‘General Hospital’ Michael E. Knight’s Weight Loss & Health Issues – Is the Actor Sick?


'General Hospital' Michael E. Knight's Weight Loss & Health Issues - Is the Actor Sick?

Everything about General Hospital actor Michael E. Knight’s weight loss and health issues. Some fans reckon he might be sick. Check out his before and after transformation.

Michael E. Knight‘s casting as lawyer Martin Grey in General Hospital thrilled ABC soap opera fans. All My Children‘s Tad Martin inspired the character’s name. Aside from that, the surname “Grey” was a reference to Laura’s biological father Gordon Grey.

Recently, though, fans have been noticing Michael E. Knight’s visible weight loss as he looks much slimmer than before. The speculations first made rounds in 2019.

So, what’s the secret to him slimming down in the last couple of years? Lately, there’s also concern that he might be ill with some health issues. What’s the actual truth? Let’s discuss.

Michael E. Knight’s Weight Loss & Health Concerns – Why Do General Hospital Fans Think He Might Be Sick?

Michael E. Knight before and after weight loss.

Michael E. Knight before and after weight loss.
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Back in late 2019 and early 2020, fans began to notice Michael E. Knight‘s noticeable weight loss. In the General Hospital discussion thread, lots of viewers dropped their two cents on his change in physique.

One user said,

Michael E. Knight looks better than he has in maybe a quarter-century.

Another noted,

Losing weight was great for him, and he does look good. That accent is tragic, though. They should have killed it with fire.

The third claimed,

Michael E Knight needs a new haircut. He’s had that same hairstyle since the 1980s. I’m no expert on hair, but it looks dated. And isn’t he pushing 60?

Well, there seems to be no shortage of fans’ opinions on his looks as well as hair and accent.

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When it comes to his weight loss, though, Michael E. Knight is yet to openly address how he managed to slim down. Therefore, his diet plan and fitness routine are anybody’s guess at the moment. The only thing we can claim with certainty is he’s looked healthier in the last couple of years.

Most recently, however, he’s slimmed down even further, prompting speculations he might be sick or there’s something wrong with his health.

As far as we’re aware, Knight is perfectly fine and there’s nothing wrong with his health. He is not sick, either. It appears to be just a natural fluctuation of weight.

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The fact that he’s now 62 means he might have become more conscious of his dietary habits as well as workout schedules, in an effort to battle the vulnerabilities that naturally come with aging.

Michael E. Knight Addresses Martin’s Accent on General Hospital

It’s no secret that Michael E. Knight has won three Daytime Emmys and that his superb character selections in his parts help to expand his on-screen personas, delivering a lot of must-see television in the process.

After reading several scripts that made him believe that Martin had lived some time in the south, he decided to add something new to his character.

The actor was asked about Martin’s southern accent at Fantasy Events Live earlier in 2021, where he appeared with his former TV sister Kim Delaney.

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Admitting that some of his costars at General Hospital tease him about Martin’s accent, the actor responded:

That’s a good question. The first few days I was on the show I didn’t have the accent.

According to Knight, one of the series’ writers was from the South when he read the screenplays in which he represented Franco (acted by Roger Howarth, now Austin Holt) in court.

Knight shared,

As I was running the lines, I kept coming up with this Virginian accent. I said [to the producers] can I give this a shot?

Former AMC wife Cady McClain, whose character Dixie hails from Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia, helped him perfect the accent.

Knight said,

I’d listen to her for so many years. I got to do my own and it stuck. [The show] did come back to me after a week of [my doing it] and asked if I could tone it down.

When it comes to All My Children, Knight recalls working with Genie Francis (Laura) as Ceara on the New York-based soap opera.

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Knight enthused,

She’s cool! It was so cool to get back [to daytime] and work with Genie.

It is a pity that Ceara was only in the show for a short time. Following her departure from AMC, Francis returned to General Hospital in 1993 to reprise her role as Laura.

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