Oliver Hardy’s Weight Loss: How Did He Lose 150 Pounds? Funeral Photo!


Oliver Hardy’s Weight Loss: How Did He Lose 150 Pounds? Funeral Photo!

With an incredible weight loss of 150 pounds, Oliver Hardy reportedly weighed 200 pounds at the time of his funeral. However, there are no photos of him after he died. Follow to learn how he was able to lose weight.

Oliver Hardy, one-half of the famous comedy duo Laurel & Hardy, was a well-known silent comedian of the twentieth century. With his amusing plays, he won the hearts of millions.

Oliver is one of America’s most successful comedians. And, as one might expect, success necessitates a lot of hard work and long hours. Hardy was always busy practicing and plotting. He was so focused on his comedy career that he neglected his health. And because he didn’t pay attention, his weight continued to rise.

Although Oliver Hardy’s body had been predisposed to obesity from a young age, working those long hours exacerbated the situation. With the passage of time, he became so obese that even moving became difficult. Later, in his final years, he became so overweight that he would simply sit at home. After the heart attack, the doctor advised Hardy to lose weight because it could endanger his life. He lost 150 pounds within a few months of having a heart attack. Let’s learn about his weight loss in detail.

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Oliver Hardy Was Able to Undergo 150 Pounds of Weight Loss Through Dietary and Exercise Modifications!

Oliver Hardy was well-known for his muscular physique and upbeat personality. He became very critical of what he ate throughout the day after hearing from the doctor that he needed to lose weight. In his final years, he underwent an incredible weight loss of 150 pounds. He began tracking his daily food consumption. He went on a crash diet and lost a tremendous amount of weight.

Oliver Hardy after weight loss with Stan Laurel.Oliver Hardy after weight loss with Stan Laurel.
Image Source: Healow

The late comedian’s crash diet was very effective in the short run, but it proved to be very expensive in the long run. He restricted the amount of food he ate on a daily basis. Hardy ate lean meats, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. He also avoided sugary and fatty foods. He also drank plenty of water and kept his alcohol consumption to a minimum. Hardy began golfing and swimming as forms of exercise, which helped him burn calories and build muscle. He also went for daily walks and stretches to keep his body in shape.

This effort reduced his chances of having a heart attack and improved his health for a time. Hardy’s weight was also a source of concern for him when he was younger. Throughout his childhood, he was known as Fatty Hardy, and even after he became a famous Hollywood star, locals in his hometown of Georgia still called him Fatty. Hardy’s mother, who ran local boarding houses, made matters worse by making him walk around town wearing a sandwich board advertising the food at her hotels.

As he grew older, his weight became an issue for him. When America entered World War I, Oliver Hardy sought to fulfill his patriotic duty by enrolling in the army at a local enlistment office. The officers made fun of Hardy after seeing his size and summoned other recruiters to look at him. Given his age and health, Hardy weighed around 350 pounds before weight loss, which was a very dangerous number.

Oliver Hardy before weight loss.Oliver Hardy before weight loss.
Image Source: Greenbriar Picture Shows

Despite his efforts, some of his fans and colleagues were dissatisfied with his new look. Many people believed that Hardy’s weight loss diminished his comedic appeal and that he was no longer as funny as he once was. Some even accused him of abandoning his roots and attempting to be someone he was not. On the other hand, others praised him for taking control of his health and making positive changes in his life.

Oliver Hardy himself appeared to be torn about his weight loss. While he was relieved to be healthier, he was also aware that his new appearance could have an impact on his career. Hardy’s weight loss had no lasting effect on his career, and he continued to act in films and on television until his death in 1957. Reports suggest he weighed around 200 pounds at the time of his funeral, however, no proof (photo) is available.