Complete Breakdown of Paulina Gretzky’s Plastic Surgery Procedures


Paulina Gretzky before and after plastic surgery.

All the facts about Paulina Gretzky’s plastic surgery procedures, most notably lip fillers and breast implants.

Dustin Johnson‘s beautiful fiancee is present at the 2020 Masters to witness her soon-to-be husband’s pursuit to land his first-ever green jacket.

Paulina Gretzky, the daughter of the legendary Canadian hockey icon Wayne Gretzky, must be delighted by Johnson’s display of quality at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia.

Because of her public appearance, however, fans are currently speculating about Paulina Gretzky’s plastic surgery procedures. Is there any truth to it? Without further ado, let’s find out.

Paulina Gretzky’s Plastic Surgery Includes Lip Fillers and Breast Implants

It seems quite obvious Paulina Gretzky has had work done on her through the years. Some parts of the model’s body appear to have become bigger, most notably her lips and bosoms.

It appears quite likely Dustin Johnson‘s fiance got under the knife to get that model vibe. Her plastic surgery procedures reportedly include lip fillers and breast implants.

While it’s evident she performed some cosmetic enhancements, Gretzky won’t be talking about it anytime soon.

Paulina Gretzky is the subject of lip fillers and breast implants plastic surgery.

Paulina Gretzky is the subject of lip fillers and breast implants plastic surgery.
Source: The Sun

Fans have always been quick to notice the change in Paulina’s appearance through before and after images. Back in 2015, one fan wondered in an online forum:

Paulina Gretzky for someone in her mid 20 she sure looks mid 30’s. what do you think has she aged well? or is it plastic surgery that makes her look older…

One user responded,

she looks good but she looks like she got a lot of plastic surgery and had the Heidi Montag effect where she looked better before surgery I mean Paulina Gretzky was smoking hot 2-3 years ago but her face has changed so much she looks like she is 35, not 25

Another user was baffled by “hot chicks” going under the knife in their early to mid-20s since it makes no sense and only ends up aging them or making them look odd.

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Meanwhile, one person seemingly provided some justifications for famous celebrities opting for cosmetic surgeries.

Those people are famous and want to look better in front of the camera…there is a lot of competition and I bet it ruins their self-esteem..they get a simple nose job…then a boob job..then…the list goes on…they are never satisfied and it becomes an addiction.

Paulina Gretzky is also accused of getting a facelift by some section of fans, but we can neither confirm nor deny it at this time.

Paulina Gretzky is Supporting Fiance Dustin Johnson at The 2020 Masters

Paulina Gretzky traveled to Georgia to cheer on her golfer partner, Dustin Johnson, as the former world #1 strives to win The Masters.

Needless to say, she is the biggest fan of her soon-to-be husband. The 31-year-old model could be seen at the 2020 Masters in Augusta, Georgia, to support the former best in the world, having completed nine holes on 12th November.

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The blonde bombshell wore a pair of snug white jeans and a gray tank top with a low, scooping neckline. She wore a black shoulder bag and a security face mask of the same hue as her blonde outfits in loose curls.

The daughter of Canadian hockey icon, Wayne Gretzky, celebrated her engagement with her fiance in 2013. The couple shares two sons – Tatum, 5, and River, 3 – but there is no news as to whether they have formally set a date for exchanging vows.

Johnson previously talked about his relationship with Paulina, and how she was the secret to his happiness. He said,

She’s a huge part of me, our family, and my success.

Dustin explained,

She’s home with the kids and has been great with that, and just has been a huge supporter for me, with everything I need to do. She understands everything it takes to get to where you want to be and the sacrifices you have to make.

He added,

Having her dad as the greatest hockey player, she understands. You couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Though Paulina Gretzky doesn’t post a lot on social media, she shared with fans some fairly awesome content during lockdown—including a TikTok with some of her loved ones!

She shot a clip with her sister-in-law, Sam Maddox (who is the wife to Dustin Johnson’s brother) on a boat in Jupiter, Florida.

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The family seemed to be social-distancing together at the beginning of 2020, lapping up the sun! She also posted footage of herself and Dustin playing golf with a practice green at home.

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