Nikki Woods’ Weight Loss: Before and After Stuns Fans!


Nikki Woods' Weight Loss: Before and After Stuns Fans!

Nikki Woods is newly discovered to have undergone weight loss after she posted a video on TikTok showing the pictures of her before and after weight loss. She allegedly lost 75 pounds.

Nikki Woods is an American social media influencer, model, and TikTok star who rose to fame on TikTok when she started creating videos of her dancing and lip-syncing to popular songs, doing voice-over, and making short funny bits.

She has amassed 1.5 million followers on her TikTok account till now. She has also modeled for various brands and is managed by The Clementine Group.

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Did Nikki Woods Go Through a Weight Loss?

Currently, social media is alight with the buzz of Nikki Woods‘ (@nikkiwoodss) weight loss. A lot of fans have been left wondering if Nikki did undergo weight loss. Nevertheless, they were quite taken aback by those weight loss rumors of the TikTok star when those first arose.

This was owing to the fact that they didn’t have any idea of what Nikki looked like before she blew up as a rising TikTok star and didn’t know that prior to her rise to fame, Nikki was a bit overweight.

So, they were certainly not expecting there to be news about Nikki Woods shedding some weight and was baffled at first to see what weight she would be losing since she never had any weight to lose (at least that’s what they thought).

But turns out fans have been just examining her pictures from before and the current ones and they have supposedly discovered a big change in the images, the change being a weight loss one. People have tasked themself with putting her pictures side-by-side for comparison and determining how much weight loss she had undergone.

So, undoubtedly, there are new waves of curiosity and rumors and speculations floating on social media about Nikki Woods’ weight loss.

Looking at her pictures from two years back in 2020, there is no change in the way she looks then and now, not her weight in the least. However, a video she posted on TikTok showed that she indeed had had some weight loss.

It showed her before and after pictures and it gave a little shock to the fans, despite they were already aware of the possibility of her having had a weight loss, to see the person they see absolutely fit and slim a bit overweight. She had a bit chubby figure then. And now, she is apparently 75 pounds lighter.

Now, Nikki Woods looks like a completely different person after she got rid of those extra-looking pounds from her body. There was another video she posted telling people to rate her glow-up that revealed that the before pictures of her carrying some weight were not taken in 2020, but it was the picture from 2018. So, she was not overweight in 2020. By that time, she had already had a makeover.

So, it looks like Nikki Woods’ weight loss journey must have started sometime after 2018. And now it has already come to an end since she has a perfect figure now.

About how she got rid of those 75 pounds, it could have been the normal way of doing that. Nikki Woods could have done that by going to the gym and working out and exercising. She could have followed a strict diet schedule to cut back her weight. A combination of routine physical exercise and a healthy diet has often been how most people gain a more fit and slimmer figure.

But after her past of being overweight came to light, people begin to relate her weight loss to weight loss surgery. Since Woods has just shown the before and after and has made no mention of the middle, fans have not seen her as she was on her weight loss journey.

So they don’t know what exactly Nikki Woods did to shed her weight. They just know that she was, in fact, slightly obese and now she is very far from it; she now flaunts her slim figure on her Instagram page.

So, it is not very surprising to see that her weight loss had mainly been attributed to her undergoing weight loss surgery. She certainly would not be the first one to have done that, she wouldn’t be the last. However, it’s all just speculations and baseless assumptions as there is no solid proof that she has gotten rid of excess weight in her body through the means of surgery.

Seeing that Nikki has so far only addressed that she had lost a lot of weight to have the figure that she does now, not how she lost that weight, so fans can only speculate. They can’t know anything for certain.

Another rumor that’s going on is that Nikki Woods could have some illness which could be the reason for the dramatic weight loss. But it doesn’t look anything like that. It just looks like she has a healthier weight now. So, her health condition seems to be in a good condition.

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