Phil Mickelson’s Weight Loss Program – What’s His Special Coffee & Diet?


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Phil Mickelson's Weight Loss Program - What's His Special Coffee & Diet

Almost every sport needs a certain degree of training that places athletes ahead of the average human being and demonstrates their skillset. Golfers, though, can achieve expertise without the same degree of fitness. But as Phil Mickelson discovered as he grew older, they would ultimately crave a healthy diet and workout routine.

Phil Mickelson’s weight loss story and fitness journey might come as a surprise to many. So, let’s find out how he managed to pull it off.

Phil Mickelson’s Weight Loss Program – What’s His Special Blend of Coffee?

Phil Mickelson fell shy of making it to the golf course for the 2019 Tour Championship. There’s no doubt that it’s a letdown for the ever-competitive Tour veteran. Luckily for him, a day at the beach with his family was a welcome reward. But it’s his brand new physique that’s turning people’s heads.

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Mickelson, who has long endured comments regarding his appearance, achieved a dramatic weight loss last summer in an effort to keep his game in order. The “hard reset,” as Mickelson described it, included a “six-day fast with water and a special blend of coffee for wellness” and a break. The consequence of that? A shocking 15 pounds lost 10 days before the Open Championship.

Fifteen pounds is a lot of weight to shed, but Phil’s picture shows that he’s continued to push himself since the initial fasting prior to the Open. It’s tough to tell from a single picture, and we don’t get to see the shirtless Mickelson often, but it seems at least Phil couldn’t be in better shape in his life at the age of 49.

Given a difficult Tour season that saw him score just two top-10 finishes, it’s obvious that Mickelson is always eager to do whatever it takes to strengthen his performance and continue to perform at the highest level.

Phil Mickelson’s Fitness Journey

Mickelson was never recognized for his physicality or fitness as he built a reputation for himself in any golf game. As he grew older, he came to understand the toll that his style of living was taking on him.

“I wasn’t playing well and I wasn’t feeling good about myself,” Mickelson told South China Morning Post. “I wasn’t recovering as fast as I wanted to after the rounds and I was feeling tired and not focused towards the end of the round. I felt that the first step in getting that back was getting in better shape — getting lighter, and what I’ve noticed is that I’ve recovered faster.”

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Mickelson’s weight, however, was not the only challenge he’d experienced. In 2010, the doctors diagnosed him with psoriatic arthritis, which became so distressing that he had difficulty moving for a few days.

Keeping his health in mind, Mickelson wanted to take matters into his own hands and tried to achieve weight loss. This may not improve his career, obviously, but it was going to benefit his body.

What is Phil Mickelson’s Diet?

Mickelson pursued a number of diets over the years. In 2010, he tinkered with vegetarian diets but quickly became involved in the Paleo diet, which focuses on lean meats and nutritious items while nixing as much packaged food and sugar as feasible. This lasted for a while, but Phil still failed to gain the desired physique.

Mickelson also tried his hand on a more strict diet. This one wasn’t a long-term diet intended to clean out his body, improve his appetite, and eventually promote weight loss. Instead, the golfer had been fasting for six days, surviving only on water and coffee. As a consequence, he said he’d lost 15 pounds.

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A lifestyle like this isn’t for everyone, but it’s known to have a number of advantages. Mickelson seemed to be using the fast to strive towards something special. In August 2019, his spouse posted an image of a shirtless Mickelson on the seaside looking slender, with muscles on his once-doughy stomach.

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