When it comes to Saturday Night Live, offending certain people is a guaranteed element. And Nasim Pedrad did a fairly decent job of it when she was on the show. But it was not the only major project she has been part of throughout her life.

The Persian-American relocated to her father in the United States. Her early work was with The Groundlings’ Sunday Company. She’s worked in theaters for most of her life, but the turning point came when she was picked for the 2007 HBO Comedy Festival in Las Vegas. She had been working with her one-man display when she received her SNL gig.

Nasim Pedrad left the SNL world in 2014 to work on Mulaney. And in the following years, she became the subject of plastic surgery speculations. However, there’s not much evidence of her going under the knife. In fact, she is yet to admit to it as well.

Reddit Users Keep Speculating Nasim Pedrad’s Plastic Surgery

Nasim Pedrad had fallen from the media prominence since leaving Saturday Night Live, but no way had it harmed her fanbase. And some of them speculated she’s been having plastic surgery. In a thread on Reddit, one noticed how her face seemed “a little more waxy than normal and her eyebrows were really arched and high.”

Of note, they agreed that it may have been attributed to the exquisite makeup and lighting rather than certain plastic surgery, most notably the Botox. Yet one of them stepped forward to suggest she received a nose job and insisted on it. The jury, though, is still out.

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In several other reports, too, she has been suspected of restructuring her nose, using Botox when she was in her 30s. In fact, several of them have found a forum to explore future lip injections.

Yet whatever the speculation may be concerning her plastic surgery, there is a common consensus that she is one of the prettiest girls to feature on the program.

Kim Kardashian Did Not Feel Offended by Nasim Pedrad’s Impersonations on SNL

Throughout the span of her career, Pedrad’s imitation of Kim Kardashian has been her most heralded success ever. And she did not do it just once, in fact, Pedrad was available whenever Kardashian was deemed necessary.

Pedrad was able to reflect on the apparent issues about plastic surgery on Kardashian (including prosthetics) along with her speech as well. And when she met Kardashian, she was at first scared of the event, as she had impersonated her several times. But it worked out better than she had expected.

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“I was very, very scared,” said Pedrad to Conan O’Brian regarding her relationship with Kardashian in September 2014. Apparently, she did not have much to stress about. In fact, she said Kim was “really sweet” despite her demeanor “like a person who woke up in a dumpster” at the meeting, in contrast to Kardashian’s “pristine, airbrushed makeup, perfect hair.”

Nasim Pedrad Spoke on the Importance of Representation in ‘Chad’

Nasim Pedrad first produced her movie, “Chad,” in which she starred as a Persian teenage boy in 2016. First, it was set up as a Fox series, but now that Iran is constantly in the headlines following Donald Trump’s assault on military chief Qassem Soleimani, the program is scheduled to begin its 10-episode first season on the TBS.

“I’m not worried about the comedic elements landing differently,” Pedrad said at the Television Critics Association Press Tour Panel.

“My heart is with the Iranian people. I was born there, I have family there, so I think the people of Iran are not dissimilar to us in that they want what we want: They want freedom and they want peace. I am so in awe of their resilience and strength as they continue to stand up against this regime and fight for their basic human rights. I fully support them.”

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Pedrad added she “feels “a sense of responsibility” in sharing this story, not just because of recent coverage, but also because of her own background as an immigrant and a child of immigrants. In designing and acting on the series, she decided to bring sincerity and integrity to her titular character.

“It is a character-driven show, and that character happens to be an Iranian American,” she said, adding that although there are character-driven aspects that are very unique, she feels that anyone will relate to her need to fit in.

Although her character is male, Pedrad revealed there was a lot of her own teenage experience on her first season journey. Chad is “scared to grow up” and therefore a “late bloomer,” which Pedrad claimed she was.

“It’s about this very awkward 14-year-old boy who’s navigating his first year of high school on a mission to become popular. It’s very overwhelming for him.”

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One of the approaches Chad seeks to be validated by his friends is to pretend he already had sex. Pedrad confessed this version of the show is capable of “exploring sexuality in a way that she does not know she could get away with on the TV network.

“Unfortunately the lie goes too far and he’s in over his head,” Pedrad said of Chad pretending he’s had sex. “In almost every episode he gets his ass handed to him, usually by his own doing, but he never loses hope that tomorrow will be different.”

The sense of hope is a significant theme for the series, she explained, adding she did not want the characters around Chad to be abusers, and she also wanted to give an Iranian American character a different viewpoint from what was reflected in film and television while she was growing up.

“So much of the depiction of middle easterners on TV was predominantly negative. I didn’t grow up with a half-hour comedy with people who look like me. Most of them were actively working against Jack Bauer on ’24.’ That was my very limited exposure to people that looked like me, and that’s what’s so exciting about making this show,” she said.

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“Creating a character that has nuance and depth and even flaws, that’s representation. … I think the only thing worse than no representation is a sweaty or contrived attempt at it.”

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