Nancy Hayton’s Weight Gain in Hollyoaks: Is Nancy Actress, Jessica Fox, Pregnant in Real Life Too?


Nancy Hayton’s Weight Gain in Hollyoaks: Is Nancy Actress, Jessica Fox, Pregnant in Real Life Too?

Nancy Hayton, one of the characters in Hollyoaks, has been undergoing a weight gain transformation as she is pregnant in the series. However, the Nancy actress, Jessica Fox, is pregnant in real life as well. Yes, the 39-year-old actress announced in October 2022 that she and her husband are expecting their first child after experiencing two miscarriages.

Award-winning and ongoing English soap opera, Hollyoaks, centers on the residents of the Hollyoaks, Chester. The show, which only aired one episode each week and had a cast of fourteen, had its premiere on October 23, 1995. Teenagers and young adults were the show’s intended audience. Over the course of its lengthy run, it has addressed a variety of topics, including mental illness, eating disorders, domestic abuse, and addiction.

Hollyoaks was created in the 1980s in response to ideas from Grange Hill viewers, which creator Phil Redmond, who also produced the successful soap operas Brookside and Grange Hill, was unable to pursue at the time since Brookside had just begun production.

The program now has a cast of more than fifty, airs five episodes each week, and appeals to viewers of all ages. If you can’t wait for the next episode, Hollyoaks will air on E4 on Channel 4 after the program airs on C4.

If you’ve been following the show, you probably know Nancy Hayton, played by actress Jessica Fox, is expecting a baby in the series. However, many viewers wonder if the Nancy actress is pregnant in real life because of the gradual and natural weight gain appearance in the show. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Nancy Hayton’s Weight Gain in Hollyoaks: The Nancy Actress, Jessica Fox, Is Pregnant in Real Life as Well!

If you see a character gaining weight gradually in the series, you eventually wonder what’s happening to her. However, you’ll have to think it deeper if the character is pregnant in the show in addition to witnessing her weight gain appearance. Likewise, the Nancy Hayton actress, Jessica Fox (@jessicalafox), from Hollyoaks has been speculated to be pregnant in real life as well, like her character in the show.

It seems we’re right here. Yes, the Nancy actress is pregnant in real life. In October 2022, the 39-year-old actress announced that she and her husband, Nicholas Willes, are expecting their first child. The reason behind her weight gain has been crystal clear since day 1. The couple was wearing identical hats with the words “mum” and “dad” and smiling. Jessica wrote a lengthy text describing her journey to become pregnant, which she screen-shot and shared as a sequence of pictures. She started by saying:

Nick and I have been on a rocky road to get to this point. Miscarriage is awful, there is no other word for it. It robs you of the future you had planned, your faith in your body, it’s isolating, lonely, frightening and nobody seems to talk about it. It’s incredibly painful, it’s pass out in your bathroom painful.

Yes, the Nancy actress also discussed her struggle with fertility, saying she had previously experienced two miscarriages. She added,

Nick and I lost two babies in 2021. Both losses were at the end of the first trimester and completely heartbreaking.

Jessica also added that she was fighting a mental battle after she lost her baby twice. In addition, she had a difficult time filming when her character in Hollyoaks got pregnant. She explained,

On my due date, at work, I was handed a beautiful tiny baby and I cried uncontrollably throughout the whole scene. The director, not knowing my situation must have thought I was fantastic – I was broken. My mental health was s**t. I’d given up sleep, I’d developed a fear of driving, intrusive thoughts and we think a form of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). A holiday, meditation, the NHS and most important time, things improved massively and I hope they burned that bloody bump.

After stating that she was receiving assistance from the “miscarriage clinic” to guarantee that her third pregnancy could proceed without risk, Jessica added that their baby in 20 weeks, is healthy and flourishing and her due date is Spring 2023.

Talking about her wedding to her husband, Jessica shared a photo of her beautiful engagement ring on Instagram in November 2019 to announce her engagement to Nicholas. She captioned, ” Be with someone you can be completely yourself with. Someone who makes you want to be better, kinder, eat more fruit and veg. So of course I said ‘yes’.” After Covid-19 forced them to postpone their dream “planned wedding,” the couple secretly got married in October 2020.

It seems the Nancy actress had a tough journey to finally become a mother. Very few people are fortunate enough to celebrate the reason behind their weight gain. And we wish Jessica and her husband all the best for their upcoming parental responsibilities.

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