Real Truth About Mikayla Demaiter’s Plastic Surgery Speculations


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Real Truth About Mikayla Demaiter's Plastic Surgery Speculations

Grab all the details of Mikayla Demaiter’s plastic surgery speculations, most notably boob job, butt implants, Botox injections, and facelift through the inspection of before and after images.

Mikayla Demaiter, who likes to upload clips of her dogs on her Instagram accounts calls herself a ‘dedicated dog mom.’ She usually posts racy snaps in a number of skimpy bikinis, which makes people question her plastic surgery endeavors.

The former sports player labeled the “sexiest hockey goalie” is more than just a beautiful face as she’s a student currently enrolled at the University of Western Ontario.

Besides her professional life, many fans are keen to learn about her potential cosmetic enhancements. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Has Mikayla Demaiter Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Mikayla Demaiter's plastic surgery is trending on the internet.

Mikayla Demaiter’s plastic surgery is trending on the internet.
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Mikayla Demaiter has been called the world’s sexiest goalie in ice hockey and it seems quite obvious, to be honest. When she doesn’t show off her skills on the ice, the gorgeous blonde bombshell is shelling her followers with hot selfies.

When someone is as beautiful as her, there are naturally accusations of plastic surgery. So, has she gone under the knife? Or is her beauty all-natural?

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The Chatham, Ontario native played for the Bluewater Hawks in the Provincial Women’s Hockey League. The 20-year-old needed to keep herself wrapped in protective gear from head to toe while she was showcasing her skills on the ice.

But when it comes to her Instagram profile, she is displaying a completely different side of her. Demaiter’s Instagram page has already attracted over 400k followers.

Her bio simply reads,

Hockey goalie. Canadian.

She loves to leave a little bit to the fantasy while showing off her stunning body in a series of skimpy bikinis. Demaiter usually sends her followers into a whirlwind through snaps of her own in the gym, in the bathing pools, and on the sand.

The blonde bombshell has uploaded a number of in-action snaps of herself on the ice rink, but they don’t appear to rack up as many likes on the picture-sharing platform.

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Due to her unbelievably sexy physique, though, Mikayla is at the forefront of plastic surgery rumors as well. Our experts reckon she’s had breast implants for her attractive bust. Likewise, she’s believed to have performed Botox injections and facelift surgery.

Some fans also reckon Mikayla has performed butt implants to enhance her backside.

Mikayla Demaiter Previously Displayed Racy ‘First Day of School Look’

Mikayla Demaiter may have retired from her duties as an Ice Hockey goalie in summer 2019, but the former athlete—the so-called world’s hottest hockey goalie as The Sun claimed—is still as involved and active as ever.

Since hanging up her gloves from the sport in June 2019, the 20-year-old Canadian hottie has turned from an athlete to an Instagram influencer, while she’s still a student.

The blonde stunner went to the popular picture-sharing platform to display what she was feeling on the first day of school, and Instagram was on fire.

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In the (now-deleted) picture, Demaiter is posed indoors as she wears a plain black crop top with the Manscaped emblem printed across her chest in white.

As suggested in her caption, she was making use of the post as a promotional effort for the brand, which centers on Men’s Below-The-Belt grooming and hygiene, according to their own site.

Demaiter matched up with only a set of matching black briefs, putting the sharp focus on her powerful thighs.

The social media users, who are fans of the Instagram Queen, went to the comment thread to compliment her appearance and express their appreciation towards her.

One user raved,

Your beauty come[s] from inside to outside

Another said,

Those poor boys in that school.

In an Instagram post confirming her retirement from ice hockey, the social media influencer wrote a long letter appreciating the sport. She’s grateful for the experiences she’s had because of hockey, in addition to the friendships she’s enjoyed.

As per The Sun, Demaiter had to leave the sport after a knee injury that needed surgery.

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It goes without saying the former athlete was quite emotional following her retirement from the sport.

The “World’s Sexiest Goalie” Retired from Ice Hockey in 2019

Mikayla Demaiter—known as the world’s hottest goalie in ice hockey—hung up her gloves back in 2019. The 20-year-old from Chatham, Ontario, Canada, played for the Bluewater Hawks in the Regional Women’s Hockey League.

Her professional life in ice hockey put a lot of strain on her and forced her to undergo knee surgery in June 2019. She was then compelled to bid goodbye to the sport she cherished.

Demaiter wrote on Instagram,

It is time to say goodbye. It is time to turn the page and move to the next chapter of my life, for the first time you will not be my number one focus.

I want to thank you for the places we’ve gone together. I also want to thank you for all the friends you have made me. My family sends their best as well. I know they will definitely miss seeing us together.

I am excited for the future because everything you have taught me will allow me to succeed. There will still be early mornings, new adventures and new friends, and I hope that I embrace them with the same love and passion I did for you. Thanks again for everything.

The 163 cm, 53 kg hottie now seems to have turned her focus into being an Instagram phenomenon. She has collected over 400k followers with snaps of her stunning figure in a series of skimpy bikinis.

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