Philip DeFranco’s Weight Loss: Reddit Users Wonder How the Youtuber Looks Much Leaner!


Philip Defranco’s Weight Loss: Reddit Users Wonder How the Youtuber Looks Much Leaner!

Philip DeFranco recently updated his fans about his weight loss journey that he has lost over 60 pounds and weighs 200 pounds now. The 36-year-old YouTuber published an open statement about how he was feeling, indicating that he needed to take a sabbatical from his YouTube channel. He is constantly updating his fans and followers on Instagram and Twitter on his progress both mentally and physically. Similarly, his transformation is trending among Reddit users. 

Philip DeFranco is a renowned American YouTuber who rose to stardom with his YouTube channel sxephil (stylized as sXePhil), which has millions of subscribers. He runs several channels on the video-sharing platform in addition to his main one, where he makes amusing and satirical comments about news and pop culture.

DeFranco started YouTube in 2006, and his ascent to fame has been gradual. He is the host of the enormously famous The Philip DeFranco Show, which airs four days a week and features snarky commentary from him on topics like politics, pop culture, current events, and celebrity rumors.

Because of how well-liked it is, companies including Netflix, Ting, and State Farm have sponsored the program. DeFranco’s family channel, which features his wife and son, as well as his personal vlog channel, are both hugely popular. Numerous honors and awards have also been bestowed upon the well-known social media figure.

Following Philip DeFranco’s admission that he suffered from severe depression, the biggest YouTubers are expressing their support. The news of his depression brought him into the spotlight and fans online have also claimed that he has lost weight recently. Read this article to know all about Philip Defranco’s weight loss journey.

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Philip DeFranco’s Weight Loss: The YouTuber Is Constantly Updating His Fans and Followings About His Mental and Physical Transformation; Reddit Users Wish Him the Best for His Journey!

Philip DeFranco (@phillydefranco) issued an open statement about how he was feeling, stating that he needed to take a temporary break from his YouTube channel. DeFranco, who has 6.4 million followers on Twitter, issued a statement concerning his mental health. He also claimed that has undergone significant weight loss. He lost over 60 pounds and now weighs 200 pounds, he also stated that he is feeling much better both mentally and physically.

He updated his fans and followers on his advancement by posting a comparative video on his Instagram page. In the video, he appears to be leaner and more muscular than in previous videos. Additionally, his following and supporters gave him a lot of encouragement as he lost weight. He claimed, though, that he isn’t happy with the way he looks and is attempting to drop more weight. He wrote in the post:

Such a relief to finally post this comparison/progress video. When I took that before video it just hung over me for a few weeks. It felt like a documentation of my failure, then after months I forgot about it, but then getting to use it as the before photo in my show yesterday felt so good. I’m in a comfortable place now, about 2/3rds of where I want to be but excited to reach my full health goals and then maintain that.

He said on Instagram that he hasn’t lost a lot of weight over time because his diet has been on and off, but he has kept up with his workouts because it feels good to get stronger. He added that when he first began back up, he could hardly perform 10 push-ups or hang from a bar for two seconds. He claims that he can now perform 100 pushups and hang for the entire set of hanging crunches and leg raises. With every day, he feels more and more like his former self.

He publicly apologized to his fans and followers for his disappearance on YouTube. Even in his worst moments, he cared about his fans and followers, so he composed the statement below to address the issue:

I am genuinely sorry because I feel like I’m letting you down but I also know myself well enough to know that if I continue to force it I will just implode soon, so this is the better option for the long term.

One of YouTube’s founding members, Phil joined the platform back in 2006. More than six million people follow him on YouTube, where he posts about topics like pop culture, news, and most recently, the coronavirus outbreak.

Fans and other YouTubers have shown their support for Phil, while Shane Dawson has only added a heart emoji to his comments. Many encouraging and motivating comments can be found on the posts where he updates his mental and physical condition. Fans and Reddit users wish him well in the future and hope to see him in better mental and physical condition.

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