Talking about Mark Benton’s weight loss journey, he started losing weight after competing in Strictly Come Dancing in 2013. He previously admitted that he started taking care of his body shape after the show. Additionally, the 57-year-old star currently pursues a career as a professional dancer and dance instructor, instructing jazz dance and ballet dance programs.

Mark Benton is an English actor and television personality who was born on November 16, 1965. Benton was born in Guisborough, in the North Riding of Yorkshire. Mark Benton’s father’s name is Tommy Benton, and his mother’s name is unknown. He also has two siblings, Ian and Dawn Benton.

Benton began working at a young age, and his first acting experience came at Middlesbrough Youth Theatre, where he performed in plays such as Atmos, Fear, and Twist. He rose to prominence as Father McBride in the James Nesbitt television series Murphy’s Law.

Benton played the optimistic Harvey Easter in Andrew Collins‘ Mr. Blue Sky, which was produced by BBC Radio 4 and aired in May and June 2011. Benton also participated in the eleventh series of the BBC One show Strictly Come Dancing in September 2013, partnering with global dancing champion Iveta Lukosiute. The pair couldn’t complete the show as they were not able to gain the public’s vote in week 10.

Mark has been in over a hundred television shows and has done over fifty television shows. Talking about his private life, he has been married to the deputy MD for The Orion Publishing Group, Sarah Gardner, since 2002 and has three children: Fig Benton, Archie Benton, and Gracie Benton.

Recently, with the news of Robson Green reuniting with Mark Benton in a new BBC series, Mark and Robson has been in the spotlight. People want to know more about Mark’s personal life as well as about his recent weight loss. Well, here is everything you need to know about his change in appearance.

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Mark Benton’s Weight Loss: The 57-Year-Old Credits His Transformation to Dance!

Mark Benton has lost more than 18 kg since he started his weight loss journey. The 57-year-old actor was able to reduce weight after appearing on the BBC reality show Strictly Come Dancing in 2013. He is currently pursuing a career as a dance instructor and professional dancer, teaching jazz and ballet dance lessons.

Mark Benton always had a healthy appearance, and his weight loss has been an interesting topic for his fans. The soap opera actor attributes his transformation to his reality show, Strictly Come Dancing. Mark, who is partnered with Iveta Lukosiute, also felt more confident and enjoyed being a dancer on the reality show. He discussed his weight loss during the interview with The Sun newspaper and stated;

I’ve lost three or four stone this year, at least two since I started ‘Strictly’. It’s wonderful. We must have done the cha-cha to ‘U Can’t Touch This’ at least 20 times in a row. I’d say to anybody, if you want to get fit, go and dance. They have to keep an eye on the costume. My gold top from week four had to be taken in because it was too big.

The actor seemed to be more confident about his weight and performance after entering the show. It’s all because of the BBC reality show. Not only that but after seeing the changes in his appearance, Mark was forced by his wife to enroll in dance lessons. He even accepted his wife’s proposal and pursued a career as a dance instructor and professional dancer. Mark Benton started teaching jazz dance and ballet dance classes. During the classes he said;

I only started teaching ballet and jazz dancing a few months ago. I’m a ballet and jazz dancer. I’ve been teaching all the females how to dance ballroom.

Mark also expressed his emotions, saying that he was happy to have been able to surprise people with his dance abilities who might have assumed he was a comedy contender. He suffers consequences during the dance and needs rehab for his knees, acupuncture for his knee, deep tissue work for his shoulders, and physio for his shoulders.

Besides dancing, he has also changed his eating habits, which seems to have played an important role in his weight loss journey. According to him, he now only eats nutritious foods like fresh fruits, green vegetables, and fresh salads. He is a vegetarian, but after the dance practice, he admits that he has been eating more fresh fruits and green vegetables than ever before.

The 57-year-old actor has reportedly stopped having a beer, wine, and bacon sandwiches during his lunch break and loves the new changes. As of now, Mark Benton is a happy and wealthy person and seems to love enjoying dancing. Mark is now very confident with his body than before.

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