Mike Pompeo’s Weight Loss in 2021 – The Story in Full!


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Mike Pompeo's Weight Loss in 2021 - The Story in Full!

Grab all the details of Mike Pompeo’s weight loss journey in 2021. What’s his diet plan & fitness routine? Take a glance at his before and after transformation.

While Mike Pompeo made his appearance on Fox News with Sean Hannity on 2nd August to promote President Biden‘s initiatives, the former Secretary of State’s weight loss appeared to have caught the attention of social media.

A day later, a video of Pompeo’s visit was posted on YouTube. Pompeo came back on Hannity’s set on 13th August, and Twitter couldn’t help banter his change in physique.

So, how many pounds has he actually lost? Is he on some sort of diet? Let’s find out.

Mike Pompeo’s Weight Loss – What’s the Tea?

Mike Pompeo before and after weight loss.

Mike Pompeo before and after weight loss.
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As Mike Pompeo‘s weight loss is making rounds, it’s worth noting that politicians must appeal to voters.

When a politician wants to appear better, women and men alike opt for the same thing as somebody who wants to impress someone else by eating celery and going for runs and maybe getting a tan. These people want a date, and they want to have a good time. They want to be successful.

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Saying Obama’s appearance did not benefit him in any way is absurd. Biden’s face has plainly undergone surgery, and he works out regularly. Trump is an anomaly; you could say, a lot of makeup made him appealing to so many people.

Pompeo was a behemoth. Of course, he was a member of Congress, where one may remain somewhat inconspicuous. As time went on, he worked his way up to Secretary of State, one of America’s four or five most significant posts.

Although he was a large bloke, he looked to be naturally massive, and according to the staff, he appeared to be more assured and at ease.

Currently, he’s undergoing a significant weight loss for no apparent reason, except for medical concerns. He wants to be loved more than he wants pepperoni pizza, in his own words.

So, what is he looking for? Repealing himself from the House of Representatives isn’t something he’d like to do. That leaves us with two options, one of which is more logical than the other one.

In Kansas, he intends to run for the Senate (in all likelihood). Alternatively, he may be working on his edge — early, in preparation for a run at the president – and wants to appear as a different person.

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Because the last Republican candidate was a douchebag, in the eyes of many, that would seemingly be the best response to the question. We’re not optimistic about the new guy’s chances. What’s more, it sparked some discussion on the internet.

One user said,

Pompeo looks like he’s losing weight. Either he’s sick or he’s sick enough to think he should run for president. Woman shrugging.

Another wondered,

Has Pompeo lost weight? He looks thinner to me…maybe because he can no longer loot his former dept’s budget & throw all those pricey dinner parties?

The third claimed,

Mike Pompeo looks like he’s taken off some weight, but that won’t negate the heavy burden he’s still carrying from all the awful things he did during the Trump years.

It’s fair to say, Mike Pompeo is not exactly a people’s favorite!

Who is Mike Pompeo?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was former President Donald Trump‘s 70th secretary during his tenure. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was under his leadership from January 2017 to April 2018. He was born in Orange, California on 30th December 1963.

Mike received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point back in 1986, as per Ballotpedia. Pompeo was a cavalry commander during the Cold War prior to the falling of the Berlin Wall.

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Second Squadron 7th Cavalry, US Army’s Fourth Infantry Division, was another unit he served in throughout his military career.

Pompeo earned a law degree from Harvard Law School after serving in the military and acting as the Harvard Law Review’s editor for several years.

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