‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Patrick Dempsey’s Weight Loss – How Many Pounds Did He Lose?


Patrick Dempsey before and after weight loss.

Learn the facts behind Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey’s weight loss, diet plan, and fitness routine with before and after images.

Dr. McDreamy from the popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy is played by the 54-year-old actor Patrick Dempsey who couldn’t look more dashing.

He starred in a variety of hit films, notably Sweet Home Alabama (2002), The Emperor’s Club (2002), Freedom Writers (2007), Enchanted (2007), Made of Honor (2008), and Valentine’s Day (2010), giving ladies across the globe something to drool over whenever he’s seen on screen, along with his trademark megawatt smile and fit body.

During his latest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy, the actor looked to have shed some pounds raising curiosity amongst fans. Did Patrick Dempsey undergo weight loss? Let’s find out.

Details of Patrick Dempsey’s Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Fitness Routine

Patrick Dempsey's weight loss was quite noticeable on his latest appearance on Grey's Anatomy.

Patrick Dempsey’s weight loss was quite noticeable during his latest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy.
Image Source: Fox News

Patrick Dempsey looked evidently slimmer on his return to Grey’s Anatomy in a dream sequence. Although it’s unclear the precise amount of pounds he lost, the actor does seem like he underwent weight loss.

Some fans have been speculating about the actor’s skinny look linking it to cancer, but that’s a pretty wild assumption. We can assure you he’s not sick. While he does look thin following weight loss, there’s no issue with his health as far as we know.

Previously, Dempsey shared his advice for aging well and how his lifestyle keeps him young.

He said,

Cycling has done tremendous for my psyche, to get out in nature, the speed of it and the agility and stamina needed. I do a lot of running and training. Having children in my forties, I want to be healthy for them when I get older. So I’m making the right choices when it comes to food.

Patrick Dempsey’s diet abides by the standards of low-carb nutrition. This form of diet limits carbohydrate consumption, generally for weight loss.

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Patrick Dempsey’s diet restricts the intake of net carbohydrates such as bread and pasta and replacements for foods rich in proteins and fats such as beef, poultry, seafood, shellfish, milk, dairy, almonds, peanuts, and soy products together with other foods poor in carbs.

In fact, Patrick’s nutrition program is effective in reducing weight or sustaining it as long as he conforms well to his diet and incorporates only acceptable foods.

It not only deals with weight loss or maintenance, it is also considered to be part of a balanced lifestyle that makes us healthy both inside and outside.

For Patrick Dempsey’s fitness regimen, he begins by doing aerobic workouts like cycling and jogging, helping to lose between 300 and 600 calories per workout.

This exercise is essential to anyone’s workout routine as it helps to lose calories, particularly fat, and thus speeds up the metabolism, which is therefore effective for weight loss and maintenance.

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After his aerobic routine, he does weight lifting for 2 to 3 hours a day which obviously helps to develop and tone muscles. Patrick Dempsey performs his workout along with his personal trainer.

Patrick Dempsey Talked About His “Lovely” Come Back to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


Patrick Dempsey is shedding light about his surprising return to Grey’s Anatomy in the season 17 opener, where he signed on partly to provide some warmth in this time of turmoil, the actor said to Deadline.

The award-winning actor revealed his spouse on the program, Ellen Pompeo, inquired him to catch up and it was a great chance to discuss what they do for all the frontlines in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic—which the show is still addressing.

The 54-year-old said,

I’ve been tracking what ‘Grey’s’ had been doing with giving masks, and making sure that people had the right equipment, and it came from that place — OK, what can we do to make people feel better, to give some comfort in this time of uncertainty, and that’s how it began.

The “wonderful” feeling of coming back to the series, in which he portrayed neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd (aka McDreamy) for 12 seasons, saw Dempsey in a dream scene.

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While dealing with a surge in coronavirus-related deaths at Grey Sloan Memorial, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) drops in the parking lot and in a dream sequence, sees Derek—who was written off during the conclusion of season 11.

Showrunner Krista Vernoff attributed the scene to the “intense … dream life” seen in pandemic reports.

Vernoff said:

It started as, how do we give people some escape. I had this imagining of a beach motif throughout the season, and I called Ellen, and I said, what if we bring back, I don’t know, some dead character that you could dream of on the beach, that would be so fun for the fans.

Vernoff recalled.

And she said, ‘Let’s get Patrick.’

Speaking on reprising his role, Dempsey stated:

It was really enjoyable. It was really exciting, and fun, and it was great to see everybody. … There’s much more diversity within the crew. There was a nice balance, too, of equality that I was seeing.

She and Patrick carry this synergy, ever since they met for the first time. For some reason for her, it just feels like they’re familiar with each other for almost a century, and it’s the same feeling right now.

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Patrick Dempsey is a Bonafide Cancer Activist

Patrick Dempsey, one of the most popular medical practitioners on TV, is pretty busy addressing annual checkups.

He told Men’s Health:

It’s fascinating, isn’t it? You can track your body fat, your muscle growth. It becomes a game after a while, and that makes it interesting.

After 12 years portraying Dr. Derek Shepherd in the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, the star has primarily switched his focus to real medical knowledge.

He helps run the Dempsey Center—a subsidized cancer treatment institute that he created in 2009 to commemorate his mother who passed away of ovarian cancer—and has recently collaborated with the multinational health insurance provider Cigna for the “Page a TV Doc” campaign.

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Patrick said:

In your twenties, it’s so, so important to just kind of get a baseline from your doctor. Especially if you have a family history of any kind. Heart disease. Cancer. Anything like that. It takes a lot of anxiety away. If you’re healthy, you can take a deep breath and wait for the next year.

It’s a way of thinking that could save your life, particularly given that half of the American men—who still have shorter life expectancy than women—don’t go for annual checks.

Prostate cancer itself impacts 1 in 9 men at any stage in their lives, so it’s important to be sure to seek medical attention on a routine basis. Ignorance is not exactly bliss when it concerns your wellbeing.

Dempsey claimed,

I think the older I get, the healthier I get. But [it’s because] I’m so much more conscious about my health.

The 52-year-old attributes his consistent fitness to the joy of driving incredibly fast cars.

I had to get a physical every year in order to do that, to get my racing license. In racing, your weight is critical. Your endurance is critical.

And getting assistance, whether it’s with a nutritionist or your doctor, is just as important. That’s when it … started to take off [for me] and I became much more aware.

These days, though, it’s less about the need for speed and more about remaining consistent and safe.

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Going to the doctor is the very first step, but you still need to remain healthy, which is the most basic type of preventive treatment.

Just exercise. Whatever that may mean for you. A sport you enjoy. Get to the gym. If you like pilates, yoga, walking, running, cycling. Just exercise.

Today is as fine a day to begin as any to start taking responsibility for your wellbeing.

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