Penn Badgley’s Weight Loss Speculations – The Real Truth


Penn Badgley's Weight Loss Speculations - The Real Truth

Penn Badgley was pretty vocal regarding his disdain towards his character in Netflix’s You. But while there are still several lovers of the show who are fond of Penn’s Joe Goldberg, or at least his portrayal of the character, some are also pretty concerned about what he had to do to play the killer stalker.

It’s easy to see that Penn looks a little thinner in Joe’s part than he did with Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl. But if we want him to learn about his weight loss, we would still be waiting for a really long time.

Why Doesn’t Penn Badgley Talk About His Noticeable Weight Loss for Netflix’s You?

Although Season 2 of You released on Netflix back in December 2019, Penn’s thinner frame was apparent back in Season 1 as well. And the actor’s been receiving inquiries about it since the series debuted. But he was reluctant to discuss it.

Although Penn is active on social media, he is not someone who would share his diet or gym selfies. He prefers to make use of his voice for social justice and does not really deviate from it, save for rare photographs of his relatives, advertising displays, and odd images of doors.

Earlier in the year, Penn stopped posting almost everything but the status of the U.S.-Mexico border and the rights of immigrants. Even when Season 2 of You aired on Netflix on 26th December, Penn was only sharing stuff related to the series. If we wait for Penn to continue using social media and speak about his diet and weight loss, we would actually wait a long time.

The Actor’s Weight was Talked About Prior to ‘You’

As someone who is in the public spotlight for quite a long time, Penn’s physique is often a subject of speculation. The Netflix series You is not the first show that made someone notice an apparent weight loss in the actor.

During the third season of Gossip Girl, Penn’s weight gain was frequently discussed. Talking to Men’s Health back in 2010, Paul said he had an “indulgent” trip to Europe and that he had been granted a week to “get in shape” for his part in The Stepfather, in which the star stated he had to keep his shirt off for more than half of his scenes. Although he shed a few pounds of fat, he added a lot of muscle.

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At the beginning of Season 6 of Gossip Girl, though, fans again claimed Penn underwent weight loss, while some spoke about how they wished he looked better with muscles and that they were afraid he appeared too weak.

It’s also likely Penn’s actual body form is smaller than we recall since we associate him with the weight he added for his character on The Stepfather. But whether or not Penn lost more weight because of his role in You, he is unlikely to shed light on it anytime soon, nor are we ever going to get the formula for Penn’s “Look Like Joe Goldberg” diet.

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