Love and Hip Hop: Paris Phillips’ Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Fitness Routine!


Love and Hip Hop: Paris Phillips' Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Fitness Routine!

Love & Hip Hop star Paris Phillips’ weight loss shocked everyone after she returned to the show. Also, Phillips talks about the Love and Hip Hop special Lineage to Legacy. Let’s find out how she responded to the questions asked by the host.

Paris Philips is a former assistant and friend of R&B singer K Michelle, who went on to star in the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. She was also a part of the K.Michelle: My Life reality program. Needless to say, Paris Phillips is a well-known reality television personality.

Paris was born in Brooklyn, New York, on August 23, 1986. She is a well-known and well-liked celebrity who is well-known for her role as a reality star. Paris Phillips is 35 years old as of the year 2022.

For the new edition of Love and Hip Hop, Paris Phillips is back — and she’s got a whole new feel. Many people can’t believe how different she appears now that she’s lost weight.

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Did Love & Hip Hop Star Paris Phillips Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

All of the drama was captured on the VH1 reality show Family Reunion: Love and Hip Hop Edition, including Paris warning Erica Mena when she began shouting about how Safaree treated her a day before their wedding anniversary.

Aside from all of the screaming, there was one thing that caught viewers’ attention: Paris’s dramatic weight loss. We compared old and new pictures of her to see which was the most flattering.

In the year 2020, Paris (@whoisparisphillips) seemed to be very different. But, two years later, she has drastically modified her appearance, with a much more noticeable jawline. In any case, she’s always been a style icon.

When the year 2021 began, many people began to notice that her face and body had shrunk significantly. So it appears that she had weight loss effects after only a few months.

The LAHH star hasn’t been particularly honest about her weight loss, and she’s never revealed how she did it. Her followers, on the other hand, have taken notice of her weight loss transformation.

Paris’ weight-loss journey appears to have occurred during the last year, with the year 2022 delivering the most obvious difference in the New York-based reality star. She used to cover up her legs a lot more, but she’s now confident enough to show them off.

Many people have noted that she is more beautiful than ever. In April 2021, her most noticeable difference was noticed for the first time.

Since then, Paris has continued to lose weight, and her transformation is more visible than ever since the new season of Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion premiered on television.

Paris Phillips Reflects on Love & Hip-hop Special ‘Lineage to Legacy’ Journey

VH1’s two-part Lineage to Legacy special digs further into the world of Love & Hip Hop. Remy Ma, Papoose, Yandy Smith-Harris, Rich Dollaz, Tokyo Vanity, Paris Phillips, Karlie Redd, and Momma Dee go on an ancestral journey with MTV News host Dometi Pongo.

Here is how Phillips opened up about her takeaways and why the special will resonate.

Dometi: What was the most powerful part of the process for you?

Phillips: For me, it was when Dr. Gina showed how we were captured—seeing how our people even got over here. We went to the museum and [they] showed us really how it happened.

Dometi: One of the really standout moments for me is when you all were transformed. You were styled in traditional dress. There are the photo reveals where you look at each other amazed at what you’re seeing.

Phillips: I was royalty. I felt like the queen of Cameroon. I loved it. It was breathtaking. I was like, “Look at me.” I acted like I was part of Coming to America for real.

Dometi: What kind of impact do you think this special will have?

Phillips: Viewers are going to be shocked. I feel like a lot of people are going to get their ancestry checked after this. I think it will hit in a positive way. It is Black History Month. They are expecting ratchet and all this. But they are going to get something else. People tuning in will enjoy it.

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