Pam Shriver has recently been accused of undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures as some viewers believe her appearance has changed significantly. According to some viewers, Botox, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery are among the procedures she is believed to have undergone. Meanwhile, some believe her illness is the reason for her recent appearance. Follow the article to know more about Pam Shriver’s plastic surgery rumors with before and after pictures.

Pamela Howard Shriver aka Pam Shriver, a former professional tennis player from the United States, was born on July 4, 1962. She presently works as a tennis commentator for BBC tennis coverage and an ESPN tennis broadcaster.

Pam Shriver won 133 titles between the 1980s and 1990s, including 111 women’s doubles trophies, 21 women’s singles titles, and one mixed doubles title. Shriver also won 22 titles in Grand Slam competitions, 21 of them in doubles, and one in mixed doubles.

Furthermore, she and partner Zina Garrison took home a gold medal in the women’s doubles competition at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. The only women’s doubles team to complete the Grand Slam in a calendar year was Shriver and Martina Navratilova, who won all four major titles in 1984.

As mentioned earlier, she is now a commentator and is frequently seen on TV speculating about players’ performance. Recently, viewers have noticed that she does not have a natural appearance which might be due to plastic surgery. They believe Pam Shriver has undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures to enhance her beauty. Well, let’s find the truth.

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Pam Shriver’s Plastic Surgery Rumors: Is Illness the Reason for Her Transformation? Speculations of Botox, Eyelid, Rhinoplasty & Brow Lift!

You might be surprised to learn why more and more women in their 50s are getting plastic surgery. If you’re in your mid-to-late-50s, new financial freedoms mean that you can spend your money any way you choose, whether it’s on international travel, more shopping, or even the purchase of a new home.

Similarly, the 59-year-old, Pam Shriver, has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery. Still active on her field, the tennis star is a very successful and renowned tennis veteran.

Shriver (@phshriver), now, uses her knowledge and years of experience to speculate on both men and women players. She definitely does not look like she is in her late 50s, as a result, many viewers believe it might be due to a few plastic surgery procedures.

Botox is something most of the viewers believe Pam Shriver might have undergone to look younger. Botox makes the eyes look more relaxed, vibrant, and youthful. In places where underlying dynamic facial muscles are creating small lines and minor wrinkles on the surface of the skin, it is also used for a number of off-label facial anti-aging therapies.

Comparing her before and after pictures, we also can see some changes in her eyes. Eyelid surgery turns back the hands of time and helps you restore your young appearance by eliminating the extra fat, stretched-out skin, and slack muscles above and below your eyes. No doubt, the tennis star is reported to have undergone eyelid surgery.

Similarly, rhinoplasty and brow lift are the other plastic surgery procedures Pam Shriver is accused to have applied. On the other hand, her change in appearance might be a result of her illness as she frequently gets sick. We can imagine how hard it could be for a 59-year-old to balance everything, including her job and health.

However, Shriver has never accepted or denied any rumors. There are, therefore, only assumptions for now. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get any confirmations about the rumors.

Pam Shriver Says That 2022 Could Be Rafael Nadal’s Year!

According to American tennis star, Pam Shriver, Rafael Nadal can win Wimbledon and possibly complete a Calendar Grand Slam this year. Nadal, 36, is attempting to grab his third Major Championship of the year at Wimbledon after taking the first two Grand Slam tournaments of the year. She explained,

“12 months ago, I would have said ‘not a chance in the world’, but now he’s two legs up, had the foot procedure after the French Open and he’s looking good. He doesn’t start as my favorite to win Wimbledon, but he’s in my top two or three picks.”

At the beginning of the year, Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer had each won 20 Grand Slam tournaments. Nadal was the only member of the Big Three to compete in the Australian Open; Federer was sidelined due to knee surgery, and Djokovic was deported from the country due to his immunization status.

Nadal won a record 21st Grand Slam championship at the time by taking advantage of Djokovic’s absence, who had previously won the Australian Open nine times in a row. Three months later, at the French Open, Nadal won a record-tying 22nd Grand Slam championship.

Djokovic has performed much better at Wimbledon than Nadal, but the Spaniard is having a solid year and some think this could be the year he captures his third championship at The Championships.

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