Melissa Rivers’ Plastic Surgery: Daughter of Joan Rivers Obsessed with Cosmetic Surgery!

Chloe Sanchez

Melissa Rivers' Plastic Surgery: Daughter of Joan Rivers Obsessed with Cosmetic Surgery!

Melissa Rivers, the daughter of Joan Rivers, the queen of plastic surgery has unsurprisingly harbored an obsession with plastic surgery and cosmetic alteration herself. Like mother, like daughter! The actress has had it all. Melissa Rivers now sports a fake nose, fake lips, and a lifted face with tightened skin, not very dissimilar from her mother Joan Rivers.

Melissa Warburg Rosenberg known professionally as Melissa Rivers (born January 20, 1968) is an American actress, television host, and producer from New York, United States. She is the daughter of the late famous American comedian, Joan Rivers, and the producer, Edgar Rosenberg. Melissa has also appeared in television shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210, Silk Stalkings, and The Comeback.

Melissa Rivers is known for her celebrity interviews and red carpet fashion skills. Her credits include presenting and producing a number of E! and TV Guide Channel programs. She’s also been a feature reporter for “CBS This Morning” and a regular contributor to MTV’s “Hangin’ With MTV“, as well as hosting “The Craze” on Fit TV. She recently presented the FX Network’s 10th Annual PRISM Awards and attended a number of EIC events in Los Angeles and Washington, DC, including the PRISM Awards Capitol Hill Showcase.

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Melissa Rivers’ Plastic Surgery: High Speculation on Rhinoplasty, Face-Lift, and Lips Filler!

Melissa Rivers (@melissariversofficial) is thought to have undergone identical plastic surgeries to her mom’s including an eyelid lift, lips filler, eye-brow lift, facelift, and rhinoplasty.

Since 2001, the daughter of Joan Rivers (@joanrivers), Melissa Rivers seems to be the trendy topic for her plastic surgery. The actress’s mother has been her inspiration from the beginning of her career, and many have been talking that she is turning out to be just like her mother, with a plastic surgery addiction.

The news of Melissa Rivers spoiling her natural face and transforming into an artificial one is due to her mother’s obsession with plastic surgery. She claims that her mother Joan was obsessed with it and has undergone numerous plastic surgery treatments throughout her life.

According to insider reports, the Beverly Hills, 90210 actor had her first nose surgery, and we can’t help but notice that her nose has become more sharped and pointed, implying that she has undergone rhinoplasty. The nostrils are given a new shape through rhinoplasty, and we can see that Melissa has had a nose job done and followed it up through maintenance every year since 2001.

Talking about her changes in lips, it is believed the television host had done lip filler because her upper lips recently have a little more volume than before, and she has achieved the desired look where we can conclude the plastic surgery favored her and gave her a look. She has also had her skin tightened and a facelift because she has a sharp and deformed face with wrinkles. Although she is a mother and has already stepped into her 50th year, she still looks energetic and fresh.

Although undergoing plastic surgery is a personal choice, Melissa Rivers is thought to have ruined her face, and many fans have commented on her post urging her to stop having it done, as some of her fans have stated that her face used to be so naturally gorgeous, but now it’s being pulled terribly tight.

Melissa didn’t require plastic surgery because she was naturally beautiful and glamorous. The Fashion Police co-host must have had plastic surgeries on her eyelids and brows, which caused the modifications and gave her an unnatural and fake appearance. Furthermore, her eyelid surgery gave her an improved hooded of eyelids.

Some of her friends have spilled that Melissa Rivers wants to look like her mother Joan Rivers post plastic surgery and is having more surgeries to achieve this goal, while some surgeons have stated that she must correct her appearance because some parts of the surgery look fake and utterly artificial.

Melissa Rivers Uncovers the Truths Behind Her New Book Honoring Late Mother Joan Rivers

Melissa Rivers has written a book, Lies My Mother Told Me: Tall Tales from a Short Woman, which is mostly based on made-up stories by both she and her mother, comedian Joan Rivers, throughout the years.

Rivers appeared on The View to promote the book, where she joined the panel and talked about her mother’s final, and arguably most legendary, appearance on the show before her death in 2014, which featured a false, but amusing, celebrity rumor.

If you thought Joan Rivers spoke wild, humorous, and crazy things on stage, wait till you hear what she said offstage…things that will make you laugh out loud… Melissa should remain in therapy for the foreseeable future.

Melissa Rivers said in a Monday morning, April 11, interview on The View that she believes the comedy world would have overlooked Joan’s political incorrectness, especially when it comes to making jokes about other celebrities, such as Barbara Walters and David Letterman, whom she once called “f*ck buddies” in a memorable appearance on the ABC talk show.

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