Grab all the details of Marilyn Manson’s alleged plastic surgery procedures through the inspection of before and after changes. He previously underwent spinal removal surgery for the most bizarre reason.

Brian Hugh Warner is one of the most intriguing people around. Don’t really know him? Well, you must be familiar with his alter ego, Marilyn Manson. His legal name is undoubtedly one of several things that you didn’t hear about.

The American musician has adopted his stage persona from two separate pop cultures, the superstar Marilyn Monroe and the mass killer Charles Manson. He released memorable songs like The Beautiful People (1996) and The Dope Show (1998), and featured in a range of movies.

Take a closer look at Marilyn Manson’s profile, and you’ll find a variety of strange stories. He is one of the most influential founders of the Church of Satan, and he has cultivated friendships with everybody from Johnny Depp to Macaulay Culkin.

And then there’s Manson’s home, seemingly full of bizarre objects like kids’ books and drawings by imprisoned assassins. You might find it really strange, but it may be more apt to term it confusing.

As these interesting Marilyn Manson stories and evidence prove, he is one of the most intriguing personalities in the music scene.

Did Marilyn Manson Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Marilyn Manson before and after plastic surgery.

Marilyn Manson before and after plastic surgery.
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For someone as weird as Marilyn Manson, going under the knife for plastic surgery might feel like a piece of cake. In fact, there is so much odd stuff he’s done in his life, but remarkably, he’s yet to address the speculations of plastic surgery.

The singer has neither confirmed nor denied if he’s made cosmetic enhancements to his face, but this does not mean we’re oblivious to this fact. Merely taking a glance at his face, it seems pretty obvious that most of his facial features appear artificial.

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As a matter of fact, Manson is not scared to pull off the most outlandish change in his body. He previously removed his spine to be able to eat his own a&&.

Back in 2018, The Hard Times reported the self-proclaimed “antichrist” Marilyn Manson was in good health, progressing from spinal removal surgery that allowed him to lick his own butthole, as per hospital reports.

The anonymous operating surgeon reported,

As a medical professional, I was initially against the surgery — the spine is one of our most important biological evolutions separating us from jellyfish. But once he told me he’d pay cash upfront, with no paper trail leading back to my office, I decided to make this man’s dreams come true.

The operation, which gives the actor a wide range of motion and versatility unknown to humans for a long time, was performed without any complications—and was expected to transform the way people eat buttocks forever.

The doctor said,

All went better than expected… although, we did have to put a cone around his neck to stop him from chewing his stitches out.

He continued,

Once he awoke from the anesthesia, he immediately went for his butt like he was in a pie-eating contest, and almost busted everything wide open. No one wanted to put a cone on him, but better safe than sorry, I always say.

The Manson group, however, dread for the life of their comrade and teammate.

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His former manager Tony Collico said,

He can suck his own &&&&, eat his own &&&, and he just downloaded UberEats — there is literally no reason for him to ever leave the house again.

Collico added,

He was canceling shows left and right already before he could tongue-punch his own rectum, so we don’t really know what’s to come. At this rate, a lot of roadies could be out of work by the end of the year.

Despite the worries of several people, the singer-songwriter carries no regrets. Marilyn said,

People have been talking about that fucking rib removal/dick rumor for 20 years, so I figure this will keep me on the map for at least another 15. Can somebody help me get this fucking cone off my neck, though? It can’t be safe to drive like this.

Clearly, Manson is not new to surgical operations. The same can be said for his multiple alleged plastic surgery procedures, the details of which are scarce at best.

Calling Marilyn Manson Weird Would Be an Understatement

Manson’s actual behavior is shocking enough, but some of the stuff he was convicted of is jaw-dropping. In 2003, for example, he was imprisoned in Italy after a fan alleged him of chopping off his genitals during a concert and tossing them to the crowd. Manson flashed at the Italian police to clear his name.

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Despite his approximate $25 million fortune, Manson also feels the need to shoplift every now and again. He snatched a pair of sunglasses from the John Varvatos shop once, albeit he informed them about it later, so in Manson’s eyes this doesn’t count.

Manson also took a bag of CVS spearmint gum, which he later binned without eating.

The singer has been active in a variety of unusual business projects, including the development of his own absinthe brand, Mansinthe. As all real absinthes, it includes wormwood, packing a hefty 66.6 percent evidence punch.

The cocktail won a gold medal in the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Festival. The singer reportedly used to eat absinthe exclusively, but as of 2015, he said that he was no longer consuming the product.

Manson’s life was not entirely ordinary even before he took his current gimmick. As a boy, Manson would head down to his grandpa’s basement and observe him masturbate on porn videos showing bestiality.

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Manson admits he considered his grandfather’s tendencies to be disgusting at the time, but now he’s having empathy with the old guy because he’s not exactly understood either.

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