Michelle Mylett’s Plastic Surgery is Trending But Is It True?


Michelle Mylett's Plastic Surgery is Trending But Is It True?

Plastic surgery inquisitions about Michelle Mylett on the internet have seemingly come out of nowhere. But the actress has never publicly addressed such queries. So, did she get plastic surgery or not?

Michelle Mylett is a Canadian actress who started getting wide recognition after she essayed the role of Katy in a Canadian comedy series Letterkenny (we’ve also touched on Mark Forward’s weight loss).

Since Letterkenny, her star has been on the rise like the public’s interest in her. This has brought forward accusations of plastic surgery endeavors.

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Michelle Mylett’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Go Under the Knife?

Michelle Mylett before and after alleged plastic surgery.

Michelle Mylett before and after alleged plastic surgery.
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As Michelle Mylett is starting to be a more popular face among the public, fans are getting more invested in her and her lifestyle, relationships, and her career.

Her name is getting googled a lot and surprisingly, people are also searching about what kinds of plastic surgery she’s done on the internet. Surprising because there’s nothing about the way she looks that screams artificial or plastic surgery.

Inquisitions on the internet about her plastic surgery seem to come out of nowhere, baseless. The actress has never talked about getting plastic surgery, never addressed the curiosity of the fans about whether she has gotten cosmetic enhancements.

However, on February 5, 2015, when Michelle Mylett tweeted a question if being a “starving artist” was still an important part of acting career path, or if she could skip it, many people took it to mean that she might be going through some insecurities about her physical appearance.

For the record, her 5 feet 6 inches weigh 57 kgs, which seems normal. But beauty standards in the glam world can be extreme. So, fans might have wanted to know if she overcame the issues or if she chose to alter her body through plastic surgery.

Anyway, some people think that Michelle Mylett had her lips injected and her “duck lips” are very distracting. But some fans counter the claims that it was just due to filter and makeup.

We will never know until she herself outright says it. Not that she owes anybody any explanation, but speculations are not going to stop now that she is a public figure.

Michelle Mylett: Acting Career from Horror to Comedy

Though Michelle Mylett had her first job as a cheerleader for the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League, she ventured into acting soon enough. Michelle started her career in acting when she was in her early twenties in 2013.

She entered the entertainment industry with the horror movie Antisocial. Her first movie had a sequel which came out in 2015. In the second installment of Antisocial, Michelle Mylett pulled off a role of a mother whose newborn child gets stolen from her. Quite impressive for someone in their twenties just two years into the acting career.

Speaking about the role she essayed in Antisocial 2 in an interview, she said that playing a mother was very challenging and kind of intimidating, but it was important for her future acting career to project that she was indeed serious about acting to back away. She also told that the experience was essential to boost her resume.

After her debut, Michelle Mylett starred in another horror/ fantasy thriller The Drownsman in 2014, in which she played a paranoid hydrophobic woman who is convinced that there exists a sinister creature called Drownsman who is out to kill her.

She also was a part of the short film She Stoops to Conquer, which premiered at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. The Antisocial actress also did supporting roles in television series like Ascension, The Strain, and Lost Girl besides the lead roles in horror movies.

However, she got her breakthrough role as Katy in a comedy series Letterkenny in 2016. She shined through her performance in the sitcom, very different from what she had been doing since she was acting. She plays the female lead who is always in the company of guys.

The show was not only highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike, but it also won many accolades. It won the awards for Best Comedy Series, Best Direction in a Comedy Program or Series, and Best Writing in a Comedy Program or Series at the 5th Canadian Screen Awards in 2017.

The sitcom scooped awards in the latter category again next year at the 6th Canadian Screen Awards, and it also was declared Best TV Comedy at the 2017 WGC Screenwriting Awards. For Michelle Mylett’s performances on it, she was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series at the 8th Canadian Screen Awards in 2020.

Besides Letterkenny, she also did another comedy series called Four in the Morning, in which she starred as Jamie. Another television series she appeared in was Bad Blood, a crime drama. In it, she plays the mistress of Vito Rizutto, a boss of a crime family.

The Letterkenny star also appeared in movies like Kiss and Cry, The Curse of Buckout Road, El Camino Christmas, and  Was I Really Kidnapped.

Her rise in stardom with her acting has been a pleasure to see for ourselves, how she debut in horror and took on difficult roles at the very beginning of her career but got her breakthrough in a comedic role.

When what most people do is look for a big break to launch them into stardom, Michelle Mylett was content in building her career slowly and steadily, one acting credit at a time.

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