All the facts behind Post Malone’s heavily speculated weight loss journey. What’s his diet plan & fitness routine? Check out his before and after changes.

Post Malone, noted for his distinct rapping style, has emerged as one of the music industry’s most prominent musicians in the last five years.

He quickly rose to prominence due to his ability to offer something original and unforgettable to the table with his voice and lyrical skills.

The singer has dominated the charts on numerous occasions, and the casual person who merely appreciates his music may be unaware of how unique this young singer truly is.

Amid several interesting facts about this remarkable musician, many fans are curious to learn about his physical transformation. Did Post Malone undergo weight loss lately? Let’s find out.

Post Malone’s Weight Loss – How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

Post Malone before and after weight loss.

Post Malone before and after weight loss.
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Post Malone‘s popularity as a musician has skyrocketed, thanks to smashing singles such as Rockstar (2018), Psycho (2018), and Congratulations (2016).

In fact, his albums have dominated the Billboard 200 list in recent years, with Hollywood’s Bleeding (2019) and Beerbongs & Bentleys (2018) debuting at #1.

Post Malone’s music, which he characterizes as “genre-less,” attracts a diverse audience and has been critical to his popularity. He combines many genres to create a distinct sound, which has enabled his songs to reach the top of the charts.

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This attitude to songwriting has resulted in him selling over 65 million records in the United States alone.

Post Malone has won a number of honors. Three American Music Awards, a Billboard Music Award, and an MTV Video Music Award are among his accomplishments.

During his professional career, he has received six Grammy Award nods and a Diamond certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for Congratulations.

In the meantime, people do not appear to be interested solely in the 26-year-old singer’s accomplishments throughout the years. Fans of the artist are inevitably as interested in learning about his personal life.

Since his meteoric ascension to stardom in 2015 with the launch of his debut single White Iverson, fans have seen a huge transition in the singer, not just in his profession but also in his physical appearance.

Post Malone has been at the forefront of numerous Reddit conversations due to speculations that he has undergone weight loss. However, there is no substantial evidence to support this claim. It could simply be how he wears, or it could be people’s impressions of him.

Posty may have become more self-conscious about his image after becoming famous, but there appears to be no noticeable change in his body type. The musician has a well-built figure and does not require excessive workouts to stay in shape.

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On the flip side, Malone must be doing some form of body care, albeit not a significant alteration. Light movements and dietary restrictions may be part of the singer’s schedule at times. That should be enough to prevent your body from becoming obese.

After all, with all of the money he’s made from his fame, he can employ reputable nutritionists and visit a well-equipped gym with expert fitness trainers to help him obtain a healthy and fit body.

Fans Often Speculate Post Malone’s Weight Loss on Reddit

It’s not unusual to see fans speculating the physical appearance of their favorite celebrities. Post Malone is no different in this regard. And as you’d expect, Reddit is the go-to platform to discuss such topics.

Even fans got confused a while back when Post Malone appeared looking rather slim. However, the other pictures simultaneously seemed to suggest he’s still the same.

One user wrote,

Is it just me or this Posty lose weight? Some pictures make it seem like he did, but some say otherwise.

One responded,

He looked more chubby to me in the Goodbyes video, at least in the face.

Meanwhile, some fans were proud of the singer’s transformation. Another user posted,

Postys weight loss is seriously so inspiring and encouraging!

The comment section was filled with fans who agreed to those sentiments. A witty comment claimed,

With how hard he goes when he’s on tour I’m sure he’s burning calories like crazy each show.

Another speculated,

If he hits the gym or starts lifting weights 3 times a week he will be looking like a complete new person.

Meanwhile, one fan was pretty thorough as he/she suggested if you were familiar with him, you’d know he gave up substances a long time ago.

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Posty is reluctant to even smoke pot because he previously consumed a laced joint. His entire team has attested that he does not use drugs, and they have all been with him since the beginning.

It’s fair to say fans are proud of Post Malone, whatever physique he prefers to showcase.

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