeping her private life fairly private but now she decided it would be a good time to appear on the Today show because now she found her life partner, Miranda Maday, who also brought it to her attention that there are not many people in the industry who are in her age bracket.

In Florida, governor Desantis (@flgovrondesantis) signed the Don’t Say Gay Law, and Raven Symone and her fellow castmates decided to walk out there, as she is a part of the LGBTQ plus community and they have a lot of diversity on their set as well. She also stated,

If there’s a don’t say gay bill, there should be a don’t say straight bill because it’s not fair and there are multiple kinds of humans in this world and you are ruining the psyche the confidence of so many young children because you are discrediting their parents, the people they love, the people that teach them manners when they walk into that school so if you’re not gonna honor their family your family shouldn’t be honored either so let’s just make it even slash equal.

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