Nancy Dineen’s Plastic Surgery: Lip Fillers is the Most Obvious One!


Nancy Dineen's Plastic Surgery: Lip Fillers is the Most Obvious One!

Nancy Dineen’s plastic surgery allegedly includes lip fillers since her lips look abnormally full. Michael Rapp’s former wife is believed to have had liposuction as well. Take a look at Nancy Dineen before and after the cosmetic surgery transformation.

The ex-wife of the infamous Chippendale “The Perfect Man” Michael Rapp, Nancy Dineen came into highlight with the Curse of Chippendale. Listening to her experiences as the wife of one of the popular stars of Chippendale, many have come to learn more about Dineen.

Apart from her jumbled-up life as the wife of a Chippendale, the public wants to know if Nancy ever performed plastic surgery.

Currently working as a freelance wardrobe and Prop Stylist as well as Creative Director, Nancy Dineen got her fame after being introduced in Curse of Chippendale as the ex-wife of a star. Love at first sight of Michael Rapp, Nancy used to be a regular audience.

The two caught each other’s eyes and immediately fell in love. Passionate and thrilling, Nancy and Michael thought they found their happily ever after but it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

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Nancy Dineen’s Plastic Surgery: What Procedures Did the ex-Chippendale’s Wife Get Done?

The talk of Nancy Dineen‘s plastic surgery rose with her appearance in Curse of Chippendale. Appearing quite different than how she used to during her youth, many speculated that Nancy went under knives to achieve her desired look.

Looking at the latest look of  Nancy Dineen, she looks very different than how she did back in the pictures with Michael. Though her real age hasn’t been revealed, Nancy surely is getting up in the years and her facial skin kinda tells the story.

As per all the procedures Nancy Dineen might have done, the most prominent one could be lip filler. Her lips appear abnormally full and completely different from how they used to.

Another noticeable feature is that Dineen’s face appears thinner. This indicates that she could have gotten liposuction of her face to remove fats thus explaining the slim appearance. It’s not quite clear if the former Chippendale wife did anything to her body since she rarely makes public appearances.

However, in a picture, her upper body looks slightly altered than how it used to create speculations of breast augmentation plastic surgery. Though nothing has been confirmed from Nancy Dineen’s side, she might have gotten a few surgeries here and there.

Life as the Wife of a Chippendale: Nancy and Michael’s Love Story!

From being just another audience to being the wife of the star Chippendale, Nancy Dineen thought she had it all! Since the day their eyes caught, Nancy and Michael were so in love and had already begun building a future together.

Michael Rapp admitted that he was always a woman’s man! Ever since a kid, Michael was shy yet he wanted girls to pay attention to him. Eventually, after majoring in modern dance from a local college, Michael, then 24, started working at a health club while studying nutrition.

What completely changed his life was a news article about Chippendales. “I was young,” he tells The Sun “I was interested in girls, so it seemed like the perfect place for me.”

As for Nancy and Michael, it wasn’t long before the rainbows and sunshine faded to stormy darkness. In 1983, Michael was chosen to play the Perfect Man – the star of the show, there and then the couple’s hardest days began.

With women flinging themselves at him every night, temptation got the best of Michael, and he ended up cheating on Nancy Dineen on a regular basis, fueled by liquor and drugs.

Sorrow in the words that came out of her, Nancy recalled, “Night times became a nightmare. I’d lie in bed and cry all night. I would ring the club, sometimes they’d tell me he was there and sometimes they’d tell me he’d already left but was still out. He’d lie about doing blow [cocaine]. I’d lay there and think about getting a can of gasoline and pouring it around the whole club. I wanted to burn the place down” in the documentary.

Eventually finding out his lies, the couple decided to leave. Wounded Nancy Dineen said, “It got to the point where I had to leave him. I told him, ‘I can’t stay here, I can’t live like this anymore.”

While Dineen was lost in her sorrow and misery, Michael decided to choose Chippendale over his family. Being a part of one of the biggest male shows, he had people throwing themselves at him. He couldn’t care less about his responsibilities.

Michael too remorsed, “I had chosen Chippendales over my family, and it took me to a dark place and probably gave me a perfect excuse to do more drugs and go drinking.”

Nancy Dineen is now happy and getting on with her life. She doesn’t really come out in public and lives quite a private life.

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