‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Maurissa Gunn’s Weight Loss – How Did the Reality Star Slim Down?


'Bachelor in Paradise' Maurissa Gunn's Weight Loss - How Did the Reality Star Slim Down?

All the facts behind Bachelor in Paradise star Maurissa Gunn’s weight loss journey, diet plan, and fitness routine. Take a glance at her before and after pictures. Was she ever fat?

Maurissa Gunn stated that it was vital for her to open up about her body image challenges after being cast on The Bachelor and that she planned to utilize her platform to put light on her situation.

Maurissa revealed last year that she experienced an eating disorder, limited calories, and exercised over the top while competing in Miss Teen USA.

Without further ado, let’s dive into Maurissa Gunn’s weight loss endeavors. How many pounds did she lose? Let’s break down!

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Maurissa Gunn’s Weight Loss is Trending on the Internet

'Bachelor in Paradise' alum Maurissa Gunn before and after weight loss.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ alum Maurissa Gunn before and after weight loss.
Image Source: Instagram

Fans just can’t help but remark on Maurissa Gunn‘s weight loss as she joins the cast of Bachelor in Paradise on the hunt for romance. Maurissa has been spotted going on a passionate date with Riley Christian and climbing into bed with him while the ABC dating show is in full swing.

In addition to being charmed by him, some people have noticed that Maurissa looks very different from her typical appearance. Many people claim she has dropped weight, so Weight & Skin dug through her old photos to see her progress over the years.

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Maurissa made a point of discussing her body image issues in her debut as a The Bachelor season 24 participant.

She told Women’s Health,

TV always projects a particular image of what the perfect woman should look like, but I wanted everyone to know that it’s not about the size you are. It’s about being happy with where you’re at.

Maurissa claimed in the January 2020 conversation that she is at her proudest stage in life after losing 80 pounds and establishing a good balance.

Maurissa discussed emotive weight gain on the August 24th episode of Bachelor in Paradise, which received positive feedback on social media. She said that at the beginning of 2020 she amassed 80 pounds and then dropped the weight after beauty contests wrecked her self-esteem.

Gunn stated during her Miss Teen USA competition that she was so bent on dropping all the weight and getting slim that she failed to pull it off in a healthy manner.

Maurissa told Women’s Health she suffered from an eating disorder that included calorie restriction and excessive exercise. She’s since discovered a happy medium and is concentrating on what she loves, going to the gym multiple times a week.

Maurissa has been adored by admirers on her Instagram page both before and after she underwent weight loss, and she now appears to be sharing photos in beautiful outfits.

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The BiP star has been documenting her weight loss journey and is enthusiastic about working out since January 2020.

Many followers told her she was attractive before she shed pounds and that she is still a bombshell after her transition. In fact, Maurissa uploaded a before and after picture of herself while losing weight in 2017, which drew a lot of acclaim from her fans.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Maurissa Gunn’s Brief Dating History

Maurissa Gunn was in a romantic relationship with her high school love for five years before breaking up since he didn’t want to marry as quickly as she did. Soon after, she relocated to Atlanta, where she has remained single ever since.

Maurissa was sighted at a restaurant in January 2020 with Mike Johnson from Rachel Lindsay‘s season of The Bachelorette, however, Mike later clarified that they were simply friends.

He said at the time,

That was not a date at all. She reached out to me and I was in Atlanta and she said, ‘Hey, I just have some questions about the show and how the process works being off the show now.’ And so I’m just being a friend, she’s my sister and a Bachelor alum, so, therefore, can two people just be friends and give advice? Really, that’s all it was.

After being ousted from The Bachelor, Maurissa claimed Peter Weber is usually not somebody she would go for, adding that she seeks a romantic partner who is at least ten years her senior.

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Maurissa mentioned Derek Peth and John Paul Jones as two guys she’d like to meet when she said she’d certainly be open to traveling to Paradise.

Gunn also revealed that she is prepared for a committed relationship with a fun-loving man and that she is totally aware of what it takes to love unconditionally as the oldest of ten siblings.

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